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About Melaka

Malacca is one favorite destination in Malaysia for its historical buildings around the place as their city sightseeing. Not only that, this region is also a place where the locals and even Singaporeans would go for their weekend getaway. On behalf of their historical buildings and places, tourists will be able to find numerous museums built to preserve these legacies, like Aborigines Museum, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum, and many more. Not far from the cultural attractions, tourists may also complete their holiday experience by visiting some shopping centers that offers some well-known international and loca...
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More about Melaka

About Melaka

As a city rich in colonial heritage buildings, tourist attractions in Melaka offer high historical value. The existence of those buildings can still be found in Melaka City, making the city inaugurated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some activities you can do when visiting various interesting places in Melaka to explore its timeless passageways.

Visiting the Red Square Area

Red Square is the old city area that has become the icon of Melaka City. Its entire walls are full of red bricks with classical European-style architecture, thus attracting the attention of tourists. The area also has Christ Church Melaka and Stadthuys that’s once the governor's office and now becomes a Museum of History and Ethnography. There’s also a Victoria Fountain in front of the church, the Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower, and miniature Dutch windmills.

Visit a Row of Museums

There are rows of museums you can visit on the city street, like the UMNO Museum (United Malays National Organization), Malaysia Architecture Museum, and Melaka Stamp Museum. There are also the Malay and Islamic World Museum, Muzium Islam Melaka, and the most interesting one, the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum.

Passing the Melaka River

You can enjoy the beauty of the Melaka River and surrounding historic buildings by riding the River Cruise along the river bank. Most of the houses are ancient Dutch and Chinese heritage houses, alongside traditional Malay buildings.

Watching Melaka City from Taming Sari Tower

The revolving panoramic tower of 110-meter Menara Taming Sari has been operating since 2008. You can enter a transparent window cabin and sit on its chairs along with 66 other passengers. The booth will then take you up and rotate 360 degrees for about 7 minutes to show you the complete view of Melaka City.

Hunting Street Art

Melaka also has a lot of murals and street art scattered in several places, like the hallways or buildings along Jonker Street or the Melaka River. In general, every corner of Melaka has become an Instagramable place for your unique photo spots.

Top Things to Do in Melaka

To make your vacation more memorable, here are some tours in Melaka you can do with the beloved companion.

Melaka River Cruise

Your vacation to Melaka won’t be complete without exploring the Melaka River. After purchasing its cheap entrance ticket from Traveloka, you can stroll along the 9km-river for about 45 minutes. The river is very clean, and you can witness the stunning rows of buildings and old houses. Sunset is also the best time to ride the ferry.

A'Famosa Old West

Located on Jalan Kamus, Simpang Empat, Melaka, A'Famosa Old West is part of A'Famosa resort, which has three Famosa Water World tourist parks, Safari Wonderland, and Cowboy Town or A'Famosa Old West. You can feel its old western atmosphere clearer at night with its rustic buildings, cowboys and Red Indian show. There’s also a restaurant, discotheque, beer garden, shopping village, game center, and bowling alley.

Melaka 3D Art Museum Illusion

This museum presents extraordinary 3D painting creativity that can provide exciting sightseeing experiences to visitors. You can take photos with family or close friends with 38 hyper-realistic works of art.

Magic Art Museum

Opened in April 2015, the Magic Art Museum is located at Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, Melaka. This museum offers exciting 3D art as photo backgrounds accompanied by the sound of music that matches the theme when you’re taking photos. You can channel your creativity into producing interesting pictures in this tourism object.

Upside Down House Gallery

As the name implies, all furniture and decorations in the Upside Down House Gallery are placed upside down. This new and unique attraction is the creation of specialists with decades of experience. You’re required to style and think out-of-the-box when taking pictures in this upside-down setting.

Top Culinary in Melaka

It's time for a culinary tour after the exciting excursions in Melaka. What is some recommended delicious authentic food to enjoy?

Baba Nyonya

Baba Nyonya is a Malay dish that has been mixed with the flavor from Chinese cuisine. The Nyonya Seri restaurant is one of the must-visit restaurants serving this traditional Melaka cuisine. The restaurant is located at the Equaritol Hotel in Bandar Hilir Malacca. It’s the only restaurant with a halal-certified menu so that Muslim tourists can enjoy a lot of other Melaka cuisine as well.

Naan Bread and Tandoori Chicken

Naan Bread is an Indian food made from wheat and cooked by sticking the dough to a traditional clay oven. You can taste this bread at the popular Pak Son Indian restaurant, along with its famous tandoori chicken. For your information, tandoori chicken is a spicy roasted chicken mixed with spices and yogurt.

Roti Canai Awang

Roti Canai is a flat-shaped bread baked and added with lamb curry. This food has been trendy in Melaka since the 1990s, and you can visit Roti Canai Awang restaurant to see the delicious bread options.

Cendol Durian Bibik House

Cendol Durian Bibik House sells durian cendol with delicious original taste. The fresh cendol is placed in a small container along with other complements like red beans, shaved ice, thick coconut milk, and brown sugar.

Where to Stay in Melaka

There are many hotels in Melaka City located strategically in the middle of the city. Some you can book are:

Estudia Hotel

Strategically situated on Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, Melaka City Center, Melaka City, this four-star hotel offers clean rooms, friendly staff, and fast service. This hotel has close access to tourist attractions such as Mahkota Parade and Mahkota Medical Center, Melaka River Cruise, A’Famosa, and Taming Sari Tower.

Hatten Hotel Melaka

This five-star hotel is located in Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, Melaka City Center, Melaka City. The hotel offers a strategic location, good food, and friendly staff. The hotel is close to popular tourist sites like Datam Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Medical Center.

Imperial Heritage Hotel Melaka

This four-star hotel lies at Jalan Merdeka 1, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka City Center, Melaka City. It offers spacious rooms and friendly staff, with quick access to popular tourist attractions like the Mahkota Medical Center.

If you still need other accommodation options for your vacation to Melaka, you can search and book through the Traveloka application. Traveloka provides many types of hotels ranging from budget to luxury ones that are also close to many tourist attractions in Melaka.