Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Batu Ferringhi Beach, Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, Penang, Malaysia, 11100
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Diketahui sebagai hotel penginapan yang berkedudukan strategik, Hard Rock Hotel Penang terletak di pantai yang terkenal, iaitu di Batu Ferringhi. Khazanah luar biasa ini mempunyai kira-kira 249 bilik dengan ruang dan hiasan yang bergaya dan sesuai untuk keluarga, pasangan atau pelancong perseorangan. Hard Rock Cafe Penang menggunakan satu konsep yang bergaya serta dihiasi dengan dinding merah yang dilukis, tambahan pantulan cahaya keemasan dan dinding kafe yang dihiasi dengan memorabilia artis-artis terkenal dari dekad yang berbeza.Pada bulan Jun 2009, Ella dan Zainal Abidin menjadi rakyat Malaysia pertama untuk menderma memorabilia mereka untuk Hard Rock International. Memorabilia mereka kini dipamerkan di tingkat mezzanine di Hard Rock Cafe, Pulau Pinang. Dinding di Hard Rock Hotel Penang dihiasi dengan imej, memorabilia dan ikon yang mencerminkan revolusi yang mengubah wajah muzik, fesyen dan seni. Ia adalah perayaan budaya popular dari tahun 50-an melalui alaf baru dan membuat Hard Rock Hotel, Pulau Pinang menjadi tarikan utama kedua-dua tempatan dan antarabangsa.

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Kolam Renang
Meja Depan 24 jam

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Persekitaran Hard Rock Hotel Penang

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Batu Ferringhi Beach, Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, Penang, Malaysia, 11100
Lobi Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Lobi 2 Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Ketahui Lebih Lanjut Mengenai Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Situated in one of the most popular coastal areas in Pulau Penang, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is known to be a famous destination for tourists seeking epic retreats in Malaysia. As part of the Hard Rock International chain, the hotel officially opened back on September 19 of 2009, boasting modern architecture and famous for its rock music and entertainment theme. Guests will be welcomed with the hotel’s unique decor consisting of music memorabilia from world-renowned artists.

There is a never-ending combination of entertainment awaiting for both domestic and international travellers looking for a new and unforgettable getaway experience. Aside from the beautiful view of Batu Ferringhi beach fronts, the hotel also frequently organises music festivals and events that attracts music fans from across the world. After a tiring day of exploring the island, guests can also enjoy a 24-hour room service or kick back and relax at one of Hard Rock’s many amplified amenities that includes family-friendly facilities. 

A one-night stay won’t be enough to ultimately indulge yourself and get lost in the world of Hard Rock Hotel. Complete your Penang itinerary and make your stay experience easier with a complete guide of Hard Rock Hotel. Read on to find out more about its location, rooms, nearby landmarks and attractions, and much more needed-information!.

Where is Hard Rock Hotel Penang Located?

The hotel is set along the Batu Ferringhi Beach, on the northwest coast of Penang Island, Malaysia. It offers stunning views of the ocean and is surrounded by tropical landscapes and coconut trees. Hard Rock Hotel Penang has direct access to a beautiful white sandy beach perfect for those seeking a refreshing getaway and a fun under-the-sun holiday. 

Its strategic location allows guests to have easy access to various local attractions, such as the lively Batu Ferringhi night market or waterfall, and other places of interest within the island. Within minutes, guests can explore colonial buildings or visit the mall. If you go a bit further to the north coast, a scenic drive will take you to George Town. Wherever direction you choose to go, the island offers stunning places to see and all within close proximity to the hotel you’re staying at!

Famous Attractions and Landmarks near Hard Rock Hotel Penang

One can’t say they’ve been holidaying in Penang if they haven’t explored the many attractions and iconic landmarks spread all over the island. Hard Rock Penang Hotel does offer an abundance of great facilities to entertain the guests, but visiting places outside the hotel is a must if you want to give yourself an unforgettable holiday experience. Read along to find some of the best places to go and visit while staying in Hard Rock Hotel Penang!


Escape Theme Park (5,0 km)

Escape Theme Park Penang is a great destination for all thrill-seekers looking for an exciting place to waste away your boredom. Offering fun rides and games for visitors of different age groups, abilities, and energy levels, this theme park also features the world’s longest tube water slide. Get ready to escape to a world of adventure, nature, and fun! 


