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Kawah Ijen Trip by Triptojava
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Kawah Ijen Trip by Triptojava

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Take an open trip to Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi RegencySee the sight of blue flames that can only be found in 2 places in the worldWatch the sun rise and see the beautiful view of the turquoise craterGain insight into local life from an experienced and certified tour guide
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Take your friends for a hike to Ijen Crater which is known as one of the points of the two blue fires in the world. Join the Open Trip Ijen Midnight Tour for an affordable trip with accommodation like a private tour. Located in the eastern part of the island of Java, Ijen Crater is part of Mount Ijen which is an active volcano in East Java. The tour will start from Banyuwangi towards Paltuding, an entrance where your hiking journey will begin. The hike will take 2 hours, but your tiredness will pay off when you see the spectacular blue fire. Wait a moment until the sun rises to watch how the early morning sky turns turquoise. Make sure you bring your camera to capture special moments amidst this beautiful nature.

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Kawah Ijen, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
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Kawah Ijen Trip by Triptojava

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