City View Hotel Kota Warisan

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Azmin A.
/ 10
Bilik ok, kebersihan ok, public parking pun ok, staff pun friendly, dekat dengan bank, kedai mamak, 7E, MacD, Dobi.
Hasbullah B. H.
/ 10
Bilik family yang selesa dan dekat dengan KLIA Airport.
Ros A. S. R.
/ 10
Sangat terbaik dan penginapan juga amat memuaskan.
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7G Jalan Warisan Sentral 1 , KIP Central Kota Warisan , Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia, 43900

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Meja Depan 24 jam
Penginapan di City View Hotel Kota Warisan ialah pilihan yang baik apabila anda melawat Sepang. Meja depan 24 jam tersedia untuk memberikan perkhidmatan kepada anda, dari daftar masuk hingga ke daftar keluar, atau sebarang bantuan yang anda perlukan. Jika anda inginkan lebih lagi, jangan ragu untuk bertanya kepada meja depan, kami sentiasa bersedia untuk memenuhi permintaan anda. Akses WiFi tersedia dalam kawasan umum penginapan ini agar anda sentiasa terhubung dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan.
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Persekitaran City View Hotel Kota Warisan

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7G Jalan Warisan Sentral 1 , KIP Central Kota Warisan , Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia, 43900
Lobi City View Hotel Kota Warisan
Lobi 2 City View Hotel Kota Warisan

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Nestled in the burgeoning township of Kota Warisan, the City View Hotel emerges as a beacon of modernity and convenience at an affordable price. For travelers who wish to travel comfortably on a budget, City View Hotel Kota Warisan is the perfect place to stay which provides decent facilities as well as great services. It is highly recommended for backpackers who want to get an affordable stay yet comfortable at the same time.

From business events to corporate gatherings, or just a solo vacation, City View Hotel Kota Warisan provides complete services and facilities that cater to everyone’s needs on a budget! City View Hotel Kota Warisan is a hotel with great comfort and excellent service according to most hotel's guests. Staying at City View Hotel Kota Warisan will surely satisfy you with its great hospitality and affordable price.

City View Hotel Kota Warisan Location

City View Hotel Kota Warisan boasts a strategic location that offers easy access to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, making it an ideal choice for travelers in transit. However, it’s not just about accessibility. The hotel offers decent views of the city skyline, providing a picturesque backdrop to your stay. Whether it’s the radiant sunrise or the twinkling city lights at night, every room promises a view that captivates.

Located near the airport, this hotel is an ideal accommodation while waiting for your next flight. Enjoy a satisfying place to rest during your transit. Furthermore, the hotel is also within a 15-minute drive of Mitsui Outlet Park Klia Sepang and Sepang International Circuit. There are also many tourist attractions nearby that are easily accessible from the hotel, making it an ideal choice for travelers who wish to explore the city on a budget.

Top Attractions Near City View Hotel Kota Warisan

If you're planning a stay at the City View Hotel in Kota Warisan, you're in for a treat beyond the comforts of your room. The area around the hotel is bustling with attractions and activities that cater to all kinds of interests. Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, or shopping enthusiast, Kota Warisan offers experiences to enrich your visit. 

1. Sepang International Circuit (13,8km)

Just a short drive from City View Hotel lies the famed Sepang International Circuit, a venue that thrills motorsports enthusiasts. Known for hosting major events like the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix, the circuit offers a unique opportunity to watch live races or even experience the track firsthand during non-event times. Whether you're watching the pros race or taking a tour of the facility, it’s an exhilarating experience not to be missed.

2. Mitsui Outlet Park (8,6km)

For those who love a good bargain, Mitsui Outlet Park offers a fantastic shopping experience. Located conveniently close to the hotel, this large outlet mall features a wide range of international and local brands at discounted prices. From fashion and footwear to electronics and homeware, you can spend an entire day here scouring for great deals.

3. Taman Warisan Pertanian Agricultural Park (18,8km)

Escape to the tranquility of nature at Taman Warisan Pertanian Agricultural Park, where you can immerse yourself in Malaysia's agricultural heritage. This park is not only a place to relax but also to learn, with its demonstrations of rubber tapping, palm oil extraction, and fruit orchards. It’s a perfect spot for a family outing, offering educational tours and fresh produce to take home.

