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About Bali

As one of the provinces in Indonesia, Bali grows and develops into the country's mainstay area for both domestic and international tourists. The city has numerous beaches, lakes, and natural waterfalls surrounded by enchanting mountains, forests, and cliffs. There are also various worship buildings and local religious rituals that keep inviting curious onlookers. A variety of accommodations, culinary places, and entertainment centers are also available to perfect the charm of Bali. Bali isn’t a large island. Its total area, combined with other surrounding small islands, is only around 5,780.06 km2. The Bali Sea borders the region in the north, followed by the Bali Strait in the west and the Indian Ocean on the south side. Meanwhile, the Lombok Strait is the eastern border of the Province of Bali. Bali has a tropical climate like other regions in the archipelago, which further supports the island’s tourism development. Its tropical climate also develops the agricultural sector that has been endorsed by fertile volcanic soils since a long time ago. Agriculture in Bali itself is unique. Most of the lands use the hillside area to create terraced rice fields. Furthermore, the irrigation system is managed through a subak organization, where farmers consult and regulate all matters related to irrigation together. In short, Bali is a unique region that still maintains its culture and tradition. Its cultural diversity includes not only local customs but also Hindu religious rituals. Gamelan music, traditional dances, and traditional clothing cannot be separated from Balinese culture as well.

Waterbom Bali Review

Alongside the row of natural or religious tourist attractions, Waterbom Bali exists to be an appealing attraction for tourists who want to escape the heat excitingly with families. Visitors can refresh themselves while feeling the thrill of various waterpark rides in Bali. That's why Waterbom Bali is very suitable for families with children. Under the shining sun, these sites are sure to be the perfect location for a refreshing retreat and for you to play as much water as you want. The average water park in Bali has been equipped with adequate facilities. Swimming pools for children and adults are available in various sizes, supported by a variety of fun water games. There are also other attractions, such as flow pools or spilled buckets. Some rides are even equipped with non-water gaming facilities that are no less exciting. To further add your comfort, Waterbom Bali also presents supporting facilities like a gazebo for sheltering and resting after playing. There’s also a place to rent clothes and swimming equipment, rinse rooms, toilets, places of worship, and parking areas. For dining spots, the sites usually provide a food court selling a variety of delicious food and drinks. Each Waterbom certainly carries a particular concept. Generally, the unique theme will become an added value to attract tourists. For example, Waterbom Bali brings the idea of Tropical Cool. Moreover, Waterparks in Bali are usually located in the area around the city center. You can access it with various types of either personal or public transportation.


Are you interested in feeling the fun of Bali's refreshing and challenging Waterbom rides? Immediately take your time to visit one of these recommended Waterbom in Bali below

Waterbom Bali

With an area of ​​3.8 hectares, the Waterbom Bali is ready to give you an unforgettable water tourism experience. It’s the first waterpark on the island, and it has many exciting rides for children and adults with international standards. Some of the popular games here are Funtastic, Lazy River, and Superbowl, Constrictor, and Python. If you want more extreme slides, you must try Fast ‘n Fierce, Climax, or Green Vipers. The Waterbom Bali is surrounded by a green nature reserve that’s also a habitat for a variety of plant species. You can also enjoy both local and international delicious dishes in the food court.

You can enjoy all the excitement by paying an entrance ticket at Rp323.000* (domestic) or Rp495.000* (foreign tourists) bought at Traveloka. You can also get a Family Day Pass for two adults and two children at Rp1.075.000* (domestic) or Rp1.565.000 * (foreign tourists).

Puri Lumbung Waterpark

Who says vacationing to a water park is expensive? You can come to Puri Lumbung Waterpark that offers a variety of water games at very affordable ticket prices!

At Traveloka, you can get an entrance ticket to Puri Lumbung Waterpark for Rp9.000* (weekdays) or Rp13.500* (holidays/weekends). You can also add a meal package for nasi gurami (gourami rice) or ayam (chicken) by purchasing an entrance ticket at Rp63.450* (weekdays) or Rp67.950* (holidays/weekends). Located in the Badung area, Puri Lumbung Waterpark offers swimming pools with water slides. Although space is limited, you can still freshen up while enjoying the delicious culinary and beautiful scenery. Besides, you can watch the views of rice fields and learn to grow rice in this agro-tourism area.

Taman Segara Madu Waterpark

Have a limited budget? You can come to Taman Segara Madu Waterpark only by paying an entrance ticket of Rp27.300* (domestic) or Rp29.600* (foreign tourists) via Traveloka. Here, you can enjoy swimming activities in the available pools as well as trying slides and other exciting water rides.

There are at least five pools in this 4,500sqm-tourist area. These pools have been divided for adults and children. There’s also an international standard pool in Taman Segara Madu Waterpark, often used as a training facility for swimming athletes in Bali. This Waterbom is also equipped with a children's play area, meeting rooms, and even a restaurant.

Circus Waterpark Bali

The next recommended waterpark in Bali is Circus Waterpark Bali, and you can get a cheaper entrance ticket only at Traveloka! The price of the high season entrance ticket is Rp74.000* (domestic) or Rp220.800* (foreign tourists). For those of you who come with your family, take advantage of a Family Package ticket for two children and two adults. The price is only Rp302.400* (domestic) or Rp510.720* (foreign tourists). With this offer, you can even get free ice cream! At Circus Waterpark Bali, you can swim as much as you can in the available pools or try water rides such as Pinisi Boat, Spill Bucket, Spiral Slider, Wave Slider, and Speed ​​Spiral Slider. This Waterbom is definitely perfect for a holiday with your beloved family!

*Ticket prices are subject to change