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Central Java

Central Java


About Central Java

Central Java is the third most populated province in Indonesia. However, this district also has a lot of cultural and historical sites that is being preserved up until now. As a matter of fact, this province is also renowned for its art show that is being continuously held — like Puppets or Traditional Dance — in some cities, like Semarang, Yogyakarta, and Solo. Apart from that, there are also numerous tourists’ attraction that are worth to visit, like Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Sukuh Temple, and Ratu Boko Temple as their historical sites; Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Sumbing for those who loves to hike; and...
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More about Central Java

About Central Java

Central Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia known as the “heart” of Javanese culture. In addition to the rich culture, there are many tourist attractions in Central Java you must visit. Each place owns a different charm, and it’s no wonder that Central Java is a favorite destination for tourists who want to spend holidays. Geographically, Central Java is directly bordered by the Java Sea to the north, East Java Province to the east, Indian Ocean and Yogyakarta Special Region to the south, and West Java Province to the west. According to historical records, Central Java has been established as a province since the days of the Dutch East Indies. In 1905, Central Java covered five regions, namely Semarang, Kedu, Pati, Banyumas, and Pekalongan. After Indonesian independence, the area of ​​Central Java increased to 29 districts and six municipalities according to the 1950 Law. In addition to the five active mountains, Central Java also has many rivers and reservoirs that aren’t only beneficial for the locals but also serve as tourism objects. Now, Central Java has increasingly developed into a province with a variety of attractive tourist destinations and temptingly delicious culinary. If you want to enjoy a memorable vacation, then Central Java is worth your visit.

Top Things to Do in Central Java

Like other provinces in Indonesia, Central Java has some interesting places you can visit during your vacation. For your convenience, consider the following tourist attractions in Central Java

Cimory in the Valley

Cimory in the Valley is listed as one tourist destination in Semarang that never gets empty. Carrying the concept of a mini zoo, this place is a children’s favorite in spending the holidays. Children will learn to recognize a variety of plants and learn how to interact with several animals, especially cows. Another fun thing is that children can enjoy a range of dairy products and see interesting sights.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Java. This largest Buddhist temple in the world was built during the reign of Syailendra around the 9th century. Borobudur itself comes from the word “bara” that means “complex” and “budur” that means “above.” In other words, Borobudur means monastery complex located on a hill. The building has six square terraces with walls decorated around 2,672 reliefs and 504 Buddha statues. The largest stupa is located in the middle and surrounded by three rows consisting of 72 hollow stupas. If you like history and culture, Borobudur Temple is a must-visit site!

Wisata Alam Gumuk Reco (Gumuk Reco Nature Tour)

Wisata Alam Gumuk Reco is an exciting activity offering natural beauty in the Desa Sepakung, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. If you like challenges, there are rock climbing facilities you can try. In addition to several interesting photo spots, there are suspension bridges and sky swings that become favorites among tourists. You can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Merbabu from a distance.

Menganti Beach

Located in the Kebumen Regency, the beach offers beauty like ones in New Zealand. This beach has a turquoise seawater color and soft white sand. Not far from the beach, rows of fishing boats further add to the authenticity and beauty of Menganti Beach. You can spend time by strolling along the Jembatan Merah (Red Bridge), taking pictures at some of the best spots, or relaxing in the gazebo. Don't forget to climb the Sigatel Hill and enjoy the stunning sunset from high up as well. This tourism object also offers a variety of seafood at affordable prices.

Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu Waterfall

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Solo, precisely in Tawangmangu District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. The 80-meter waterfall is stunning since dense trees surround it. The water is clear, cold and refreshing, and the fresh air will make your tired body energized again! In this area, there are some exciting game rides for those of you who want to relax and enjoy time with family or friends. Before visiting Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, make sure you’re in a fit condition and bring food supplies.

Top Culinary in Central Java

Once you’re satisfied after exploring around, make sure to enjoy a variety of culinary specialties typical of Central Java. Pamper your palate with the following culinary recommendations

Roru Cake Semarang

If you’re looking for souvenirs, then bring back a box of Roru Cake with you! The store’s cakes offer a delicious flavor that’ll make you fall in love since its texture is soft and melts in the mouth. With many flavors you can try, Roru Cake Semarang can be found at Jalan Sriwijaya Number 4, Semarang, Central Java.

Loenpia Gang Lombok

Loenpia Gang Lombok is one of the legendary foods you must try in Semarang. This spring roll has a distinctive, delicious taste because it’s made from good quality ingredients and guaranteed to be fresh. If you want to taste the delights of Loenpia Gang Lombok, come to the Chinatown area, Gang Lombok Number 11, Semarang, Central Java.

Serabi Notosuman Ny. Lydia

Slightly different from traditional pancakes in general, Serabi Notosuman Ny. Lidia has a distinctive taste and excellent combination of savory and sweet flavor. Its texture is soft, but crispy when chewed. Available in two flavors (original and chocolate), you’ll get hooked once you’ve taken a bite. You can find this food on Jalan Mohammad Yamin Number 28, Solo, Central Java.

Where to Stay in Central Java

If you want to spend a more extended vacation, there are a number of the best accommodations you can choose from

MG Suites Hotel Semarang

The hotel is located at Jalan Petempen Number 294 Gajah Mada, Semarang, Central Java. It’s easily accessible from Tawang Station and Poncol Station. This four-star property is also close to Lawang Sewu, Semarang Town Square, and Tahu Gimbal Sari Roso.

Alila Solo

Alila Solo is the right choice for you who want to explore Solo. This accommodation is quite close to Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace and Surakarta Kidul Square. You can find this five-star hotel on Jalan Slamet Riyadi Number 562, Laweyan, Solo, Central Java.

Ciputra Hotel Semarang

Ciputra Hotel Semarang is the right accommodation for those who want easy access to everywhere. Located at Jalan Simpang Lima Number 1, Semarang, Central Java, this five-star accommodation is close to Tawang Station, Poncol Station, Ciputra Mall Semarang, and Lawang Sewu.

Want more options? Use the Traveloka application to help you find places to stay near tourist attractions in Central Java at an affordable price.