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Copthorne Cameron Highlands

Kea Farm Cameron Highlands, Brinchang, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia, 39100
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8.3 Impressive
From 2,047 reviews
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The first things to look when we book a hotel is the comfort and cleanliness. This hotel fit all the criteria. The awesome part is the hospitality. From the bell boy, front counter, the house keeping, everything is tiptop and perfect. We really feel appreciate and all the effort that the staffs take to make us feel like home we really appreciate it. The breakfast foods are delicious worth the price. Thank you. Their sympathy towards the eldest and concern really deserve to be rated as 6 stars hotel. My parent have an awesome anniversary celebration here. Thanks Miss Ria, the housekeeping boy, the manager on duty and all the staffs here. We really love you guys to the bit! and plz pick-up your phone next time and tq too for the complimentary gifts. Thanks😊
Amirah H. A. H.
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Swimming Pool
24-Hour Front Desk

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Kea Farm Cameron Highlands, Brinchang, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia, 39100
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Thu, 26 May 2022
1 night
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1 Adult(s), 1 Room
Based on 2,047 reviews
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3 Reviews
/ 10
This hotel doesn't deserve a 4-star rating! Not because it is an old hotel, but for plenty of other reasons! First of all, when we arrived at 8.00 pm on 13th May 2022, there were 3 Malay staff working at the check-in counter, 2 males and 1 female. The 2 male staffs were busy attending to other guests at the time. 1 immediately left the counter and the other stayed and looked busy with his computer after finishing attending to 2 separate guests checking in. The female staff was busy walking behind the male staff to chat and peeking into whatever he was doing with the computer. Both were busy chatting and pretended not to see me until I called out to them saying that I needed to check in. It took me almost 30 minutes waiting when there were no other guests at the counter! After finishing checking in, I enquired about a disabled parking spot since my travel partner is disabled and using a wheelchair, and was waiting in the car at the hotel entrance at the time. Earlier we went into the basement parking to find a disabled parking spot but couldn't find any. The male staff picked up the phone to call the bell-man and they informed me that a parking spot can be reserved for us at the main entrance. I thought that he'd send staff to help me but instead, he told me that I had to find the bellman on my own to enquire about the parking spot. As I was tired and eager to get into my room after a long journey from the north, I didn't want to argue and quickly went to find the bellman to get our parking spot. My partner parked the car and helped me with our luggage. When trying to find a ramp for him to get into the hotel, there wasn't any! So I had to lift the wheelchair a bit to get over the steps so he can get into the hotel! So, unlike the so-called disabled-friendly facilities this hotel claimed they have, there were NONE! Getting to our room was easy, but we found that the hotel was terribly run-down, dirty and stained carpets greeted us along the way to our room on the 8th floor. When we got in, the room smelled terrible and we suspected it might be out of use for quite a while. We then immediately went into the bathroom to get all the tap, bidet and showerhead waters running for a few minutes hoping that the waters aren't rusty, but sadly they all were. And the saddest part of all, the toilet bidet was not in good condition. Every time the lever is pressed, it bounced back and water started to spurt wildly making the whole bathroom wet and slippery! And to make things worse, the toilet bowl water colour was brownish-yellow and no matter how many times we tried flushing, the colour remains! Oh and there was no bathroom mat provided either, so we had to use our own kain batik that we brought as a temporary bathroom mat instead! We only managed to get one from a housekeeping lady the next morning when we went out for breakfast. And the final issue was that instead of giving us a room in a quiet section, we were given a room surrounded by families with small children. Imagine having kids running around the level yelling and playing with other guests' doorbells! We had our doorbell pressed at least 7 to 8 times on the first night itself! It was terribly annoying! We almost lost our temper when at one time we were showering and the doorbell was pressed multiple times! Thinking that it might be housekeeping coming to send the bathroom mat, but when I peeked through the peephole and opened the door, I saw kids running around laughing while their parents simply just laughed along with them, not even apologizing for their kids' behaviours! Not to mention parents with kids playing with the elevator numbers! On a few occasions we had to wait for the elevator to arrive only to find all the numbers pressed and it stops at every level of the hotel! Annoying isn't it? So there you go, my review of this hotel. We choose this hotel because of its strategic location and a 4-star rating. Should've thought earlier that such a high starred hotel shouldn't be that cheap, less than RM100.00 per night. But yeah, that was our mistake not thinking thoroughly before making the booking. So we went for a wonderful 2 nights stay at a 5-star hotel in Penang, only to come to a lousy 4-star hotel in Cameron Highlands. Not disabled-friendly as claimed, lousy and lazy staffs, dirty surroundings and room! Definitely our first and the last time staying there! As our experience was unsatisfying, we didn't have the mood to snap photos, only 2 from the bathroom. Maybe we were some of the unlucky ones to experience them, but we sure hope other travellers won't experience the same in the future. Good luck!

