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About Denpasar

Not just the main gateway to the island, Denpasar is also the cultural heart of Bali. Despite not being a massive city with towering buildings, Denpasar still captures the essence of Bali's art, history, and culture.

As you wander through Denpasar's streets, you'll come across some stunning temples, traditional markets, and museums that showcase Bali's rich history and culture. Remember to check out some of the colorful festivals and religious ceremonies hosted in the city.

Make sure to visit Badung Market and Kumbasari Market, two of the most famous traditional markets. They offer a wide range of Balinese products, from food...

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More about Denpasar

About Denpasar, Bali

You can find many interesting places in Denpasar. Therefore, it is no wonder that this capital of Bali has become one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, both for domestic and international visitors. Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is an island with stunning natural and cultural charm. That is why it is always packed with tourists, especially during weekends or holiday seasons. Denpasar is the centre of business activity in Bali. The growth of the tourism sector in this city is also supported by its complete and convenient infrastructure. Moreover, the purity of Balinese culture and traditions is still fully preserved so that Denpasar has become one of the tourist magnets in Indonesia. As the second-largest city in Eastern Indonesia, the rapid growth of tourism in Denpasar has encouraged development in all sectors of the city. Not only that, but the hotels, restaurants, and souvenir business also get a positive impact from it. One of the main access to Denpasar is via Benoa Harbour. This port is operating since 1924 and about 10 km from the city centre. As for transport within the city, Denpasar relies on Trans Sarbagita, which has two corridors, Denpasar-GWK and Batubulan-Nusa Dua. There is also the Bali Mandara Toll Road that connects Benoa Harbour, Ngurah Rai International Airport, and Nusa Dua.

Top Things to Do in Denpasar

Tourist attractions in Denpasar are quite diverse, so it is suitable for those who want to explore unique or offbeat places. Whether travelling solo, with family or spouse, Denpasar is a great place to start an exciting journey. So, here are many attractions that are worth visiting in Denpasar

Upside Down World Bali

Need exciting things to do with friends or family? The Upside-Down World Bali will be a good choice, located on Jl. Ngurah Rai ByPass No.762, Pemogan, South of Denpasar. The visitors can take pictures in rooms that are uniquely designed with an upside-down concept. Several rooms can be selected as a photo background here. The theme can be in the form of a living room, bedroom, children's playroom, kitchen, and bathroom concepts. You can also find a room with a 3D concept or one with Balinese nuances.

IAM BALI (Interactive Art Museum), 3D Museum & Upside Down

Another interesting place in Denpasar is IAM BALI, situated at the basement of the Bajra Sandhi Monument, Jl. Raya Puputan No. 142, Panjer, Denpasar. This tourist attraction opened to the public on August 22, 2016. The entrance ticket for domestic tourists is Rp100.000 per person, while international visitors is Rp120.000. Inside the museum, there are many interesting and unique 3D paintings. Of course, this will be a great place to take some selfies with your family or friends. Aside from featuring 3D rooms, IAM BALI also works with an upside-down design concept.

Sanur Beach

During your vacation in Denpasar, do not miss the chance to visit Sanur Beach. Located in the east of Bali, this beach is known as Sunrise Beach. That's because many tourists come to Sanur Beach to see the beauty of the sunrise. Besides, Sanur waves are not too high so that it can be a kid-friendly beach. Visitors can enjoy other fun activities, such as snorkelling and diving. Most people are just sitting around or playing on the white sand beach.

Puputan Square (Lapangan Puputan Badung)

Puputan Square (Lapangan Puputan Badung) located in the heart of the city and it is easy to reach. In this place, you can find the city boundary with its zero-kilometre symbol. This square is a historical site that was once a battlefield between the Dutch troops and the Kingdom of Badung in 1906. The word "puputan" means to fight until the last drop of blood. To commemorate the struggle of the Balinese people, the government then built Puputan Badung Monument. This monument features three statues in the form of a woman, man, and children. Puputan Badung Monument is located on the north side of the square.

Sakenan Temple

You can find many temples in Bali, but Sakenan is one of the important temples for the Balinese people. This temple is located on the coast of Serangan Island, a small island situated 10 km south of Denpasar. To enter this temple, visitors must wear a special sarong and belt.

Top Culinary in Denpasar 

To make your trip to Denpasar memorable, do not forget to taste its specialities. So, here is our pick of the most popular culinary destinations in Denpasar

Warung Subak

Warung Subak serves a wide selection of cuisine, ranging from seafood to traditional Balinese delights. Its ambience is exotic yet romantic, which is suitable for those who want to dine while hanging out with the spouse. Warung Subak is located on Jl. Astasura No. 5, Peguyangan, Denpasar Utara.

Warung Lais

Another culinary destination that you will love to visit in Denpasar is Warung Lais. Its seafood-based menus are quite famous among tourists. Furthermore, the food cost is so affordable. Interested in tasting seafood menus at this restaurant? Warung Lais is located on Jl. Nangka Selatan No. 193, Dangin Puri Kaja, Denpasar Utara.

Warung Ole

Warung Ole serves homey but yummy traditional Balinese cuisine. It is strategically located on Jl. Mahendradatta No. 100, Tegal Harum, Denpasar Barat. You are strongly suggested to taste its nasi campur (white rice served with a small portion of various dishes) and nasi kuning (white rice cooked with turmeric and coconut milk).

Where to Stay in Denpasar

Accommodation facilities in Denpasar are fairly complete. For those who want to spend the night in comfort, there are many hotel recommendations to choose from, one of which is Quest San Hotel Denpasar. This hotel provides a strategic location near several public facilities. There is also HARRIS Hotel and Convention Denpasar Bali which offers an exotic ambience due to its unique architectural design. The hotel has full facilities and is close to several attractions, including Puputan Square (Lapangan Puputan Badung). Another alternative place to stay is at a POP! Hotel Teuku Umar, located in West Denpasar. Offering an affordable room rate, this hotel is suitable for backpackers who want to save on travel costs.

For a more convenient way, use Traveloka app to check accommodation in Denpasar. The ease of booking offered by this application will make your trip safer and more comfortable.