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About Bandung

Karaoke Bandung is one of the most sought-after entertainment facilities among the people of the city. This is because karaoke is believed to be an effective way to relieve your stress after a long, hard day. Plus, it’s a great place to show off your singing talent and improve it. Of course, you won’t have to worry about finding the best karaoke in the city; after all, as a metropolitan city, Bandung has everything you need. Not only can you find karaoke entertainment, but you can also find the government, economy, and cultural facilities situated in this capital city of West Java province. If anything, Bandung is considered the most creative pilot project city in East Asia by a lot of international LSM. All of the popularity and achievements that Bandung holds to this day is rooted back to the geographical history and legends of this city. In the past, Bandung was once a large lake surrounded by mountains before it became a city. However, as time goes by, the lake water began to dry out, and the ground of the lake was shaped like a cavity. In the 1960s, the aforementioned remnant of the lake was still apparent, and it became a tourist spot known as Situ Aksan. However, as modernization began to develop, buildings and houses were built around the lake, and Situ Aksan shrunk little by little. At the end of the day, Situ Aksan is now gone from the face of the Earth and the location is now a local settlement. While that marked the end of the old age, it also marked the dawn of a new age—a new, modern civilization. Office, government, shops, and mall buildings began to dominate this beautiful city, and it became a vital meeting point between nation leaders at that time. Also, schools and universities were made around the city. Speaking of education, Bandung has been known as an education city—even way before the independence of Indonesia—largely due to the role of the former leader of this nation, Ir. Soekarno. And apart from education, Bandung is also the source for health and medical advancement thanks to the abundant hospitals and medical facilities available in the city. Even the infrastructure development of Bandung isn’t far off from Jakarta. Since the early 2000s, the government has created a large number of new roads to expand access from and to the city. The same goes to the Husein Sastranegara Airport, which now covers a lot of different routes across Indonesia. And of course, when it comes to entertainment development, Bandung doesn’t stop there. Nowadays, new forms of entertainment are now built and developed, while the classic entertainments are improved, including the karaoke in Bandung.

Karaoke Bandung Review

Bandung offers a karaoke experience with a lot of unique takes. One of the all-time favorites is family karaoke due to its comfort and exciting promos, such as discount vouchers, daily promo, souvenir, and free drinks and/or foods. Plus, family-focused karaoke in Bandung is modern, classy, and polite, making it a great hangout spot with families, friends, or even business partners. The rooms are designed to be colorful, fun, and cozy as well to make the customers as comfortable as possible. And let’s not forget about karaoke Bandung’s technology advancement. In this case, the cutting-edge computerization is utilized along with the high-quality audio system to create an exciting singing experience. Besides, the music selection is mostly diverse as well. From old to new songs, local or foreign songs, all the karaoke in Bandung have them all. As for the culinary experience, every karaoke offers special on-site cuisine. You can order food and let the waiter/waitress serve it before or after you enter the karaoke room. Once the food arrives, you’ll droll in awe as they serve a high-class dish akin to those of 5-star hotels but with a sensible price. Finally, for the duration, every karaoke has its own set of rules about it. There are places that offer a two-hour package, while others even offer a three-hour package with better value-for-money. At the end of the day though, it all depends on how many people join you in the karaoke room.

Recommended Karaoke Bandung

Make your holiday more colorful and meaningful by bringing friends or families together to sing in many karaoke Bandung facilities around the city. 4 of those are as follow

Inul Vizta Pasir Kaliki

Inul Vizta is a karaoke chain that opens the facilities mostly in the shopping centers, entertainment venues, or their private buildings in many different cities. This karaoke embraces the concepts of modernity and comfort to help indulge the customers to the whole karaoke experience. In addition, this family karaoke also offers a complete package of music, F&B service, and daily promo.

To help the booking process, Traveloka offers an Rp86,000-priced voucher for Inul Vizta Pasir Kaliki Bandung, available every day. For that price, you’ll get a no-limit karaoke session with complimentary food and drink. However, beware that the voucher can only be traded before 11:59, and that only two vouchers are applicable per one transaction.

The first impression you’ll feel about NAV Family Karaoke is that it’s a complete and kids-friendly karaoke facility. In addition to the cheerful and lively interior, a vast array of music selection with cutting-edge technologies and sound system also contribute to the cause of its popularity. Indeed, NAV Family has ten thousand of music selection from every genre, ranging from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Western, to religious. And since the rooms can fit from 4 to 30 people, people would choose NAV Family as the perfect facility for a group event. But if you wish to enjoy karaoke at an affordable rate, make sure to get the voucher for NAV Family Karaoke Braga Bandung.

Voucher values start from Rp60,000, applicable from Monday to Thursday, excluding holiday during that period. Also, make sure to use the voucher for the karaoke in Bandung from 11.00 to 15.00 for 5 people and 2 hours max.

DIVA Karaoke Bandung

DIVA Family Karaoke is lauded as one of the classiest, cleanest, and most modern and polite karaoke facilities in Bandung. Equipped with the latest-tech search engine, DIVA Family Karaoke offers hundreds of popular music titles both nation-wide and international-wide. Additionally, if you plan to celebrate an event or birthday, DIVA Family may offer a large room capable of hosting up to 35 people.

Also, there’s a special individual voucher with Traveloka from the Diva Family Karaoke Bandung with the starting price of Rp86,000. Since the voucher is applicable every day, are you ready to have a fantastic time here today?

Atrium 168 Lounge & Karaoke

Atrium 168 Lounge & Karaoke in Bandung equips each room with the latest modern sound system. To accommodate it, a wide variety of latest songs are available to choose, perfect for having a great time with friends or families.

One of the cheapest ways to book a room in Atrium 168 Lounge & Karaoke is to book an Rp99,000-priced Traveloka voucher. For that price, you’ll get a two-hour karaoke service in a VIP Medium-Large Room with complimentary F&B such as fried noodles, tahu, popcorn, and iced tea. However, if you think two hours isn’t enough, you can also buy a three-hour karaoke service in a VIP Medium-Large Room for the price of Rp149,000. Up to 12 people may join the party in this room type, and you’ll also receive complimentary F&B. However, make sure to trade the voucher from 12.00 to 19.00 in this karaoke Bandung before it expires.