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Redang Island Resort

Teluk Siang , Redang Island , Redang Island, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia, 21090
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Sangat berpuas hati, bilik yang selesa.
Virginy A. J.
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Penyaman Udara
Meja Depan 24j
Kolam Renang

Tarikan berhampiran
Redang Airport (RDN)
(0.92 km)
Merang Waterfront Jetty
(25.67 km)
Penarik Beach
(26.32 km)
Kampung Penarik Mosque
(26.64 km)
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- Percutian Romantik
Sangat berpuas hati, bilik yang selesa.
- Percutian keluarga
Lokasi yang privasi. Persekitaran menarik. Staf yang mesra.
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- Percutian Romantik
Pintu jalan tidak mempunyai papan tanda yang elegan. Pada waktu malam tidak ada lampu di pintu masuk utama dan di sebelah jambatan.
- Percutian Romantik
Hotel ini selesa untuk bercuti kecuali untuk makanan.
- Percutian keluarga
Secara keseluruhannya okay, hanya sarapan pagi tidak bagus dan jauh dari pantai utama. Saya perlu mengambil bot ke sana untuk RM 200
- Percutian keluarga
Lokasi terisolasi dengan penginapan super.
- Perjalanan perniagaan
Sesuai untuk percutian keluarga. Berhampiran dengan kampung dan kemudahan kesihatan (Klinik Kesihatan Pulau Redang)
- Percutian keluarga
Tidak ada WiFi di dalam bilik. Aircon bocor. perkhidmatan yang baik. Terdapat tempat-tempat yang indah untuk snorkeling. Penjadualan rekreasi tidak baik.
- Percutian keluarga
perkhidmatan yang sangat baik dan kakitangan sangat ramah.
- Percutian keluarga
Very quiet place, need some patrolling for security reason and the resort has totally overlooked the cleanliness of the only small beach they have.
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Fujiwara Y
Nice beach !!!
Done so many research,finally is my turn to go Redang Island Resort..After 1 night stay at KT hotel,we go to Shahbandar Jetty at the second day morning.Everything is OK and after about 2 hour we arrive Redang Island.There will have the staff and shuttle bus is waiting for you at Redang Island Jetty.Got few stall(mamak) near there.From Jetty to Resort about 5minutes.The receptionist staff was very friendly and helpful.Lobby to room have to walk about 10minutes.I think is quite healthy cause sweat alot.The room was nice and aircond work well also.After settle our stuff,we just have a lunch at resort restaurant.The price is acceptable for both of us since we come to relax and taste good also.The swimming pool was clean.As I read have review mention that here got a lot of GECKO and BATS..NO,I didnt even saw it but if you choose the seaview chalet you can see the squirrel on the trees.Dont worry also,here have a small convinient shop.If the resort can provide bicycle/motorcycle to rent will be better and convinient for those free trip traveller. For those activities such as:LongBeach trip,sunset viewing,public beach trip,marine park,Karaoke....All these activities with charging and got 2 section time to choose. We choose for the Long Beach trip for day 2 evening(Section 1 :9.00AM-2PM Section 2 :6.00PM-10.30PM)..A bit sad that we cant see any sunset at other beach because of rain.But we had a nice dinner at the public foodcourt. The luckily things is we didnt see any monkey come out but the last day,they just appear for a while then dissappear again.Beware of the monkeys. This resort is suitable for those who wish to relax and wish for quiet place.Really feel peaceful while I stay for 3 day here.Sure will come here again if I visit to Redang.
Friends getaway - 19 Okt 2017
Worst Place: Redang Island Resort
Our flight departed Kuala Lumpur at 11:30 am. We landed at 12:15 pm. We took a taxi to the ferry, and waited 2 hours. The ferry took nearly 2 hours to arrive at the Redang Island Resort. Then we had to take a broken-down shuttle bus to the resort, which looked dirty and, well, "unresort-like". We got to our antiquated room, and there, skirting about under pseudo-wooden doors, were lizard-like creatures. There was broken furniture, a putrid smell, and a bathroom that looked like it belonged in a low budget bus station. We could not go out on the balcony because monkeys had made it their hangout! Then there was a blackout throughout the entire resort! But my real anger had to do with all the taxes tourism employees attributed to the Malaysian government. Our trip was paid in full, yet we had to pay a marine tax, a foreigner tax, and then a new tourism tax implemented in June 2017. We switched hotels (to the Taaras Beach & Spa Resort - RM950 for one night!), which was better, but there we endured bad food & watered-down, expensive drinks at the restaurant; the manager was not helpful and had a pissy attitude; the wait staff seemed confused about everything; it took them 20 minutes to deliver a glass of watermelon juice and a Singapore Sling...only after I complained), low-flying bats (which was a real concern since Malaysia currently has a rabies outbreak), geckos everywhere, and stray cats. I had to call my man all the way in Saudi freakin' Arabia to help us change our flight because the wifi was "nofi", however, Air Asia's customer service was closed. Also there were no ATMs anywhere on the island; the front desk said it was because telecommunications were bad there; funny how their credit card machines worked every time! After one night on this island, we cut our vacation short and went back to modern civilization in Kuala Lumpur; we had to pay RM980 for a same-day flight). Take my advice and go somewhere else!!! (P.S. The front desk staff at Redang Island Resort were very empathetic and helpful: Juana & Fatiha!)
Friends getaway - 3 Sep 2017
Great experience
I visited Redang with my college friend. And we have a great time with beautiful white sand beach, good food and nice weather. Hotel staff was helpful. Definitely will come back again when we have time. Thumbs up!
Friends getaway - 3 Sep 2017
Mohd Kamal Idha... Z
Afterva long month of being so-called hardworking employee..its time to relax.and this time i choose local destinations....Pulau Redang...and my wife as usual manage to secure a 3 day 2 nite stay in Redang Island Resort..full board..yes...full board...it comes with 3 meals a day..snorkeling rental..etc..what a bargain...you can take a ferry to the island via Jetty Shahbandar..near Pasar Payang..i love it here coz i can enjoy local food while waiting for my ferry.. The hotel was previously under Berjaya Group and was taken over by other investor..overall..the resort is an open space resort..room was 15 minutes away from lobby...why 15 minutes???well, we had to walk a 35° hill to reach the room...its a 4 room in 1 block..cant imagine?..just google..room is nice regardless beach view or forest..it has a chiller safety box satelite tv...other than that is upon request... The place is near the jetty n u can enjoy view uphill just from ur room....staff a nice n friendly, willing to help. There are no atm facilituea here, but all major card, Cr or Dr can be used here. But pls be remind, outside hotel only cash. So, u might want to have at least some cash to spend around the island. Beaches was sandy white...aa if im walking on a sea of flour..really!!!snorkeling spot was amazing...but not adviseable to snorkel nearbTaman Laut..as most of the coral are dead...around the island is the best...pulau perhentian is 45minutes boat away..x have the time to visit the island but i am going to for my next trip.. All in all, the resort live up my expectations...its not a 5 star resort but it feels like it. Food was delicious..rooms was amazing..thanks for a memorable stay n i hope to see u all again next time...!!!
Family - 31 Ogs 2017
Nikitha u
Just an average resort
We went to the redang island during ramadhan holidays...resort is isolated from the main beaches...view from the resort is good since it is located uphill...food in the restaurant is average since we were vegetarians not much options had to eat the sane fried rice all the days...we asked for bikes in the resort to go around as there was nothing much to do...we were told the resort did not provide bikes ...but we saw few taking bikes from the resort on hourly basis or full day .shuttle the provide is also not organised ..staff for the transport is no good.would suggest to find accomadations near long beaches...with lot of activities n happening place in redang.
Family - 28 Ogs 2017
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    Masa Daftar Masuk dan Daftar Keluar

