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Walking Tour of Kalemegdan Fortress Virtual Tour with TourHQ
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Walking Tour of Kalemegdan Fortress Virtual Tour with TourHQ

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Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan
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What Others Are Saying

I had a great time in the 1 hour or so doing walking tour with the host. Interesting that this is purely real time video so I can speak to and ask questions to the host who can respond to my questions instantly. The internet connection was also smooth. The virtual walking tour makes me really miss real time travelling again.

Christian S. - Wed, 4 November 2020

We opted for this virtual trip as an alternative to a real holiday because travel was not possible due to COVID. It's interesting that we 'went' to Belgrade, Serbia, which we have never been before, and we are pleasantly surprised that the tour was a lot of fun. Our guide, Milan, was very knowledgeable with the history of Kalemegdan Fortress and Serbia. He explained while showing us the view of the fortress through his camera. We learned a lot from the tour and enjoyed the 'walk' around the fortress, which was huge. This makes me want to visit Serbia in person when COVID is over.

Indraswari K. - Sat, 19 December 2020

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Activity Details


Experience Serbia's Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress from the safety of your home
Walk past the Monument of the Winner, the Despot's Tower, Nebojša Tower, and Zindan Gate
Learn more about the history from the English-speaking guide who will narrate the tour
Share this experience with virtual travelers from around the globe
Good for: Sightseeing

What You’ll Experience

Join this walking tour to explore the historic Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park located within it. First constructed in 279 BC, the fortress has seen numerous losses, victories, and changes of power that leave a lot of fascinating stories. Learn about the secrets as you walk from the Monument of the Winner to the Despot's Tower and Nebojša Tower, both of which were built during the reign of Stefan the Tall. Then cross the bridge to Zindan Gate and marvel at the round towers on both sides.

Follow your guide Milan as he fills you in on the history while making his way around the fortress. This virtual tour will be conducted in English with up to ten participants, allowing a more intimate experience with Milan and your new friends!

Find out about Belgrade's long history here

Interact with your local guide and satisfy any curiosity you may have

Enjoy the scenery surrounding the fortress located in the junction of the Sava and Danube

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Walking Tour of Kalemegdan Fortress Virtual Tour with TourHQ

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