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Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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Passpod Pocket WiFi Hong Kong & Macau (Indonesia Pick-Up)
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Passpod Pocket WiFi Hong Kong & Macau (Indonesia Pick-Up)
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Yau Tsim Mong District
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Make your holiday experience hassle-free with a stable Wi-Fi connection
Stay connected during your holiday with 4G internet speed
Share unlimited connection between up to 5 devices with up to 20 hours battery capacity
Easily pick up your pocket Wi-Fi at Passpod's office
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What You’ll Experience

Planning on a holiday to Hong Kong and Macau anytime soon? Then this pocket Wi-Fi rental is just what you need to complete your trip! Enjoy unlimited 4G internet connection that can be shared between up to 5 devices for as many days as you'd like. 

Use your pocket Wi-Fi to easily load your navigation apps and social media accounts, conveniently make travel arrangements, and more. You won't have to worry about your Wi-Fi shutting down as it has up to 20 hours of power, and a power bank included. Book your pocket Wi-Fi now and get ready for a hassle-free adventure in beautiful Hong Kong and Macau!


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Hong Kong
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