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Teather IMAX Keong Emas Tickets

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Cipayung, Jakarta Timur
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What Others Are Saying

“The film is nice for education”

Wahyudi - 24 Oct 2018

“Nice movie, i watched Journey to the Southern Pacific. My sons love it. The story about Papua.”

Yan K. K. - 05 Feb 2018

“It's very fun and interesting because it made me not over budget. Thanks traveloka”

Mesy - 16 Jan 2020

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Product Details


  • Visit the first ever IMAX theater in Indonesia opened in 1984
  • Enjoy educational movies about Indonesia's diverse culture and natural beauty
  • Marvel at the golden snail-shaped exterior and sophisticated technology inside
  • Enter hassle-free with your Traveloka E-ticket
Good for: Learning & Development

What You’ll Experience

This weekend, treat yourself to a sophisticated movie experience at Teater IMAX Keong Emas. First opened in 1984, the theater is the first IMAX theater in Indonesia and one of the main attractions in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. You may easily recognize its iconic golden snail shape, an architectural wonder built entirely by the nation’s best talents, but don’t forget to check out what’s inside!

Here at Teater IMAX Keong Emas, you can watch educational movies about Indonesia's diverse culture and natural beauty and other topics like dinosaurs or natural disasters. What makes it more interesting is that they use 70 mm cinematography technology, meaning the movies will be projected onto a huge screen, making you feel like you're a part of the movie!

The unique shape of the theater building makes it easy to spot from afar

Bring your friends along to watch educational movies at the theater

When you finish watching the movie, check out the souvenir shop


Location Details
More Things You Should Know
Teater IMAX Keong Emas, Jalan Raya Taman Mini, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Teather IMAX Keong Emas Tickets

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Opening Hours : 10:00-17:00
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838 Traveloka customer(s) have a lot to say about their experiences:
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More about Teather IMAX Keong Emas Tickets

Enjoy an Exclusive Vacation in Theater IMAX Keong Emas, Indonesia’s Most Advanced Theater 

Meta Description:

Watching movies in a regular theater is old news. Get a better experience of watching movies in Theater IMAX Keong Emas TMII! Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) never stops to amaze you. This attraction offers a wide variety of recreational options that are fun, unique, and interesting at the same time. One of them is Theater IMAX Keong Emas. Known as the icon of TMII, this theater will give you an exceptional holiday experience. At first glance, you might think that watching movies in Theater IMAX Keong Emas is more or less similar to the regular theaters. However, you’ll get a way different impression once you visit Indonesia’s most valued theater. Wondering what kind of fun that this theater offers? It’s a lot of fun!

The First IMAX Theater in Indonesia

IMAX stands for Image Maximum which is one of the most advanced technologies in the cinema industry. It features bigger and larger scene, allowing audiences to have a better experience than watching movies in the regular theater. Putting that information aside, do you know that Keong Emas is the first IMAX theater in Indonesia? The establishment of Theater IMAX Keong Emas was initiated by Raden Ayu Siti Hartinah, more popularly known as Mrs. Tien Soeharto. This theater is aimed to be an advanced medium for both entertainment and educational purposes. It was officially opened on April 20, 1984. That being said, Keong Emas TMII has existed for more than 30 years.  The technology used in Theater IMAX Keong Emas is always updated throughout time. Presently, this theater uses the superior projector Epson EB-L25000U. It offers better image display with a high brightness level of 25.000 lumens. 

The Unique Building was Designed by Local Creators

Theater IMAX Keong Emas is one of the most unique buildings that you can find in TMII. The term “keong” is actually the Indonesian word for snail. Hence, the building was designed to resemble the shape of a snail shell. Golden paint is used to cover the outside part of the building. It is also a representation of famous local folktale, namely Keong Mas or Golden Snail. Moreover, the building process of this theater is all done by Indonesian architects and expert creators. The process doesn’t only rely on the aesthetic features, but also on the acoustic factors with the aim of creating clear and perfect sound on the inside. 

Entertaining and Educational Movies

The main activity that you can do when visiting Theater IMAX Keong Emas is watching educational movies. In this theater, you will find a number of creative and high-quality movies, made by Indonesian cinematographers. Some of them are Keong Emas Animation Musical, Battle of Surabaya, as well as four-part movies of Beautiful Indonesia. Additionally, you can watch some collections of foreign movies. Since 1984, there have been 20 foreign movies shown in Theater IMAX Keong Mas. These include Forces of Nature, Mystic India, The First Emperor of China, Blue Planet, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Star Trek, and many more. All those movies are shown in a large theater with immense capacity. You can choose one of 811 seats in the regular class. Meanwhile, for a more exclusive experience, you can book one of 36 VVIP seats which are set on the balcony area. Moreover, the screen quality of Theater IMAX Keong Emas is way better than any regular theater. While using 70 mm film format, the screen is surprisingly large: 21.5 x 29.3 meter in area.

Theater IMAX Keong Emas offers other types of entertainment besides movies

Theater IMAX Keong Emas is not only used to watch movies with the best quality. There are some other types of entertainment that you can enjoy while visiting this theater, such as stand-up comedy, dance performance, mini-concert, and many more. All those performances usually take place on the multifunctional stage. Additional facilities in this theater also give you the best possible comfort and convenience. For starters, the large theater lobby can accommodate up to 1.000 people at once. The parking lot is equally large as well. More importantly, the entrance ticket for watching educational movies and other kinds of entertainment in Theater IMAX Keong Emas is relatively affordable. The ticket starts from Rp25.900. It is considered a good deal for a wonderful watching experience in the advanced theater. 

Theater IMAX Keong Emas Entrance Ticket

  • Package A for 1 visitor: Rp25.900
  • Package B for 3 visitors: Rp77.700
  • Package C for 5 visitors: Rp129.500

*Price may change at any time according to the policies of Theater IMAX Keong Emas

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