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West Sumatra
West Sumatra

About West Sumatra

West Sumatra is a province with Padang as the capital city. Their unique buffalo-horned roof architecture is what makes them charming. Not only that, West Sumatera is also one of provinces in Indonesia that is surrounded by the volcanoes and lakes. No wonder, this region offers plenty natural tourists’ attraction for the traveler. Aside from that, there are some beach tourism, such as Pagang Island or Pasumpahan Island where tourists can do some exciting water activities like fishing, snorkeling, banana boat, and scuba diving. Don’t forget to visit Kerinci Seblat National Park that is one of UNSECO World Heritage Site because it is the home ...
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More about West Sumatra

About West Sumatra

West Sumatra is a province in Sumatra which is rich in culture, customs, and natural charm offering a variety of exciting attractions. No wonder the realm of Minang is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Many exciting and new tourist attractions in West Sumatra are worth visiting. If there is a chance to visit West Sumatra while on vacation, don’t just visit Padang City as the capital of the province. Many tourists are only familiar with several popular tourist attractions, such as Jam Gadang, Air Manis Beach where you can see Malin Kundang stone, and the tomb of Siti Nurbaya, famous for her unrequited love in Marah Rusli’s work. Your vacation will be more exciting if you visit various types of places offered by this province. West Sumatra occupies along the western coast of central Sumatra and several islands off its coast, such as the Mentawai Islands and Pasumpahan Island. West Sumatra is west of Bukit Barisan, making this province has a bumpy geographical location with hills and mountains. The tourist attractions here include Puncak Lawang, Lembah Harau, Bukit Nobita, Puncak Gagoan, and other mountains. 

Top Things to Do in West Sumatra

Here are five contemporary and iconic tourist destinations in West Sumatra to visit on vacation

Pasumpahan Island

Pasumpahan Island is in the waters of Bungus Teluk Kabung District, Padang City, West Sumatra. The beauty of the sea makes this island look beautiful. That’s why many local and foreign tourists—especially snorkelling lovers—visit this island. On the north side of the island, a 100-meter hill can be the best spot to view the island and the vast ocean. With five-hectare areas, the island offers clear water and three-coloured gradations: limpid on the beach, slightly greenish to the middle of the beach, and bluish in the middle of the sea. The island has complete tourist facilities, such as places to relax, bathrooms, water sports rides, a camping ground, volleyball courts, and a mosque. Undoubtedly, your vacation on this tiny island with blue shades will be exciting.

Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat (Kerinci Seblat National Park)

Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat is the largest national park with an area of 500 hectares, spread over four provinces: West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu, and South Sumatra. This national park has a diverse topography and presents beautiful panoramas, such as valleys, mountains, forests, and lakes. The diversity of flora and fauna is one of the reasons many travellers visit this tourist attraction. You can see protected wildlife and other forest ecosystems. Besides, other interesting places complete the beauty of this region, such as swamps and waterfalls.

Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon)

Sianok Canyon, with its charming steep valley, is located near the border of Agam Regency and Bukittinggi City. Flanked by steep hills facing each other, the canyon presents a beautiful and charming scenery. Therefore, Sianok canyon is a must-visit West Sumatra’s attraction. The valleys are full of verdant rice fields; those are faults separating Sumatra Island into two elongated parts. Along the faults, there are winding valleys with rivers flowing at the bottom. Due to its beauty, Ngarai Sianok was awarded by Padang Tourism Award 2007.

Padang Mangateh

Located at the foot of Mount Sago, Padang Mangateh is a special place used for breeding superior livestock and forage. The distinctive feature of Padang Mangateh is the vast green grassland, covering about 280 hectares. The cow is one kind of the animals raised here; it is allowed to live on the prairies. You don’t need to go to New Zealand to enjoy the expanse of beautiful green fields since this village is similar to Hobbiton Village in New Zealand.

Pariangan Village

Pariangan Village has a panoramic view and a beautiful atmosphere, making you comfortable being here. Once, it has become one of the most beautiful villages in the world at the end of 2012 by Budget Travel. Its beauty is juxtaposed with four other places in Europe: Eze (France), Wengen (Switzerland), Niagara-on-the-Lake (Canada), and Cesky Krumlov (Czech). The oldest village location is about 15 km to Batusangkar City. With its spot right on Mount Marapi slopes, this village presents a breathtaking view. Moreover, the air is fresh at an altitude of 500 -700 meters above sea level.

Top Culinary in West Sumatra

Then, what about the culinary tour in West Sumatra? It turns out that the specialities dishes of this area are not only Padang rice widely known by people in general. Many culinary specialities must be tested, including

  • Palai Rinuak is a rinuak fish mixed with spices and grated coconut, wrapped in banana leaves, and then steamed.
  • Sala Lauak is similar to weci in Java; it is a round fried fish made from crushed salted fish. It is mixed with rice flour seasoned with garlic.
  • Kapau rice which has a different taste from Padang rice is a unique food in Bukittinggi. Kapau rice contains chilli sauce, side dishes, and young jackfruit curry.
  • Gulai Itiak is thinly sliced ​​duck meat cooked with spices; it is suitable for duck cuisine lovers. You can find this delicious menu in Padang City.
  • For drinks, don't forget to taste Teh Telur (Tea Egg), a Minangkabau speciality drink which is a mixture of tea and talua or eggs added with sugar. This tea is believed to increase stamina.

Where to Stay in West Sumatera

Want to have a vacation in West Sumatra, you can find many options of suitable places to stay. Thus, you can visit these various attractions with easy access

Pangeran Beach Hotel

located in North Padang, is suitable for travellers or couples who want a romantic vacation while enjoying the view facing the beach directly. The hotel is also close to Padang Transmart and Grand Mosque of West Sumatra.

Grand Zuri Hotel Padang

located in ​South Padang area, presents a pleasant atmosphere with delicious culinary. Its location is also strategic, not far from Pasar Raya Padang, Plaza Andalas, and Adityawarman Museum.

Grand Royal Denai Hotel Bukittinggi

offers the location near Fort Fort Kock, Plaza Bukittinggi, and Jam Gadang with beautiful and comfortable rooms. A swimming pool and jogging tracks are also available for hotel guests to relax.

Those are tourist attractions in West Sumatra to visit when you are on vacation. Your holiday will become more memorable with the right selection of destinations, culinary, and lodging. You can get them all by booking the closest hotel through Traveloka application. Wait no more; download the app and book your favourite hotel in West Sumatra now!