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2CanGo 5D4N West Coast Relax (Regular Season) by MIKI Travel
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2CanGo 5D4N West Coast Relax (Regular Season) by MIKI Travel

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
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Experience the enjoyable West Coast trip with this tour packageExplore the uniqueness of Beverly Hills and Rodeo DriveTake a walk at Sunset Strip, which was the center of nightlife during 80s to 90sVisit the Hollywood - the world-famous hand and foot print at Chinese Theatre
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This 5 day/4 night West Coast tour will provide you with an unforgettable journey. You will be invited to take a tour of the West Coast, which will include Los Angeles landmarks such as the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, and the Sunset Strip. The Sunset Strip, which was the epicenter of nightlife from the 1980s to the 1990s, will astound you with its glistening and beautiful nighttime atmosphere. Bring your loved ones and have a great time exploring the West Coast!

During the tour, you will also have the opportunity to receive the booster vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer). Make sure that you do not pass up this opportunity!

Visit Griffith Observatory where you can observe the sky and learn about astronomy

Take a relaxing walk at Sunset Strip and enjoy the glistening nighttime atmosphere

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
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2CanGo 5D4N West Coast Relax (Regular Season) by MIKI Travel

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Độ dài: 5 Days
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