828 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia


The Habitat Penang Hill (19 km)

For nature enthusiasts who prefer to escape from the hustle bustle and immerse oneself in nature, this eco-tourism park is the perfect spot for it. Visitors will treat themselves with Penang rainforest’s stunning natural beauty and biodiversity. From canopy and treetop walks to cute cafes and shops, the Habitat Penang Hill offers a unique and out-of-this-world experience.


Bukit Bendera, 11300 Penang, Malaysia


Batu Ferringhi Night Market (1,1 km)

If you’re in search of a place to buy souvenirs, the Batu Ferringhi Night Market is a destination you should definitely check out. It opens everyday, from 7 pm to 12 pm along the Batu Ferringhi stretch. You can find all kinds of shops selling different kinds of clothing and accessories, and numerous food stalls to choose from.


Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang, Malaysia


Floating Mosque of Tanjung Bunga (6,1 km)

A mosque that floats? Officially known as Masjid Terapung Tanjung Bungah, this significant landmark in Penang is a popular tourist destination that accommodates around 1500 worshippers. It appears to float on the Straits of Malacca waters during high tides, offering a picturesque setting for tourists and photographers. 


Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bunga, 11200 Penang, Malaysia


George Town (16,5 km)

This vibrant, multicultural capital city of Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 15 km away from Batu Ferringhi. Beyond its skyscrapers and shopping malls, the old town of George Town is home to some iconic landmarks and attractions. It includes colonial architecture like Pinang Peranakan Mansion, colourful street art, and a diverse culinary scene. 


George Town, Penang, Malaysia

What Star is Hard Rock Hotel Penang?

This upscale, vibrant rock ‘n’ roll-themed property is a 5-star beachfront hotel. With the aim to provide unparalleled experience, it offers luxurious amenities, superior quality services, exceptional location, and impeccable maintenance that can accommodate guests down to the details. 

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Chain and Brand Affiliation

Hard Rock Hotel Penang is part of the Hard Rock International chain, a global company known for its rock music-themed hotels, cafes and casinos. It is managed by HPL Hotels & Resorts. The Hard Rock International owns and operates various properties around the world, including Hard Rock Hotels, Hard Rock Cafes, and Hard Rock Casinos. 

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Room Information

The Hard Rock Hotel Penang boasts a total of 250 rooms and suites that come in various categories that will cater to guests’ different tastes. Equipped with modern in-room amenities in all of the rooms, take a look at the details below!

1. Hillview Deluxe

Suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids, this 29 m² chic space offers a panoramic view of the green hills. It features a number of top-notch amenities, including a 50-inch LED TV, BOSE sound system, a mini bar, and a Rock Spa bathroom. It also offers a special reading nook that can’t be found in any other rooms, which is a perfect place to unwind with a book in your hand.

2. Poolview Deluxe

The Poolview Deluxe, with a larger space of 35 m², offers a pristine view of northern Malaysia’s largest free-form swimming pool. This room features a beautiful private balcony where guests can relax while overlooking the swaying palm trees and the sparkling water below. 


Seaview Deluxe

Wake up to the sound of the waves crashing on the white sandy beach and feel the salty breeze in your hair in this Seaview Deluxe room. Immerse yourself in these sexily-designed rooms that offer purple-illuminated walls and carpeted floors that give off a visually stimulating atmosphere.


Seaview Deluxe Terrace

Situated in Level 2, this 58 m² living space boasts your very-own private terrace with L-shaped sofa and sun loungers that overlooks the sea and pool. You can either choose to relax under the Hansgermany rain shower or indulge yourself with a cup of coffee. 


Lagoon Deluxe

Accommodating up to 4 people, the Lagoon Deluxe features the first hotel rooms that comes with a pool access deck that allows guests to jump right into the hotel’s free-form swimming pool. All located on the ground floor, guests can take a dip into the swimming pool or just relax on the provided private sunbeds.


Roxity Kids Suite

Elevate your children’s holiday experience with one of the hotel’s most popular rooms, the Roxity Kids Suite, with a kids’ room adjacent to the adult’s area. Providing exciting amenities, such as a Playstation, soft toys, and kids books, your kids will never get bored staying inside this suite. You shouldn’t have to worry about them being cranky anymore!


Roxity Kids Suite with Courtyard

This Roxity Kids Suite has a larger space and comes along with a courtyard where you can easily supervise your kids through the sliding doors. If they are bored of the outdoor mini playground, the kids area should be enough to entertain them since it comes with additional TV. 


Rock Royalty Seaview Deluxe

Bask in the stunning sea view from the highest floor of the Rock Royalty Seaview Deluxe’s balcony. More private and quiet, this room choice features special access to Rock Royalty Lounge, turn down service, and a VIP rock spa bathroom amenities that should definitely sell you. 


