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Sleman, Yogyakarta Province

Situated between the city of Yogyakarta and Magelang regency, Sleman regency is an area that has no beach destination in Yogyakarta Province. Even so, this regency still offers numerous tourists’ attraction that is as beautiful and exciting as the other area in Yogyakarta. Sleman regency is renowned as the home to some temples, like Prambanan, Ratu Boko, Sari, Kalasan, and Ijo. Aside from that, there are also museums like Monument Yogya Kembali, Gunung Merapi Museum, and Dirgantara Mandala Museum that has a lot of historical value. Gunung Merapi Museum is the most visited destination as it is now an education center about disasters, like volcano, earthquake, etc. For its nature tourism, Sleman regency has a cliff that was built by the volcanic lava sediment thousand years ago, named Breksi Cliff. Located in Groyokan Village, Breksi Cliff is one of the nine geo-heritage defined by the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM).

Top Things to Do Around Sleman

Top Attractions in Sleman


Exquisite Tours in Sleman

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More about Sleman

About Sleman

Speaking of tourist attractions, Special Region of Yogyakarta is one of the favourite destinations. It is not without any reasons. Besides its capital city, cities around Jogja also have many exciting places to visit. One of them is tourist attractions in Sleman. Unlike the other regions in Jogja, Sleman does not have beaches as tourist attractions. Even so, the charm of this area is no less appealing than other cities in Yogyakarta. Sleman has quite a variety of vacation spots, ranging from nature, modern, to educative attractions. Don't be surprised if many tourists visit Sleman. It is rich in the culinary and distinctive culture of Jogja. Moreover, Sleman is also well known as home to several historic temples that have stood since centuries ago.

Top Things to Do in Sleman

As a reference, here are some places or areas in Sleman that can be visited while on vacation

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is a Hindu temple complex built in the 9th century AD. If you come here, take time to take pictures or enter the main temple and see the statue of Lord Shiva as high as 3 meters up close. Apart from that, you can also see Sendratari performances telling the story of Ramayana. The Sendratari dancers perform every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Ratu Boko Temple

Not far from Prambanan, there are ruins located at an altitude of 196 m above sea level. The ruins are known as Ratu Boko Temple. To get to the ruins complex, visitors will climb dozens of steps that are quite steep and tiring. It is highly recommended to come before evening to get the best view. From the main temple complex, you can see the beautiful sunset.

Citra Grand Mutiara Waterpark

Besides temples, Sleman also has several modern tourist attractions. One of them is Citra Grand Mutiara Waterpark, located about 9 km from Jogja. There are at least four pools to use; those are two for children, one for adults, and an Olympic-standard. Since it doesn't use chlorine, the water is safe for eyes and skin. Visitors can choose to relax while swimming or try all the exciting water games that are challenging and stimulating adrenaline.

Ice Cream World

For you who like taking pictures, Ice Cream World is the right place to visit. With many fascinating and unique photo spots, this place carries the same concept as Upside Worlds in Jogja. The difference is that all properties and backgrounds provided are ice cream-themed, ranging from cone-shaped to popsicle-shaped.

After taking pictures, you can visit the cafe which sells a variety of ice creams. Although located within Ice Cream World complex, the price of ice cream is affordable with a taste that does not disappoint.

Desa Wisata Rumah Domes

This unique tourist spot in Sleman is also known as Teletubbies Village. The houses in this village are dome-shaped. This village was originally a housing complex for earthquake victims in Sleman. After developing into a tourism village, the residents provide a variety of simple game rides, build cafes, and bring Teletubbies clowns to entertain visitors’ children every weekend.

Top Culinary in Sleman

Besides tourist attractions, Jogja—especially Sleman—is known for having a variety of culinary, including

Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro

Saoto is an original culinary from Solo, a combination of clear soup and beef. Uniquely, saoto in Sleman is served in bathok (coconut shells) along with complimentary dishes, such as fried tempeh, intestine satay, or quail egg satay. Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro is open from 06.00 to 16.00 on Jalan Sambisari.

Entok Slenget Kang Tanir

This unique culinary is a processed entok (duck) cooked until tender and has a slenget (pungent) taste on the tongue. Due to its uniqueness, Kang Tanir's restaurant is always full of curious tourists who want to try processed duck cuisine. To enjoy entok slenget, you have to pay Rp16,000 per portion in Donokerto, Turi, Sleman.

Kupat Gule Bang Doel

Want to taste the Eid specialities during the vacation? Warung Bang Doel is the right place to visit. This stall is a place to eat kupat gule or ketupat mixed with curry of various meats, such as goat, chicken, or beef.

Sego Pecel Bu Wiryo

Since established since 1959, This place is always full every weekend, from 07.00 to 21.00. While enjoying pecel dishes, visitors can also get a slice of fried eggs, various fried foods, and quail or intestine satay.


One of the most recommended culinary tourist attractions in Sleman is Jejamuran. Located in Niron Village, the place provides all kinds of processed mushroom menus, starting from chips, stew, stir-fried, and fried ones. The mushrooms used are varied, like button, ear, oyster, and straw mushrooms.

Where to Stay in Sleman

Since a vacation in Sleman is not enough for one day, you need a comfortable staying place while you are here. The following accommodation recommendations in Sleman are

Bueno Colombo Hotel and Resort

Located not far from Kalasan Temple, this place has adequate facilities. The rooms offered are also modern with natural views of Sleman. There are other supporting facilities, such as a swimming pool, gardens, a café, and a restaurant. To facilitate the guests to travel, the hotel also provides a car and a motorcycle rental.

Abhayagiri-SWH Resort

If staying here, you can see Merapi Mountain in the distance from the resort pool. Because of the resort concept, beautiful atmosphere and scenery become the main attraction of Abhayagiri. Worry no more, the location of the resort is not far from interesting places in Sleman, such as Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko Temple.

Joglo Plawang Resort

Once setting foot in Joglo Plawang, you will see a typical Javanese atmosphere like wood carvings, gebyok, and pavilion. That’s why when staying here, you are like visiting a palace.

Villa Padi Cangkringan

Surrounded by rice fields, Villa Padi, located in Cangkringan Sleman, has a beautiful atmosphere and fresh air. Your stay here will make the body and the mind relaxed. Moreover, it will be easier to go to various tourist attractions in Sleman from this villa.

Puri Cempaka

The unique Jogja-style gate will welcome visitors when they set foot in Puri Cempaka. A comfortable place and a homey atmosphere are the main characteristics of this inn. Plus, a strategic location close to various tourist destinations in Sleman makes Puri Cempaka become a staying place reference while on vacation in Jogja.

To make your exploration in Sleman easier and more enjoyable, take advantage of Traveloka application to book aeroplane tickets, hotels, and even buy tickets for tourist attractions or performances at Prambanan Temple. Have a good vacation.

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