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About Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most populated places in the world. Despite its density, Taiwan is also famous for its mountains, beaches, old temples, and lush forests. Start your adventure in Taipei. As the capital city, Taipei has become the main destination for tourists. Surrounded by mountains, visitors can enjoy the hot springs in some areas, like Beitou, Wulai, and Yangmingshan – one of the most popular places to see cherry blossom in spring. Just like any other Asian destinations, Taiwan also has night market areas lined with traditional foods, affordable goods, and local entertainments. In addition to that, Taiwan also holds annual events tha...
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More about Taiwan

About Taiwan

This small island off the southeast coast of China is indeed rather remote and rarely discussed as a tourist destination. But over time, Taiwan is increasingly popular and is ranked as the most desirable place for expatriates to live. This, too, is what drives the growing popularity of tourist attractions in Taiwan. Known as the nickname "Heart of Asia", Taiwan apparently has a lot of charm that is a pity if you miss it. In addition to its sparkling urban life, Taiwan still has beautiful beaches, green mountains complete with forests as well as several old temples that can be interesting historical attractions. There are also unique festivals that you can find throughout the year where you can meet people. One other advantage that Taiwan has is the affordable living costs. To make your mind up about visiting this region that is part of the Republic of China, it is better to find out about the places of interest in this region in advance.

Top Things to Do in Taiwan

After learning about the various reasons why Taiwan is interesting as a holiday destination this time, let's look at what tourist attractions you can put into your list. Here are the recommendations!

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark is in the Wanli District, New Taipei City. You can get to this destination by taking a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus, a long-distant travel bus from the West Taipei Terminal or taking the North Coast Shuttle Bus. Here you will find many unique geological formations. One of the most iconic is the "Queen’s Head", which stretches to form a headland along Wanli. This part of the Daliao Miaocene Formation has a length of 1,700 meters and has been formed from the movement of the earth for thousands of years which has forced the Datun Mountains to change shape by jutting themselves into the sea. Besides "Queen’s Head" there are various other famous formations. Just name "Sea Candles", "Fairy Shoe", "Ginger Rocks", elephant stones, ice cream stones and so forth. Right next to the Yehliu Geopark is an oceanarium with dozens of sea animals including sea lions doing performances.

Taipei 101 Observatory

Taipei 101 Observatory is one of Taiwan's attractive tourist sites in the middle of the city. From above, you can use special goggles to see 360-degree views of the city of Taipei. Also, experience a memorable experience by taking the fastest elevator in the world on the 89th floor. After returning from here, please stop by to enjoy a variety of delicious food and drinks while shopping for souvenirs. Taipei 101 Observatory is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm.

Taiwan Night Market

Night market certainly cannot be forgotten from your itinerary list. These markets exist in almost all urban and suburban areas in Taiwan. You can choose one of the most popular ones such as Raohe Street Market in Taipei, Keelung Miaokou Market in Keelung or Liouhe Tourist Market in Kaohsiung. All offer a variety of local culinary choices to clothing and souvenirs.

National Palace Museum

Located in the Shilin District, Taipei City, the National Palace Museum has a permanent collection of almost 700,000 types of remnants of ancient Chinese empires. Here, you can see a lot right away, starting from artifacts to ancient works of art. This large collection makes the National Palace Museum the largest ancient Chinese museum ever.

Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park stretches from Taichung in Nantou to Hualien. First established in 1986, this park provides a variety of attractions that will satisfy you. There are Qingshui Cliffs, Changchun Temple and Yanzikou that can be used as hiking trails.

Top Culinary in Taiwan

Having already made your way far to Taiwan will be obsolete without tasting a variety of delicious culinary delights. You may find a variety of street food with pocket-friendly prices in the night market, but there are many menu choices in the best restaurants which delicacies are out of your doubts. Here are the recommendations for you!


For those of you eager to try the fine dining experience in Taipei, come to Raw. The restaurant, headed directly by André Chiang, curates the menu and serves it inside a restaurant with an interior that is equally good. The chef tries to serve food at local prices with surprisingly Western-style touches. Taste a variety of menus ranging from pork, mushrooms, to shellfish.

Gabee Coffee

Van Lin, the barista who won the Taiwan Latte Art Championship in 2004, opened this cafe a month after his victory. Compared to other coffee shops, the menu here is very diverse. There is carbonated coffee, various menus from pumpkin and Taiwanese seasonal vegetables. Also, taste the famous sweet yam coffee.

Peacock Bistro

This bistro is in the Datong District, which is famous for its glory in the 20th century as the main trading port in the region. Peacock Bistro itself offers many classic Taiwanese dishes based on oysters to fried chicken made with delicious sake and peanut dough.

Where to Stay in Taiwan

For a memorable holiday experience, don't forget to look for a lodging with the best facilities and accessibility while you are in Taiwan. The following options are guaranteed to make it easier while making your trip more comfortable

Chance Hotel Taichung

This Chance Hotel is in Taichung City, 2 hours away from Taipei. Lodging with a shared dormitory concept containing terraced beds is very popular among backpackers. Besides the affordable price, you can also enjoy various attractions around the accommodation, starting from Taichung Park, Feng Chia Night Market, to First Square Shopping Building.

Taipei M Hotel-Main Station

This hotel with unique interior design and spacious rooms is located in Zhongzheng, Taipei City. The rooms are equipped with various facilities such as free breakfast and wireless internet. Taipei M Hotel is also very close to the Taipei Train Station, Taipei Artist Village, and Ximending Shopping Street.

Heybear Capsule Hotel

For those of you eager to stay in the Sanchong area of New Taipei City, Heybear Capsule Hotel is a unique option for staying. With the concept of shared-dormitory, this inn is a destination for backpacker tourists, especially those on a solo vacation. While staying overnight, don't forget to stop by at Sanhe Night Market, Taipei 101 Mall or just hunt for souvenirs on Ximending Shopping Street.

With all its charm, including tourist attractions in Taiwan, this area is ready to welcome anyone willing to come on vacation. Don't waste your leisure time choosing the wrong accommodation. Only in Traveloka, can you find hotels, flight tickets and attraction tickets at the best prices and quality.