Seaview Studio Suite

Suitable for 2 adults, this contemporary, rock-inspired suite will leave you feeling like a rock star on a short getaway or a dreamy honeymoon. As the night falls, enjoy a private dinner or cocktail with your loved ones. To complete the day’s adventure, take a warm hot bath in the large bathtub and let yourself unwind. 

10. Rock Star Suite

Expect a VIP treatment if you choose to stay in this only one Rock Star Suite that covers a 93 m² of hotel floor. Offering a private living space connected to one comfortable bedroom, you’ll have enough space to rock around and receive first-class stay experience. Complimentary VIP parking will be given to you, along with Rock Royalty Lounge access. 

11. King Suite

A home away from home, with a little touch of the dreamy rock-star life, is what this King Suite offers. Boasting two individual bedrooms connected by a private living room with modern design, you can busy yourself by dipping into the pool from your own private deck or oversee the pool right from your own couple’s bathtub. Accommodating up to 6 people, making your own dinner in the suite’s kitchen will make your stay more intimate and private.

Now that you’ve read all that you need to know about the rooms, decide the one that will suit your preferences best! Whether you opt for a budget-friendly Hillview Deluxe stay at RM 348 per night or make an email reservation for the grandeur King Suite experience.

Language Spoken in Hard Rock Hotel Penang

At Hard Rock Hotel Penang, guests will encounter staff that can assist you with anything you need using the primary language, which is English. Although it is widely spoken by the staff, expect to find staff that can also help you if you are speaking in Malay, Chinese, or Tamil. 

Are you ready to rock your stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang while you visit Malaysia? Whether you’re escaping to Penang Island for a short holiday with friends, families, or a lover, the fusion of luxury, relaxation, and excitement that this 5-star hotel has to offer will leave you wanting to stay longer. Secure your choice of room through Traveloka and unlock the many exclusive discounts!

Semua kemudahan dari Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Bar, Kafe dan Lounge Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Bar, Kafe dan Lounge
Kolam Renang Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Kolam Renang
Kemudahan Hiburan Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Kemudahan Hiburan
Dewan Majlis Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Dewan Majlis
Lobi Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Makanan dan Minuman

  • Restoran dengan penyaman udara
  • Makan malam a la carte
  • Makan tengah hari a la carte
  • Bar
  • Bar pantai
  • Sarapan
  • Sarapan bufet
  • Sarapan dengan surcaj
  • Kafe
  • Kelab malam
  • Bar tepi kolam renang
  • Bar snek

Perkhidmatan Hotel

  • Tukang angkut barang
  • Pekerja rencam
  • Pengurup wang
  • Penjaga pintu
  • Meja depan
  • Penyambut tetamu 24 jam
  • Keselamatan 24 jam
  • Perkhidmatan dobi
  • Penyimpanan bagasi
  • Kakitangan berbilang bahasa
  • Lawatan
  • Perkhidmatan perkahwinan


  • Tuala pantai
  • Kawasan kanak-kanak bermain
  • Hiburan untuk kanak-kanak
  • Pusat kecergasan
  • Urutan
  • Kolam renang terbuka
  • Kerusi berjemur kolam renang
  • Spa
  • Kerusi berjemur
  • Bar di tepi kolam renang
  • Gelongsor air

Kemudahan Dalam Bilik

  • Jubah mandi
  • Tab mandi
  • Kabel TV
  • Kaunter
  • Pengering rambut
  • Peti besi dalam bilik
  • Bar mini
  • Peti sejuk
  • Pancuran mandi
  • TV

Kemudahan Umum

  • Parkir
  • Lif
  • Pesanan bilik 24 jam
  • Restoran
  • Restoran sarapan pagi
  • Restoran makan malam
  • Restoran makan tengah hari
  • Pesanan bilik
  • WiFi di kawasan umum


  • Penyaman Udara
  • Dewan besar
  • Bankuet
  • Bilik bercantum
  • Bilik keluarga
  • Bilik larangan merokok
  • Kolam renang
  • Teres

Kemudahan Perniagaan

  • Pusat perniagaan
  • Kemudahan perniagaan
  • Stesen komputer
  • Bilik persidangan
  • Kemudahan mesyuarat
  • Mesin fotokopi
  • Projektor
  • Pusat Perniagaan

Kemudahan Berhampiran

  • ATM/Perbankan
  • Salun kecantikan
  • Kedai cenderamata
  • Kedai runcit
  • Salun rambut
  • Dobi
  • Kedai

