Hotels in Kuala Kangsar

Perak, Malaysia · 7 hotels available

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Hotels in popular areas

Hotels in Kuala Kangsar Town

Popular hotels in Kuala Kangsar

MH Sentral Hotel Sungai Siput

Lot 3543, Sentral MH, Jalan Besar, Sungai Siput, Malaysia, 31100

8.3 / 10

Very Good

Golden Roof Hotel Kuala Kangsar

Lot 6635, Jalan Dato Sagor, Bandar Baru, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia, 33000

7.6 / 10


The Garden Resort (Homestay)

39, TAMAN SRI DELIMA, JALAN TAAYAH, 33000 KUALA KANGSAR, PERAK, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia, 33000

Blue Star Hotel Kuala Kangsar

No 34A, First Floor, Jalan Chulan, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia, 33000

Double Lion Hotel

74, Jalan Kasa, Bandar Baru, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia, 33000

Chandan Vacation home

NO 1210 TAMAN CHANDAN PUTRI 3 , Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia, 33000

Highway Hotel Bukit Merah By Macktz Comfort Inn

KM 191, No.4, Southbound, North-South Expressway, Bukit Merah, , Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia, 34400



With the latest population of population 39,300, Kuala Kangsar is a district and the royal town of Perak, Malaysia. Located approximately 25 km north of Ipoh and 98 km south of George Town, Penang, Kuala Kangsar is where Kangsar River joins Perak River.

History of Kuala Kangsar

Kuala Kangsar got its name from the term 'Kuala Kurang-Sa', which literally means '100 minus one', usually interpreted as 'the 99th small tributary to flow into the Perak River'. In 1926, there was a big flood that swept the Istana Iskandariah (the palace where the sultan resided) away. The palace was then moved to a new location where it still stands until today.

Kuala Kangsar is also the site of the first rubber tree planted in the country. The rubber tree was planted by English botanist Henry Nicholas Ridley. The tree is still there to this day.

Main Areas in Kuala Kangsar

This administrative district is divided into 9 areas namely Chegar Galah, Kampung Buaia, Kota Lama Kanan, Kota Lama Kiri, Lubuk Merbau, Pulau Kamiri, Sayong, Senggang and Sungai Siput.

Locale Language in Kuala Kangsar

Bahasa Melayu is widely spoken in Kuala Kangsar by the locals.

How To Get There

By Car

North-South Expressway is the main gateway to reach Kuala Kangsar either from north or south. Drive towards Ipoh as the town is not far from the capital of Perak. The old Federal Route One is another option for those who want a leisurely drive to Kuala Kangsar. However, the route is quite longer.

By Bus

Kuala Kangsar is reachable by bus from other main cities in the country. You may take a bus ride from Terminal Bas Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur.

By Train

There is train daily services that from Kuala Lumpur and Butterworh operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM).

Tourist Attractions in Kuala Kangsar

Ubudiah Mosque

The architecture of this mosque somehow related to the design of Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur railway station as they were designed by the same architect, Arthur Benison Hubback. The construction of this majestic mosque was completed in 1919 after a long delay during World War I.

Iskandariah Palace

Completed in 1933, the palace is an official resident of Sultan Perak. Named after Sultan Iskandar Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah I Rahmatullah (1918 - 1938) who initiated its construction, the palace is located at the heart of the royal town, Kuala Kangsar.

Kuala Kangsar Clock Tower

Known as one of an important icons in Kuala Kangsar, the clock tower is located right at the roundabout in the town centre. With a golden dome, people usually visit the tower to take photo.

Hotels in Kuala Kangsar

Highway Hotel Bukit Merah by Macktz Comfort Inn

This highway hotel is located along the PLUS Expressway in Bukit Merah. It offers warm and comfortable room overlooking lush green areas with plenty of fresh air. Featured with excellent amenities, this hotel is ideal those travelling on a low budget.

Golden Roof Hotel Kuala Kangsar

This hotel offers a good night stay with clean, comfortable beds at an irresistible rate. Located conveniently at the pulse of Kuala Kangsar town, Golden Roof Hotel is a perfect pick eitherr you are travelling solo or in a large group.

MH Sentral Hotel Sungai Siput

This elegent hotel offers a diversity of hospitality experiences to serve the needs of a sensible traveler who is always up for thoughtful perks. All 111 rooms are execellently equipped with modern amenities. You may also enjoy extra indulgence with their distinctive features such as ladies-inspired themed floor and business club suite floor.