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Private Charter Program to and from Pattaya (by Thai Travel Service)
Saen Suk, Mueang Chonburi District
Product Details


Relax, let your back and feet rest with the private charter program to all your destinations in Pattaya
Avoid the chaos of finding locations of places, let someone else who knows the way handle it
Enjoy a worry-free trip with professional drivers and quality cars
Choose a perfect ride from various types of transportation carrying up to 9 passengers
Good for: Others

What You’ll Experience

Wanna have fun in your beach trip this holiday to Pattaya, but without having to drive the long route go and back, find parking spots at attractions, and look at the map on your phone every few minutes? Plan ahead more wisely and enjoy your trip to the max with your friends, family, or loved ones, with this private charter car service. Thai Travel Service provides you the comfort and the convenience with their professional drivers who will take care of you and others. Choose the right car for your group, book the time and date easily, and never have to worry about the chaos which comes with planning a trip again!


Location Details
Mueang, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri, Thailand
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