4. Paya Indah Wetlands (15,4km)

Paya Indah Wetlands, a rejuvenated ecological site, is a hidden gem near Kota Warisan. It's an ideal location for those looking to reconnect with nature. You can explore the wetlands on a bicycle, go fishing, or even join a guided safari to spot wildlife such as hippos and various bird species. It’s a refreshing contrast to the bustling city life and a wonderful way to spend your day outdoors.

5. National Automobile Museum (13,1km)

Car enthusiasts should not miss the National Automobile Museum, which is situated close to the Sepang International Circuit. The museum showcases a collection of vehicles from various eras, illustrating the evolution of automotive technology and design. It's a fascinating journey through the history of cars with rare and vintage models on display.

6. Local Cuisine Adventures (5km)

No visit to Kota Warisan is complete without diving into the local cuisine. The area around City View Hotel is dotted with eateries and restaurants that offer traditional Malaysian dishes. From street food stalls serving up hot, spicy nasi lemak to restaurants offering a more refined dining experience, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

City View Hotel Kota Warisan Room Information

Choosing the right accommodation can significantly enhance your travel experience, and City View Hotel Kota Warisan understands this well. With a variety of room types designed to meet diverse needs, this hotel ensures every guest finds comfort and style. 

  • Standard room:

    The cheapest you’ll ever see, this room is a perfect choice for solo or couple travelers who wish to save more. Equipped with 1 queen bed and basic amenities and no window. Starting from only RM 97 in Traveloka.
  • Deluxe room:

    A little bit more spacious than the standard room, with an additional window that offers a city view. This 15m2 room is available with 1 queen bed, desk, and basic amenities. Find in Traveloka starting from RM 108. 
  • Family room:

    If you travel with family, this room is the best choice. 2 queen-sized beds, premium bedding, and upscale bathroom amenities ensure a restful sleep and a pampering experience for a family. 
  • Superior room:

    The most spacious room in the hotel, with 3 queen beds available in one room. Making it the ideal choice if you’re traveling in groups but still want to be together in one room. Offering extra space and convenience, this should be the best option for groups. 

If you plan to have a long-term stay, staying at City View Hotel Kota Warisan is the right choice for you because of its affordable price. The 24-hour front desk is always available to serve you, from check-in to check-out, or any assistance you need. WiFi is available within public areas of the property to help you to stay connected with family and friends.

Book City View Hotel Kota Warisan in Traveloka

No matter your reason for visiting, City View Hotel Kota Warisan has a room type that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Each room category is crafted with the guest's comfort and convenience in mind, ensuring a stay that is both enjoyable and memorable.

Book your room today in Traveloka and experience the perfect blend of style and comfort at City View Hotel Kota Warisan. For Traveloka new users, please make sure not to miss the coupon code


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Semua kemudahan dari City View Hotel Kota Warisan

Ruang Umum City View Hotel Kota Warisan
Ruang Umum
Lobi City View Hotel Kota Warisan
Luar Bangunan City View Hotel Kota Warisan
Luar Bangunan
Bilik Tidur City View Hotel Kota Warisan
Bilik Tidur
Bilik Mandi dalam Bilik City View Hotel Kota Warisan
Bilik Mandi dalam Bilik

Kemudahan Dalam Bilik

  • Kabel TV
  • Kaunter
  • Pengering rambut
  • Pancuran mandi
  • TV


  • Penyaman Udara
  • Bilik keluarga
  • Bilik larangan merokok
  • Kawasan merokok

Perkhidmatan Hotel

  • Penyambut tetamu 24 jam
  • Penyimpanan bagasi
  • Kakitangan berbilang bahasa
  • Suratkhabar di lobi

Kemudahan Umum

  • Parkir
  • Lif
  • WiFi di kawasan umum

Kemudahan Internet

  • Sudut internet
  • WiFi percuma

Kemudahan Berhampiran

  • ATM/Perbankan
  • Kedai


  • Pengangkutan dari lapangan terbang

Khidmat Shuttle

  • Pengangkutan dari lapangan terbang dengan surcaj

Polisi Penginapan & Maklumat Umum di City View Hotel Kota Warisan

Nota Penting

Seperti yang diumumkan oleh Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, Cukai Pelancongan dikenakan mulai 1 Januari 2023 untuk semua tetamu hotel yang bukan warganegara Malaysia atau bukan Penduduk tetap Malaysia. Harapkan pihak hotel akan mengutip Cukai Pelancongan daripada anda semasa daftar masuk di hotel. Kadar Cukai Pelancongan ialah 10 RM setiap bilik setiap malam.

