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About Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is the only country in South East Asia that never experiences colonialization. Situated in Indochina Peninsula, this country consists of 76 provinces that cover 513,120km2 of area size. Thailand shares borders with Laos and Myanmar in the north, Laos and Cambodia in the east, Thailand Gulf and Malaysia in the south, and Andaman Sea in the west. Known in the past as Siam, the name Thailand was officially used in 1948. This constitutional monarchy is one of the biggest economy powerhouses in South East Asia. Its largest industries consist of three main fields: agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. Thailand’s current leader is King Vajiralongkorn from Chakri Dynasty. Buddhism is the largest religion in Thailand, followed by Islam, Christian, Taoism, and Hindu. Buddhist temples are common sights in Thailand, and many of them are open for travelers. They have beautiful decorations and meticulous details, reflecting Thailand people’s reverence toward Buddhism. Thailand also has rich natural resources and beautiful nature. The country has 80 national parks and 20 marine parks. You can see various geographical wonders in Thailand, from mountains and forests to meadows, lowlands, and mangroves. Thailand’s tourism campaign program, Amazing Thailand, has contributed greatly to the country’s development. The country offers various attractions and activities, such as nature explorations, historical sites, cultural appreciations, shopping, and culinary tradition. Some of the most popular destinations are Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai.

Thailand Tour Package Review

If you never visit Thailand, consider booking a tour package to explore the country. Despite the reliable public facilities and transportation, most people here speak Thai and little English. Tour packages help you traveling without worrying about difficulties from miscommunication. Traveling in Thailand may be cheaper compared to Singapore. However, the country has a lot of destinations that are spread in various regions. They can be overwhelming to visit, especially if you still need to think about transportations, entrance tickets, and accommodations. Tour packages free you from the complicated details and let you enjoy the trip. Tour packages allow you to visit many interesting places in Thailand. Bangkok tour usually takes you to Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple. Night tour in Bangkok River is also a favorite activity. Beach lovers can book packages to Phuket, Phi Phi Island, or James Bond Island. Traveloka offers great tour packages with the most competitive prices. The packages are available based on interests, such as nature, marine, culinary, island, art, and culture. Enjoy the most memorable holiday in Thailand with convenient and cheap tour packages.


Planning a nice trip to Thailand? Here are several tour recommendations to consider

Krabi: Phi Phi Islands by Vacation Village

Krabi: Phi Phi Islands by Vacation Village is an ideal package for first-time travelers to Thailand. For 8.5 hours, you will explore iconic island destinations that face the Andaman Sea. Highlights include Phi Phi Le, Pi Leh Bay, Viking Cave, Loh Sama Bay, Phi Phi Don, Monkey Beach, and Maya Beach.

Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands package takes you to beautiful snorkeling and diving spots. The underwater paradise, pristine beach, and white sand make your trip more memorable. The tour must have at least two members. Traveloka price for this tour starts from Rp691.208.

Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha Temple

Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha Temple tour are popular destinations in Bangkok trip itineraries. The Grand Palace reflects Thailand’s history and folklore, complete with amazing details in colors, engravings, and artefacts. You can see the Royal Funeral Hall and Royal Coronation Hall, which have witnessed various historical events.

Emerald Buddha Temple is known by locals as Wat Phra Kaew. Its highlight is an emerald Buddha statue with elegant, delicate details. The price for this tour is Rp685,217 per person.

Bangkok River by Night Dinner Cruise

This tour takes you into a boat trip in Chao Praya, also known as Bangkok River. The two-hour boating tour gives you beautiful night views of Bangkok from the river. You can also see two landmarks that look more beautiful at night: Wat Arun and Grand Palace.

The tour package price starts at Rp691.208 per person. The price includes dinner on delicious Thai foods, live music, and traditional dance performances. 

Ayutthaya Ancient Capital Tour

Ayutthaya Ancient Capital Tour package takes you to witness the ancient history of Thailand. This one-day tour consists of exploring the Ayutthaya complex, which was the center of power in ancient Siam. The Ayutthaya complex consists of Bang Pa-In Palace and a series of iconic temples with amazing details, making them one of the sites included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

You must see the head of a Buddha statue that is wrapped in a fig tree at Wat Mahathat, or the Sleeping Buddha statue at Wat Lokaya Sutharam. You will return to Bangkok by boat through the Chao Praya River. The price starts from Rp875.864 per person, including lunch.

Sankampaeng and Bo Sang Handicraft Tour

Do you like traditional arts and crafts? Book Sankampaeng and Bo Sang Handicraft Tour. This half-day package takes you to two famous handicraft centers in Thailand. You will start the tour in Bo Sang Village, where the villagers make beautiful umbrellas. The sights of colorful umbrellas with flower decorations are begging for photographs. Next, you will visit Sankampaeng Road, which is the center of pottery, silk weaving, ceramic, and silver crafts. You can learn about the history and the making of these crafts. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs. The tour package price starts at Rp184.063 and includes shuttle service.

Biking in Bangkok Green Areas (Private Experience)

Despite being a busy city, Bangkok still has a lot of green areas. You can book this tour to have a relaxing biking trip through Samut Pakam and Sri Nakorn Kuern Khan Park. The half-day tour also includes visits to Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery and several historical temples. This tour is ideal for families and adventurous travelers. The private experience makes the trip more convenient.

Traveling to Thailand is an unforgettable experience, especially if you visit the best places. Book Traveloka tour packages to make your trip convenient and practical.