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1 Reviews
/ 10
The most favourable hotel everytime we went to CH. Thanks to the person who attend my check in and also the same person who send my request to room. Only need to standby basic amenities in room before we call to request: towel, toothbrush. Overall 10/10.

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6 Reviews
/ 10
The room was not clean at all. Maintenance poor maintenance. I was just happy with the location. Other than that, the room was not satisfied.

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2 Reviews
/ 10
The lobby toilet smells, and not cleaned. The corridor to the rooms are mouldy. The rooms were dirty, dusty, mouldy, and one of our room has flies surrounding the mouldy spots. Toilet was not scrubbed. I have not stayed at anything like this before. The front desk manager was kind enough to let us check out a day earlier with a refund. But the hotel seriously need some maintenance and deep cleaning.

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2 Reviews
/ 10
Breakfast-witten good breakfast set, but not:) Bathroom door was dirty.

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Accommodation's Reply

18 Apr 2022
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We sincerely apologize for your disappointing experience during your recent stay with us. We appreciate your valuable insights and I will personally look into the feedback provided by you on the service and condition of the rooms to improve and enhance our guests' experience. We have noted your feedback on the room maintenance and hotel area and will share them with the team members for improvement to enhance our guests' experience. Please let me know if there is an opportunity to welcome you back to our hotel to regain your confidence once again.
1 Reviews
/ 10
Good view during sun rise. Room very clean. Only lobby toilet too old & dirty.

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Accommodation's Reply

08 Apr 2022
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, which gives us the opportunity to continually improve our service standards and enhance our guests' experience. We are glad that overall you are happy with your stay and we sincerely apologize that certain aspects of your stay fell short of expectations. Your comments have been addressed with our team who strive to ensure that our guests enjoy positive and memorable resort experiences. Please be assured that the areas highlighted in the review would be improved further. We hope that we will have an opportunity to welcome you back to our hotel soon.
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/ 10
Comfy room. Smooth check in. Breakfasts good. Nice location. High floor room with awesome view. Wouldn't mind checking in here again for next trip.

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Accommodation's Reply

06 Apr 2022
Thank you for sharing your stay experience with us. It has been our great pleasure to have you with us. We are extremely happy to receive "Very Good" ratings from you and we will share the excellent feedback from you with our colleagues. We hope that we will have an opportunity to welcome you back to our hotel.
1 Reviews
/ 10
Nice to stay here! The service is good and the view is so interesting.

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Accommodation's Reply

06 Apr 2022
Thank you for sharing your stay experience with us. It has been our great pleasure to have you with us. We are extremely happy to receive "Very Good" ratings from you and we will share the excellent feedback from you with our colleagues. We hope that we will have an opportunity to welcome you back to our hotel.
1 Reviews
/ 10
The apartments outside the main hotel building are not maintained well. There were no lifts we had to climb up the stairs with our luggage as no help was offered. The 2 room apartment was unhygienic, phone wasn't working and no in room dining menu was available. We requested a change in room and the manager agreed. However we were shifted to a room with no balcony for the first night (with free breakfast as compensation). The receptionist cut my call when I asked for the in-room dining menu and thereafter didn't pick up my call. We had the steamboat for dinner and the seafood wasn't of good quality. My daughter experienced acute stomach pain next morning. On calling reception, they informed that they didn't have an in-house doctor/similar services. Although we had to wait for the breakfast buffet the next day, the food and variety was really good. We were shifted to a better room with balconies. This room was good and the balcony views were fantastic. However the kids couldn't enjoy the bath-tub as it was leaking. It was our first trip to Cameron Highlands and although we enjoyed the place, these time-consuming/unprofessional instances at the hotel made the overall experience bittersweet.

