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Gunung Kidul Regency

About Gunung Kidul Regency

Gunung Kidul is a regency in the southeast part of Yogyakarta Province and the western part of Mount Sewu the southern limestone hills – the origin of Gunung Kidul in Javanese. Even though it is in limestone hills area, this regency still has plenty of tourists’ attractions like beaches, cultural, sites, temples, and nature tourism. Although it is renowned as a barren region and often experience drought, Gunung Kidul has numerous exotic beaches like Baron, Drini, and Sadranan beach. Not just Bali, this district also serves fresh seafoods around Baron Beach that will complete your visit as you watch the beautiful ocean. Apart from that, ther...
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More about Gunung Kidul Regency

About Gunung Kidul

A trip to Yogyakarta won’t be complete without exploring the miscellaneous tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul. This regency occupies one-third of the total area of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, and here you can find natural charm combined with cultural richness and historical relics. With Wonosari as its capital, Gunung Kidul area is part of the Pegunungan Kapur Selatan (The southern limestone mountains) which extend eastward to Tulungagung Regency. Gunung Kidul is rich in limestones, reflecting that this area used to be a seabed. Prehistoric relics are found in Gunung Kidul, precisely in the Wonosari Basin on the southern side of the Baturagung Hills. The economy of Gunung Kidul relies on various sectors, from fisheries and animal husbandry, forests, agriculture, industry, mining, and tourism. Lately, Gunung Kidul nature tourism gains its popularity. This area has around 50 beautiful beaches, not to mention the caves, waterfalls, forests, or historical attractions such as temples and petilasan (a place where important figures used to live, thus deemed sacred by the locals). With so many attractions and interesting places in Gunung Kidul, finding accommodations is a piece of cake. There is a wide choice of accommodations for you to choose, with complete facilities and reasonable prices to suit your budget.

Top things to do in Gunung Kidul

Interesting tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul are abundant. Here are some recommendations that you can explore with family or friends

Pindul Cave

Located in Desa Gelaran 1, Bejiharjo, Gua Pindul is about 7 km away from the center of Wonosari. Pindul Cave offers an exciting exploration through cave tubing to witness the beauty that nature has to offer. It takes courage to explore the underground cave, but the stunning views of stalactites and stalagmites will pay off the hardship you’ll go through. Since Pindul Cave is popular among tourists, visitors often have to wait for a lengthy queue. That’s why it’s best to have a reservation in advance by taking a tour package.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is another interesting place that you cannot afford to miss. Located in Dusun Penggoran, Bleberan Tourism Village, Playen, the beautiful waterfall is accessible by 2 routes. First, track on the rice fields and climb 96 steps. Second, take a simple raft down the Oya River. With affordable ticket prices, you can enjoy the beautiful Sri Gethuk Waterfall. 

Indrayanti Beach

A vacation to Gunung Kidul is not complete without exploring the beautiful beaches. Start beach hopping at Pulang Sawal Beach, which is better known as Indrayanti Beach. You will find this beach in Tepus village. Upon arrival, the waves of the ocean and beautiful white sand will greet you. The beach has quite complete facilities, such as gazebos, beach umbrellas, cafes, children's playgrounds, toilets, and lifeguards. The must-do’s include snorkeling and sunset watching. Also, be sure to try the palatable seafood or simply take a sip of fresh coconut water!

Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal Beach is located between Indrayanti Beach and Siung Beach. The trip to the beach is quite challenging. However, your efforts will be paid off when you see the stretch of white sand and blue waves. A single tree that the locals call “duras” is a unique presence on the edge of the beach. Rows of coral cliffs as high as 50 meters are another charm that you will find here. Besides enjoying the view, be sure to take some photos of its natural beauty.

Jomblang Cave

Located in Semanu, Jomblang Cave is another famous tourist spot in Gunung Kidul. You need to wear special gear and be accompanied by an experienced guide to explore the vertical cave. At the bottom of the cave lies an ancient forest dominated by rich mosses, ferns and bushes. From here you can continue your trip to Luweng Grubug through a 300-meter passageway. For this exciting cave exploration, simply book a Jomblang Cave tour package for a more convenient vacation.

Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran

Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran (Ancient Volcano of Nglanggeran) stands around 700 meters tall and was once an active volcano some 60-70 million years ago. Located in Nglanggeran, Patuk, Gunung Kidul, this tourist attraction presents a row of giant rock hills with lush trees. Reaching the summit of Mount Gedhe takes about 1.5 hours. The peak is such a perfect place to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, or simply marvel at the beauty of the green surroundings. Despite the name, this place actually has some decent facilities for convenience, such as hiking trails, camping ground, toilets, homestays, and health posts. It’s an ideal destination for those who want to get close to nature.

Top culinary in Gunung Kidul

After exploring all the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul, be sure to explore the delicacies as well. Gunung Kidul also has delicious cuisines worth a try. Check out the list below

Omah Kampoeng Kuliner Gunung Kidul 

Located on Jalan Wonosari-Semanu No. 52, this place offers the specialities of Gunung Kidul, such as sego abang lombok ijo (red rice served with green chilli paste), sayur daun pepaya (papaya leaf dish), or ayam kampung goreng (fried chicken). This restaurant provides a large parking area, outdoor seating, and a children's playground—making it ideal for enjoying a meal with family and friends.

Rumah Makan Jawa “Bu Sudar”

Located on Jalan Taman Bakti, Jeruksari, the restaurant offers a variety of delicious home-cooked dishes served in a buffet. Its strategic location makes this restaurant easily accessible. The meals are cheap, and they also have spacious dining and parking areas.

Ayam Goreng Sri Pendowo

Those who like ayam goreng kampung (fried chicken) must stop by at Ayam Goreng Sri Pendowo. Here you can eat savory fried chicken with a soft texture, served with the special sambal bawang (chilli paste with garlic seasoning). Located on Jalan KH. Agus Salim No. 58, Kepek, this restaurant has been around since 1982.

Where to stay in Gunung Kidul

Want a longer vacation in Gunung Kidul to visit all interesting attractions? No worries. There are many accommodations where you can spend the night. Here are some recommendations

Radika Paradise Villa & Cottage

This 2-star property is suitable for those who want to spend the night within the Indrayanti Beach area. It’s also close to Sundak Beach and Pok Tunggal Beach. Radika Paradise Villa & Cottage offers a beach view from the guest room.

BeGe Residence

BeGe Residence is a homestay with rich traditional nuances. Located on Jalan Dewandaru, Madusari, Wonosari, this accommodation is right for those who want to spend the night near downtown Wonosari.

Wooden Room at The Royal Joglo

This Javanese style accommodation is located in the Ngestirejo area, Tanjungsari. It is a perfect choice if you want to stay near a row of famous beaches in Gunung Kidul, such as Krakal Beach, Sadranan Beach, and Sundak Beach.

That's just three of the many accommodations in Gunung Kidul. For more options, find and book hotels via Traveloka app. This application enables you to choose the most ideal accommodations close to tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul.