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Medan, North Sumatra

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra Province and is one of Indonesia’s third-largest city. If West Java has Bandung as their Paris van Java, Medan is renowned as Paris van Sumatra due to its flawless mixture of Dutch-colonial charm and the modern life of a metropolitan city. However, that’s not the only beauty Medan has to offer. This multicultural city is also famous for its various kinds of local, Western, Eastern, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Make a stop at Medan’s culinary areas in Jalan Selat Panjang and Jalan Semarang to indulge in Chinese foods, Jalan Pagaruyung for some Indian and Malay cuisines, and Jalan Padang Bulan for Batak foods. Every dish is available in variety price. Apart from its unique culture, Medan is also home to some interesting tourist attractions like Istana Maimoon (a palace with Malay, Mogul, and Italian influences) or Tjong A Fie Mansion, the former residence of a famous Chinese merchant with a blend of Chinese and Victorian style.

Top Things to Do Around Medan

Tjong A Fie Mansion Tickets
Medan City Center
Considered as one of the city's historical gems, Tjong A Fie Mansion should definitely be included in your itinerary when visiting Medan. Completed in 1900, the two-story mansion was the private residence of Tjong A Fie, a notable Hakka merchant and public figure in Medan who successfully ran plantations, lands, and constructing the Medan-Belawan railway the late 19th and early 20th century. <br /><br />Step into 35 well-preserved rooms, including a ballroom and temple, some of which are still fully furnished such as Tjong A Fie's bedroom that displays his personal belongings. Learn more about Peranakan history and the community's journey in Medan through the mansion's Chinese, Malay, and Art Deco architectural styles, vintage artifacts, paintings and old photographs. Book your tickets now and get ready to dive into the richness of Chinese-Malay culture here at Tjong A Fie Mansion!
Rp 35.000
Rp 30.100

Magic Eye 3D Art Museum Medan Tickets
Batang Kuis
Get ready to be mind-blown in the mind-boggling Magic Eye 3D Art Museum Medan. Strolling through the museum, you will find yourself in awe at the unique artworks created using the Trompe-l'oeil technique that makes them appear 3 dimensional. <br /><br />Explore several different themed-rooms and take lots of fun pictures with your loved ones. Running away from a giant octopus or dinosaur? Trapped inside a bubble? Or taking shelter from the rain with a giant frog? Let your imaginations run wild and strike as many unique and mind-tricking poses as you can in front of these artworks!<br />Save yourself from a giant octopus!What are you going to do if a dinosaur comes near you?Get creative and create mind-tricking photos with your friends
Rp 50.000
Rp 37.000

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More about Medan

About Medan

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra Province and the third largest metropolitan city in Indonesia. Kuala Namu International Airport and Belawan Port have been the gateway to these western parts of Indonesia. In addition to facilitating access from Medan to other regions, this gateway also affects the tourism potential with the increasing visits to tourist attractions in Medan. Geographically, Medan borders directly with the Malacca Strait to the north, Deli Serdang Regency to the east, south, and west. Compared to other regions, Medan is relatively small. However, the Medan region that tends to be tilted and located on the edge of the Malacca Strait lane gives a significant advantage, especially to the province’s growth. According to historical records, the name “Medan” is derived from the word "Maidhan" or "Maidhanam,” which means terrain in Tamil. Before becoming a metropolitan city that offers many interesting places, Medan used to be a port area. Medan is a tropical rainforest with an annual rainfall of 2,200 millimeters per year. The average temperature in Medan is around 27oC. The city, which is crossed by nine rivers, has abundant natural resources. It’s no wonder that Medan has been growing rapidly and becoming a tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers.

Top Things to Do in Medan

Besides the stunning Toba Lake, Medan has some other interesting places you can visit during your vacation. Here’s the list

Wonder Water World

Wonders Water World is a tourist destination that offers a variety of water games, such as Slide, Wavy Pool, Super Loop, Topsy Turvy, Bullet Bowl, Tunnel Twister, and Pipe Line. Alongside these, there are also other rides specially made for children. Facilities like prayer rooms, a gazebo for relaxing, cafes, restaurants, minimarkets, and toilets are also available.