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Accommodation's Reply

15 Mar 2022
Thank you for your review of our hotel, we really appreciate you taking the time to submit your feedback. I am sorry that you did not enjoy your visit and also sorry to read of your disappointments, please accept my sincere apologies for the issues you had with your stay. We appreciate every feedback whether positive or negative as this is a way of improving, therefore thank you for getting back to us with your review. I have shared your detailed and valuable feedback with concerned departments. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you back here again in the future to regain your confidence in our hotel.
21 Reviews
/ 10
The hotel is so nice with 18 celcius degree. Hope to come again. Really enjoyable with the pool

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Accommodation's Reply

07 Mar 2022
Thank you for sharing your stay experience with us. It has been our great pleasure to have you with us. We are extremely happy to receive "Very Good" ratings from you and we will share the excellent feedback from you with our colleagues. We hope that we will have an opportunity to welcome you back to our hotel.
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As part of the short term economic recovery plan announced by Malaysian Prime Minister, there will not be any Tourism Tax imposed from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 for all hotel guests that are non-Malaysian or non-permanent Residents of Malaysia.

Deposit is required during check-in using cash, or credit card.

Hotel Description
Check-in and Check-out Time
Check-in: From 15:00
Check-out: Before 12:00

Copthorne Cameron Highlands provides the excellent stay you desire when you are out on a vacation or business trip. This exclusive four-star hotel gives you a majestic hotel experience at a price that is worthy of paying. Copthorne Cameron Highlands is situated at Kea Farm Cameron Highlands, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. Considering it is just ten minutes away from the city center of Brinchang, as a visitor, you can expect that during your stay here, you will seldom get bored because of its close proximities to some of the highly attractive farms and tea valleys, the hotel itself is situated nearby a couple of the interesting spots around town that you can look forward to taking a stroll and enjoy the view. There are about eight main types of room available for all guests deciding to reside here with further customizations available to choose, be that a complimentary breakfast or cancellation policies. Each room is well-equipped with basic in-room facilities plus additional features that are different for specific rooms meant for specific guests. Both leisure and business travellers undoubtedly will find the hotel facilities provided would be able to meet their expectations.

How to get to Copthorne Cameron Highlands

It will be of great relief for you to know that Cameron Highlands is relatively small in size and due of that, you would not have too much of a lead time just to reach Copthorne Cameron Highlands. Even more of a blessing, the hotel is very close to the main road and other attractions like strawberry farms and butterfly farm, which would take less than fifteen minutes by driving from Cameron Highlands. To get to Cameron Highlands at first, you can either drive or take the bus. If you are driving from the capital of Kuala Lumpur, the journey to the hotel will take as far as three hours and twenty minutes using the North-South Expressway/E1 route, probably the shortest compared to taking a bus. The time might change depending on the current traffic situation at the time the route is being used. Because the hotel is located a bit further in from the city, you would expect to climb a bit deeper into the highlands to reach the hotel. If you are taking the bus, you will be dropped off at Tanah Rata bus terminal which is six kilometres away from the city centre, is the main pickup and drop-off point to and from Kuala Lumpur as well as other nearby cities such as Ipoh. From the terminal, you would need to take another local bus to Brinchang, in which afterwards you can hire a cab to take you to the hotel which will take around 10 minutes. Considering the hotel location which is pretty close to the town, there are several landmarks you can spot to help you find the hotel. The landmarks mentioned are Kea Strawberry Farm, Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm and EQ Strawberry Farm. Those places are situated within five kilometres or less from the hotel. Therefore, if you can find them, rest assured that you are pretty close to the hotel and would not have to travel any further to find the place.

Different Types of Rooms in Copthorne Cameron Highlands

There are a total of eight major types of room available for all guests residing at Copthorne Cameron Highlands and they are Superior Room, Superior Triple, Deluxe, Premier, Executive Suite and One Bedroom Apartment, Two-Bedroom Apartment and Three Bedroom Apartment. Each room is well-equipped with the hotel’s basic in-room facilities plus additional features for specific rooms. The basic in-room facilities provided in all rooms including fan, coffee or tea maker, desk, complimentary bottled water, television and in-room safe.