Masa Daftar Masuk/Daftar Keluar

Daftar masuk:
Dari 14:00
Daftar keluar:
Sebelum 12:00

Cukai Pelancongan

Anda akan membayar cukai pelancongan MYR 10.00 semasa daftar masuk (setiap bilik/setiap malam).


Aktiviti merokok dibenarkan hanya di kawasan merokok yang ditetapkan.
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Maklumat Umum

Kemudahan Popular
AC, Meja Depan 24 jam, Parkir, Lif, WiFi
Masa Daftar Masuk / Daftar Keluar
Dari 14:00 - Sebelum 12:00

Soalan lazim tentang City View Hotel Kota Warisan

Apa facilities yang tersedia di City View Hotel Kota Warisan?
Berikut facilities yang ada di City View Hotel Kota Warisan seperti AC, Meja Depan 24 jam, Parkir, Lif, WiFi. (sesetengahnya mungkin memerlukan caj tambahan):
Kapan waktu check-in & check-out di City View Hotel Kota Warisan?
Masa check-in di City View Hotel Kota Warisan bermula dari Dari 14:00 manakala masa check-out ialah pada Sebelum 12:00

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staf mesra (2)
lokasi bagus (5)
bilik bersih (4)
harga berpatutan (1)
Lihat Lebih 9
Atur carian
Paling Membantu
Bahasa Inggeris
Tunjukkan Ulasan dengan Foto
Ini ialah pengguna tetamu.
/ 10
02 Jun 2024
Kemudahan yang disediakan sesuai dengan harga yang ditawarkan. Walaupun di hotel tidak disediakan makanan, namun di sekitar hotel banyak pilihan makanan boleh dinikmati. Lokasi hotel sesuai untuk overnight sebelum atau selepas 1 perjalanan / meneruskan perjalanan ke destinasi seterusnya.

Suka ulasan ini?

Sharziman I.
/ 10
29 Feb 2024
Air cond x sejuk. Bilik banyak lipas.

Suka ulasan ini?

mohd a. b. i.
/ 10
11 Feb 2023
Aircond tak rasa sejuk,kebetulan plak luar panas berdenting mcm tido dalam sauna nasib satu malam je..buatla service atau top up gas skit..jgn pikir nak untung je

Suka ulasan ini?

Megs S.
Percutian pendek
/ 10
28 Dec 2022
Bilik bersih, luas la untuk kami berempat. Yang paling best dekat dengan tempat makan.

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Sabri S.
/ 10
30 Oct 2022
Imej Ulasan untuk City View Hotel Kota Warisan dari Sabri S.

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Zanariah B. O.
Ini adalah profil peribadi.
/ 10
21 Dec 2021
Last minute booking. Hotel pun setakat bolehlah nak tidur. Sebab check in lewat near 11pm so dapat bilik pun block belakan.. Tapi hotel ni bersih cuma shower macam nak rabak seram gak masa mandi takot-takot jatuh atas kepala.

Suka ulasan ini?

Muhamad N. N. B. A.
Perjalanan Perniagaan
/ 10
22 Jan 2020
Perkhidmatan sangat memuaskan tapi ada satu kekurangan sabun mandi

Suka ulasan ini?

sella a.
Membeli-belah & Masakan
/ 10
22 Dec 2019
Bersih, selamat, tempat sangat strategik. Terdapat banyak kedai, restaurant, bank, shell, mitsui outlet dan airport.

Suka ulasan ini?

Salbiah M. M.
Percutian Keluarga
/ 10
14 Nov 2019
Hotel yang berhampiran airport KLIA, dalam 15 memandu sudah sampai. Nak cari tempat makan pun mudah, ada banyak restoren di kawasan sekitar.

Suka ulasan ini?

azlina l.
/ 10
18 Oct 2019
Bilik sungguh bersih dan berbaloi, lokasi sangat strategik, banyak pilihan makanan dan dekat.

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