Kemudahan OKU

  • Bilik mandi mudah diakses OKU
  • Parkir mudah diakses OKU
  • Laluan mudah diakses OKU
  • Kebolehcapaian dalam bilik
  • Akses kerusi roda

Mesra Keluarga

  • Kelab kanak-kanak
  • Kolam renang kanak-kanak


  • Sewaan kereta
  • Perkhidmatan limo atau kereta bandar

Sukan & Rekreasi

  • Kecergasan
  • Bilik permainan

Kanak-kanak dan Haiwan Peliharaan

  • Penjagaan anak dengan surcaj
  • Kerusi tinggi

Kemudahan Internet

  • WiFi percuma

Khidmat Shuttle

  • Pengangkutan dari lapangan terbang dengan surcaj

Polisi Penginapan & Maklumat Umum di Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Nota Penting

Seperti yang diumumkan oleh Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, Cukai Pelancongan dikenakan mulai 1 Januari 2023 untuk semua tetamu hotel yang bukan warganegara Malaysia atau bukan Penduduk tetap Malaysia. Harapkan pihak hotel akan mengutip Cukai Pelancongan daripada anda semasa daftar masuk di hotel. Kadar Cukai Pelancongan ialah 10 RM setiap bilik setiap malam.

Masa Daftar Masuk/Daftar Keluar

Daftar masuk:
Dari 15:00
Daftar keluar:
Sebelum 12:00

Instruksi Daftar Masuk Umum

You may be required to present valid government-issued identification at check-in, along with credit card or cash to cover deposits and incidentals. Special request may depend on hotel's availability at check-in and may cost extra fee. Special request availability is not guaranteed. Hotel may charge you additional fee for each extra person after reserved room's maximum capacity.
Deluxe Double or Twin Room with Lagoon: Out of love and care for the safety of children, parents with lil’ rockers below the age of 12 are required to sign a disclaimer form upon check-in
Effective from 1st June 2014, the City Council of Penang will impose a Local Council Tax of MYR 3 per room per night. This fee is payable directly to the hotel upon check-out and is not included in the room rate and taxes stated herein.
With effect from 01 September 2017, with reference to the Law of Malaysia Act 791, Tourism Act 2017, hotel guests who are non-Malaysian or non-Permanent Resident of Malaysia, are committed to a Tourism Tax of MYR 10.00 nett per room night of stay as determined and imposed by the Malaysian Government, which is not included in the reservation and will be collected by the hotel upon check in. This is to be applied in-addition to existing fees/taxes levied and the existing local tourism fee in Penang.
Guests are restricted from smoking in all the rooms and public areas within the hotel vicinity. For more information, please visit our website: https://www.hardrockhotels.com/penang/non-smoking-policy.aspx
This new pricing is valid for guests who book on the Room Only rate plan as an optional add-on. The new pricing is as below : New Buffet Breakfast Price (In-House Guests Only) Adult – RM70 nett per person Child (6-12 years old) – RM35 nett per person Child (2-5 years old) – RM18 nett per person

Daftar Masuk Awal

Anda dibenarkan untuk daftar masuk sebelum masa daftar masuk penginapan. Sila hubungi pihak penginapan jika anda ingin daftar masuk lebih awal.
Baca Semua

Maklumat Umum

Kemudahan Popular
AC, Restoran, Kolam Renang, Meja Depan 24 jam, Parkir, Lif, WiFi
Masa Daftar Masuk / Daftar Keluar
Dari 15:00 - Sebelum 12:00
Ketersediaan Sarapan

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Apa facilities yang tersedia di Hard Rock Hotel Penang?
Berikut facilities yang ada di Hard Rock Hotel Penang seperti AC, Restoran, Kolam Renang, Meja Depan 24 jam, Parkir, Lif, WiFi. (sesetengahnya mungkin memerlukan caj tambahan):
Kapan waktu check-in & check-out di Hard Rock Hotel Penang?
Masa check-in di Hard Rock Hotel Penang bermula dari Dari 15:00 manakala masa check-out ialah pada Sebelum 12:00
Adakah Hard Rock Hotel Penang menyediakan sarapan pagi?
Ya, Hard Rock Hotel Penang menyediakan sarapan pagi. Walau bagaimanapun, anda perlu memilih bilik dengan sarapan pagi atau membayar caj tambahan jika anda menempah bilik tanpa sarapan.

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Lobi 4 Hard Rock Hotel Penang


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