Magic Eye 3D Art Museum

Magic Eye 3D Art Museum is listed as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Medan. Since its opening in 2017, this museum has never been devoid of visitors. There are 56 3D paintings made by Thai artists spread over seven zones: Illusion Room, Funny Room, Egypt Room, Adventure Art, Dark Room, Magic Show, and Classic Art. Each zone offers a unique 3D painting that’s suitable as a photo background. For those of you who like photo hunting, you must visit this museum.

Kampung Keling

Kampung Keling or now called Kampung Madras is a unique tourism object in Medan. Here, you’ll find and learn various types of ethnicity and culture. Dominated by people of Indian descent, the village is the home for the Shri Mariamman Temple that was constructed in 1881. The temple isn’t only a place of worship but also an icon of Kampung Keling. You can enjoy a variety of delicious culinary or join exciting festivals in the village, such as the Holi Festival and Diwali Festival.

Sibolangit Nature Reserve

You can visit the Sibolangit Nature Reserve if you want to take a break from the city crowd. This conservation area offers a beautiful panorama of tropical forests. The atmosphere is so calm and refreshing, and the air is super clean. Sibolangit Nature Reserve is a habitat for dozens of species of flora and fauna. In this place, you unwind and indulge at Mother Nature’s beauty at the same time. In short, you’ll be invited to love nature and pay attention to the environment.

Telaga Dwi Warna Waterfall

Telaga Dwi Warna Waterfall is also a favorite tourist attraction that offers stunning natural beauty. Since it’s in the mountainous area, this place is located at an altitude of about 1,475 meters above sea level. Hence, you’ll be amazed by the panorama that stretches in front of you. Not only elegant, but this 75-meter high waterfall is also unique since it has two different streams of water: warm white flow and cold blue flow. Although quite far from the center of Medan (about a 90-minute drive), you can’t miss visiting Telaga Dwi Warna Waterfall.

Top Culinary in Medan

After walking around, now it's time to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes from Medan. There are a number of the best culinary recommendations you must try, including

Ucok Durian

Your vacation in Medan won't be perfect if you haven’t tasted the delicious Ucok Durian. With the tagline “You’re not in Medan yet if you don't stop by Ucok Durian,” the store doesn’t only offer peeled durian but also durian pancakes, frozen durian, and durian ice cream.

Soto Kesawan

Soto Kesawan is a Medan culinary similar to Soto Betawi but with a stronger flavor of spices mixture in its soup. In addition to kampong chicken, this soup’s also made using shrimp, beef, and dry lungs. The delicious taste is perfect for lunch or when the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Memeng Satay

Memeng Satay has been established since 1945, and you shouldn’t miss the chance to taste it. Different from other satays, Memeng meat satay is larger with perfectly absorbed seasoning. The marination is from a mixture of Padang satay sauce with peanut sauce. It’s very delicious!

Where to Stay in Medan

Before vacationing to Medan, you should know which accommodation to book. There is a number of the best affordable lodging you can choose from, including

Four Points by Sheraton Medan

This four-star hotel is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto Number 395, Medan Petisah, Medan, North Sumatra. Not only does it offer comfort and friendly service, but this four-star property is also close to Plaza Millenium Medan shopping center, Plaza Medan Fair, Durian Ucok, and Shri Mariamman Temple.

JW Marriott Medan Hotel

JW Marriott Hotel Medan is the right choice for you who want to enjoy a comfortable vacation like being at home. This property is quite close to the Grand Palladium Mall shopping center and Merdeka Walk area. You can find this five-star hotel on Jalan Putri Hijau Number 10, Medan City, Medan, North Sumatra.

Hotel Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention

Hotel Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention is the best accommodation for those of you who crave comfort during your vacation. Located on Jalan Maulana Lubis No. 7, Medan City Center, Medan, North Sumatra, the hotel’s close to the Grand Palladium Mall shopping center, Lippo Plaza Medan, Petisah Market, and Shri Mariamman Temple.

If you’re looking for other lodging alternatives, don't hesitate to use the Traveloka app. It’ll help you get a lot of other cheap accommodations that are also close to many tourist attractions in Medan.

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