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Cat Cat Village Half-Day Tour from Sapa

24 Thac Bac street, Sapa Town
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Ngày tour gần nhất | Thứ, 26 Jul 2024
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Sa Pa
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Visit Sapa's oldest Black H'Mong community at Cat Cat Village in this tour!
Learn about the Black H'Mong's timeless culture and traditional values as you interact with the locals
Check out their beautiful handmade brocade products, such as bracelets, scarves, clothes, and many more
Drop by the old Hydro Electric Power Station, the village's power source during the French colonial period
Don't miss the sight of Cat Cat Waterfall's gorgeous stream of rushing waters
After a long trek, re-energize with delicious local food at local restaurant

What's most interesting about Vietnam isn't its sceneries, but its various ethnic groups. Visit the country's most notable indigenous people in this tour of Cat Cat Village. Home of the Black H'Mong people, this village is the oldest settlement in the entirety of Sapa. Trek your way to the hill tribe and discover a farming community that sustains itself through its cultural goods and agricultural expertise. Make the most out of your 3km journey by taking pictures of the natural beauty abundant in the region. Upon arrival, discover a small village near a hill, surrounded by fields of rice terraces and corn. Be greeted by the sight of local women working with looms, which will turn into vibrant brocades of all colors and themes. Get your loved ones cloth pieces, as well as other products available on site. After shopping for souvenirs, head to the French commissioned old Hydro Electric Power Station. Just next door is the Cat Cat Waterfall, a peaceful place that leads to a big stream below. Immerse yourself in the local scene by mingling with the people and by exploring the place. End the tour with a hearty lunch at the Viet Flower Hotel Restaurant and a walk back to your chosen drop off location.

Conclude the tour with a sumptuous feast of freshly made classic Vietnamese dishes

Watch how the unique linens of the Black H'Mong people are made at Cat Cat Village

See traditional Cat Cat houses as you explore the village's lush landscape

Visit the serene waterfall at Cat Cat, the main source of the community's water supply

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24 Thac Bac street, Sapa Town
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