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Vehicle Options

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Overtime fee will be charged when rental duration exceeds 12 hours, or past 23:59 on each rental day. This add-on can only be paid directly to the driver.


Out of Town Usage fee will be charged when traveling outside the specified city/region. Use outside the specified Out of Town zones is subject to additional fee determined by the car rental provider, payable to the driver directly. Please refer to zone map for more details.


Out of Town Pickup/Drop-off fee will be charged when your pickup or drop-off point is located outside the specified city/region.


This add-on covers all the essentials to make your travel easier: fuel and driver’s meals throughout the rental period. This add-on is not applicable for out-of-town use.


Driver’s Accommodation fee will be charged to cover driver’s overnight stay during out-of-town trips.

Welcome to Bangka Belitung

Popular Destination in Bangka Belitung

To get an unforgettable experience, exploring Bangka Belitung needs more than one or two days. The number of cool tourist attractions in this province certainly makes you want to stay longer.

Here are some of the attractions that should not be missed while traveling in Bangka Belitung. Not only famous but the tourist destinations below also offer you breathtaking panoramas and exciting activities:

1. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

For who have watched Laskar Pelangi movie, you must be familiar with this beach. One of the characteristics of Tanjung Tinggi Beach is a giant of granite. To visit this beach, you must travel 31 kilometers from the capital of Belitung Regency, namely Tanjung Pandan. On this 80-hectare of white sand, you can relax and take some pictures.

2. Lengkuas Island

Lengkuas is the most famous island in Belitung. There are many interesting objects that you can visit, one of which is a lighthouse that was built in 1882. You can enter the tower by climbing stairs to see the natural scenery from a height of about 50 meters. Also, you can do exciting activities such as diving, snorkeling and visiting turtle breeding.

If interested in visiting Lengkuas Island, you must come to Tanjung Kelayang Beach. On this beach, you will find many providers of fishing boats and speedboats to take to Lengkuas Island. The travel time from Kelayang Island to Lengkuas Island is around 45 minutes.

3. Kaolin Lake

This natural lake is unique because it does not contain fresh water. Kaolin is a lake that is formed from the rest of the mine pit, thus forming a bright blue water pool. The former mine makes the lake's walls so unique because they are white. To visit, you need to travel from Pangkalpinang for 70 kilometers.

4. Andrea Hirata Word Museum

Not only a natural panorama, but you can also find some unique museums in Bangka Belitung. The Word Museum of Andrea Hirata is one of the leading tourist attractions on Belitung Island. In this museum, you can see various collections from the Laskar Pelangi movie like portraits of players. You can also see some Andrea Hirata quotes on colorfully painted walls. To get here, you have to drive about 2 hours to the Gantong area.

5. Menumbing Mount

On Bangka Island, you can also find historical attractions namely Mount Menumbing. This mountain was a silent witness to the exile of Soekarno-Hatta in 1947 – 1949. You can see the former residence of the proclamation during their exile.

Located at an altitude of 355 meters above sea level, you can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of nature. Those of you who are interested in coming to Mount Menumbing must be prepared to travel long enough. From the center of Pangkalpinang City, you will drive around 138 kilometers to Mount Menumbing in Muntok City.

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