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5 Things To Do While Living Alone During This Pandemic

Living alone during this pandemic can feel heavy and dull. Especially for those who live alone and far away from family.

Some research said solitude will lead you to negative emotions such as stress and loneliness. But don't worry, Traveloka Xperience gives you some recommended activities to overcome boredom while staying at home alone. Let's check it out!

Take an online class

Living all by yourself during this pandemic may feel like a burden and somehow monotonous. In case you feel that way, why don’t you try to brighten up a little bit by doing something useful, let’s say taking an online class?

There are tons of options which are easily found, starting from language class, illustration, and cooking, just to name a few. So, let’s find out which one suits you best. Ssstt... Traveloka Xperience also has so many options for those who seek online class with professional. You can easily choose the class that you want on Traveloka Xperience page!


Being locked down is no excuse to skip your workout session. Thanks to technology, now you can find online videos or even apps conveniently to help you keep up with the routines. Remember to take care of your well-being by doing some stretching exercises.

Do your hobby

Do you like playing the guitar or even sing-along to any songs in your playlist while nobody is watching? Great! It means you have the privilege of living alone to do your hobby.

Sparing some time doing what you like, such as reading, baking, or karaoke-ing to lighten up the dull and repetitive days won’t hurt anybody, right?

Treat yourself

Another privilege of living alone is that you can pamper yourself without anyone bothering you. Especially you, ladies!

Treat yourself with some DIY spa treatments or put on your favourite face mask and have yourself a nice pampering day. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Cook new dishes

Being in the kitchen and cooking may not be pleasant for some people. However, considering the situation nowadays, it is not a bad thing to learn how to make some simple and easy dishes.

Not only is it beneficial when you are short on cash, but also you can make sure of your food’s hygiene. You know how important it is for your immune system, right?

Those are 5 activities that can prevent you from feeling bored while alone at home. Even though it feels heavy, there's nothing wrong if you consider this quarantine as a me-time moment. Stay healthy and take care of your mental health always!