About Bandung

Bandung is a metropolitan city as well as the capital of West Java Province with most of the inhabitants are Sundanese. This city has numerous of tourist attractions both in its downtown area and hill sides. Due to its altitude, Bandung’s climate is relatively cool and humid compared to any other cities in Indonesia. Ever since the intercity toll highway called Cipularang toll road has completed, Bandung is an even more popular destination among the Jakartans, especially on the weekends. No wonder because this city has variety of enticing facilities and attractions, like Paris Van Java Mall which has educational facilities, Pasir Kaliki are...
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About Bandung

Visiting various tourist attractions in Bandung is best done when the holidays arrive so that you can enjoy the beauty of the capital city of West Java Province with your family, partner, or loved ones all at once. Initially, Bandung was given the name “Bendung”, taken from the word “Bendungan” (dam). This name was chosen due to the geography of this city that is believed to be in the form of a big bowl filled with water from the Citarum River. This city is also famous for the Asia-Africa conference event. Bandung is the silent witness of Indonesian independence history. This place has a myriad of attractive tourist destinations, so it’s not surprising if Bandung currently bears the title as the third largest metropolitan city in Indonesia. With all those beauties, this City of Flower another name for Bandung is indeed worth mentioning as Parijs van Java. Not to mention, you can also find a variety of delicious culinary and unique handmade items here. Many attractions and exciting places in Bandung will ease you in finding accommodation to stay. There are various choices, prices, and facilities that can be adjusted to the budget you allocate.

Top Things to Do in Bandung

Finding interesting tourist attractions in Bandung is not a difficult thing. Here are some recommendations of Bandung tourist destinations that you have to put on your bucket list:

Saung Angklung Udjo

The first tourist attraction in Bandung you can visit is Saung Angklung Udjo. This cultural site is very suitable as a vacation spot for your family, especially with children. Here, you can watch angklung show and practice playing this traditional musical instrument. Although angklung performances are held every day, the ticket capacity offered is quite limited. So, it’s better to make a ticket reservation in advance.

Upside Down World Bandung

Another exciting place in Bandung is Upside Down World Bandung, which is located in the Lebakgede area, Coblong, Bandung. In this place, you will be invited to feel an unforgettable sensation of how to explore a room that is arranged upside down, even though you are standing in a normal position. Of course, taking pictures is an activity you must do here.

Amazing Art World

You must be curious to know how it feels to explore the largest 3D museum in the world. Amazing Art World in Bandung is ready to welcome you and accompany your time of adventure in every direction. Here, you'll find some of the best quality paintings that look very similar to its original. This museum is located in the Setiabudi area, Bandung. Built on an area of about 2 hectares, Amazing Art World Bandung is divided into 6 (six) main galleries, 13 areas, and around 150 of the best places to be enshrined in a camera lens. Both the walls and floors are also artistically painted in accordance with the existing themes in each area.

Sukawana Tea Plantation

Back to natural attractions; navigate your destination to Sukawan Tea Plantation in the Kertawangi area, Cisarua, Bandung Regency. Of course, the natural atmosphere is so vibrant. The calm and fresh air befriends your step when you step up the ranks of green tea plants with a background in the form of mountains and hills. Not just walking around, you can also invite your family to visit a tea-processing factory and see how the tea leaves are processed to be suitable for consumption. You can also bike and even set up tents for camping. Don’t forget to capture all the precious moments in the memory of your camera or cell phone!

Bosscha Observatory

If you still have free time at the end of the holiday, it never hurts to visit the most famous star-watching spot in Bandung, Bosscha Observatory. Unfortunately, you cannot enter without making a booking at least one month prior to your arrival. It’s evident that the time of visit also cannot be in every day and hour, like other tourist attractions in Bandung. Bosscha Observatory was founded by Nederlandsch-Indische Sterrenkundige Vereeniging and is one of the oldest stargazing destinations in the country. This place isn't only for walking and looking around. If the weather and sky are crystal clear, you're even allowed to peek at the beauty of the star clusters through one of the telescopes.

Top Culinary in Bandung

A vacation in Bandung is incomplete without tasting its culinary. Make no mistake; it's not just tourist attractions in Bandung that are worth visiting, the culinary is also worth a try. Want to know good culinary recommendations in the City of Flower? Here's the list for you:

Batagor Kingsley

This culinary can indeed be easily found wherever you are. However, make sure you don't miss the Kingsley Batagor while in Bandung. Although at a glance, it looks the same, this seasoned snack has a taste that is so distinctive and delectable. Both fried and soup batagor have the same pleasure. You can find this culinary in Jalan Veteran No. 25, Bandung.

Nasi Kalong R.E. Martadinata 

Located in the R.E. Martadinata area, it’s named Nasi Kalong (“kalong” = bat) since the buffet food stall usually starts operating from 19.00 until midnight. No wonder the visitors finally called it that way. This is culinary tourism in the form of white or red rice complete with a variety of vegetables and side dishes that are available on a buffet.

Cuanki Serayu

The cold Bandung night weather is indeed most suitable to be enjoyed with a bowl of hot cuanki. Maybe this food is more familiar to you as Malang meatballs. Cuanki is indeed similar to them because it has tofu and noodles and can be added dumplings or without dumplings. The most delicious culinary attraction that you can try is on Jalan Serayu No. 2, Bandung.

Where to Stay in Bandung

Aiming for a more extended vacation in Bandung with family and loved ones? Of course, you need a place to stay. No need to worry, because there are many accommodations that you can choose for a place to unwind and rest in Bandung. Here are a few:

Fox Harris City Center Bandung

This 4-star property is located on Jalan Jawa No. 3, Merdeka, Bandung. From the hotel, you are very close to the Braga City Walk area, Bandung Planning Gallery, and Bandung Historical Park.

V Hotel Residence

Next is the V Hotel Residence, the right choice for you in the Pasteur area. This 3-star accommodation is suitable as a place to stay while you're on vacation to Bandung. It’s very close to Karang Setra Water Park, Bandung Trade Center, and BTC Fashion Mall.

The Jayakarta Bandung

This is a 4-star accommodation located on Jalan Juanda. This hotel can be the best choice for you who want to enjoy the relaxed and cold atmosphere of Dago Atas. From here, you are close to the attractions of the Rabbit Town and Taman Budaya Jawa Barat (West Java Cultural Park).

There are many more accommodations to choose from. However, to make it easier, you can search and place an order through the Traveloka application. Through this application, you can freely select the closest accommodation to tourist attractions in Bandung.