Superior Room is a 31 square meters room ideal for two people. The room provides a double bed or two single beds depending on your needs. Thus if you are travelling with a significant other, a colleague, or just needed more space, this room is suitable for you. Other amenities in the room include WiFi, hot water, hairdryer and toiletries. Superior Triple is similar to Superior Room except that it has three single beds and no desk to accommodate three guests.

Deluxe Room is a 31 square meters room suitable to accommodate two guests at a time. The room provides one double-sized bed or two single beds. Other amenities in the room include hot water, hairdryer, toiletries and bathtub.

Premier Room is a 31 square meters room suitable to accommodate two guests at a time. The room provides one double-sized bed or two single beds. Other amenities in the room include hot water, hairdryer, toiletries and bathtub.

Executive Suite is a 70 square meters room suitable for small families or people in a group of two. As such, the room provides one double-sized bed. Other amenities in the room include hot water, hairdryer, toiletries, shower and bathtub.

One Bed Apartment is a 77 square meters room suitable for newlyweds or corporate travellers. The room provides one double-sized bed or two single beds suitable for two people. Other amenities in the room include balcony or terrace, hot water, hairdryer and toiletries.

Two Bed Apartment is a 114 square meters room suitable for small families or travellers up till four persons. If you are travelling together with children, they will have his/her own bed ready without much worry. The room provides one double-sized bed and two single beds. Other amenities in the room include balcony or terrace, hot water, hairdryer and toiletries.

Three Bed Apartment is a 115 square meters room suitable for small families or travellers up till six persons. The room provides two double-sized beds and two single beds. Other amenities in the room include balcony or terrace, hot water, hairdryer and toiletries.

Restaurants and Cafes in Copthorne Cameron Highlands

When it comes to the eatery section, guests will be ensured to have a wonderful dining experience at the hotel. There is a coffee shop in-house serving Asian and international dishes in addition to the coffee, as well as a café named 18° Celsius which serves coffee and snacks. The restaurant would open all day, providing breakfast buffet, a la carte lunch and dinner, therefore guests would not have to look further to fill their tummies and would not have to worry about where to eat, due to the multitude of selections provided here.

Facilities and Activities in Copthorne Cameron Highlands

The hotel also provides a huge range of facilities and services for all residing guests. Among the facilities that can be found include laundry service, concierge, money changer, tours, luggage storage and 24-hour receptionist with multilingual staffs. Other public facilities you can also use is the parking, accessible Wi-Fi in public area, safety deposit box, room services, elevator, family room and non-smoking rooms. Business travellers will be delighted to find facilities provided that would be greatly beneficial for their work uses like the meeting facilities, conference rooms and photocopier.

Interesting Places near Copthorne Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm – The closest attraction from the hotel, this butterfly farm that started in 1990 is initially a product of passion of a butterfly enthusiast. In present, the farm is well-known for its live butterflies exhibition house and other exotic wildlife species.

Hotel Policy

Breakfast time start from 06:30 until 10:30.

Smoking is strictly not allowed in this property, and smoking area is available.

Pets are NOT allowed.

New Year Eve GALA dinner (Optional): RM 98/adult RM 58/child

"Effective from 14 January 2022, guests are required to pay MYR 3 per room per night for Cukai Kelestarian (Sustainability Tax) by the State Government. This is not included in the room rate and will be paid directly at the hotel."

In-room Facilities
  • Cable TV
  • Desk
  • Hairdryer
  • In-room safe
  • Kitchenette
  • Refrigerator
  • Shower
  • TV
Food and Drinks
  • A la carte dinner
  • A la carte lunch
  • Bar
  • Breakfast
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Buffet dinner
  • Cafe
  • Ballroom
  • Banquet
  • Connecting rooms
  • Family room
  • Fireplace in lobby
  • Non-smoking room
  • Smoking area
Public Facilities
  • Parking
  • Coffee shop
  • Elevator
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Safety deposit box
  • WiFi in public area
Hotel Services
  • Concierge
  • 24-hour Receptionist
  • Laundry service
  • Luggage storage
  • Multilingual staff
  • Tours
Things to Do
  • Fitness center
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Massage
  • Spa
Business Facilities
  • Conference room
  • Meeting facilities
  • Photocopier
  • Accessible parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
Nearby Facilities
  • Hair salon
  • Shops
  • Free WiFi
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