    Daftar masuk: 14.00
    Daftar keluar: 12.00

    Redang Island Resort terletak di kawasan / bandar Pulau Redang.

    Redang Island Resort mempunyai lokasi yang baik, juga berhampiran Lapangan Terbang Redang Airport (RDN), yang hanya sejauh 0.92 km.

    Terdapat banyak tarikan pelancongan yang berdekatan, contohnya Redang Airport (RDN) dalam 0.92 km, dan Sultan Mahmud Airport (TGG) dalam 43.22 km.

    Tentang Redang Island Resort

    resort ini ialah tempat yang sesuai bagi pasangan yang inginkan percutian romantis atau tempat berbulan madu. Nikmati malam-malam yang penuh kenangan dengan orang kesayangan anda dengan menginap di Redang Island Resort.

    Bergembiralah dengan pelbagai kemudahan hiburan yang tersedia untuk anda dan seisi keluarga di Redang Island Resort, sebuah penginapan yang menarik untuk percutian keluarga anda.

    resort ini ialah tempat terbaik bagi anda yang inginkan percutian yang tenang dan nyaman, jauh daripada orang ramai.

    Perkhidmatan terbaik dan pelbagai kemudahan yang disediakan akan membuat anda berpuas hati sepanjang penginapan anda di Redang Island Resort.

    Pusat kecergasan resort ini adalah yang wajib dicuba semasa penginapan anda di sini.

    Nikmati hari yang menyeronokkan dan santai di kolam, sama ada anda mengembara secara solo atau bersama orang yang tersayang.

    Dapatkan tawaran terbaik untuk rawatan spa yang paling berkualiti bagi tujuan istirehat dan meremajakan diri anda.

    Meja depan 24 jam tersedia untuk memberikan perkhidmatan kepada anda, dari daftar masuk hingga ke daftar keluar, atau sebarang bantuan yang anda perlukan. Jika anda inginkan lebih lagi, jangan ragu untuk bertanya kepada meja depan, kami sentiasa bersedia untuk memenuhi permintaan anda.

    Nikmati hidangan kegemaran anda dengan makanan istimewa dari Redang Island Resort eksklusif untuk anda.

    Akses WiFi tersedia dalam kawasan umum penginapan ini agar anda sentiasa terhubung dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan.

    Redang Island Resort adalah resort yang memberikan keselesaan hebat dan perkhidmatan terbaik menurut kebanyakan tetamu resort ini.

    Dengan semua kemudahan yang ditawarkan, Redang Island Resort adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk menginap.

    Standard Check-In : 2:00 PM
    Standard Check-Out : 12:00 PM
    12 years and older will be considered as adults
    Bayaran tetamu tambahan boleh dikenakan dan berbeza-beza mengikut dasar hotel.
    Pengenalan bergambar keluaran kerajaan dan kad kredit atau deposit tunai diperlukan semasa daftar masuk untuk bayaran sampingan.
    Permintaan khas adalah tertakluk kepada ketersediaan semasa daftar masuk dan boleh dikenakan bayaran tambahan. Permintaan khas tidak dapat dijamin.
    • Tempat letak kenderaan tidak disediakan di tapak.
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