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Public Holiday > Ramadhan

Ramadhan Holiday

2019 Ramadhan Holiday

Ramadan has become the noblest month for Muslims. In this holy month, the Qur’an was given to Prophet Muhammad. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar which has 29 or 30 days depending on the moon revolves around the earth. The establishment of Ramadan month began when the hilal (crescent moon) arrived.

The hilal will show up at the different time in different places. At most times, hilalwill be hidden by the clouds. Despite this fact, the duration for Ramadan month has never been longer than 30 days. Therefore, Muslims who are fasting will only be fasting for 29 or 30 days.

YearDatePublic Holiday
2019 6 May – 4 June Ramadhan
2020 24 April – 23 May Ramadhan

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The beginning of Ramadan in 2019 is forecast to start on 6 May and ends on 4 June. Meanwhile, the Idul Fitri holiday is expected to fall on 5 – 6 June 2019. This means in 2019, Muslims will fast for 30 days, depending on the appearance of hilal in the following month.

The establishment of the first day of fasting in Ramadan 2020 is forecast to fall from 24 April to 23 May. These dates are at least a month earlier, compared to the previous Ramadan in 2019. This was caused by the Hijriyah calendar, which has 11 days less than the regular calendar. The difference in the calendar system always moves Ramadan month to the prior month every year.

The phenomenon of different calculation for Ramadan

Different to the regular calendar which is calculated based on the sun’s revolution, the Islamic calendar refers to the moon’s. The method to establish the first day of Ramadan is varied. Some use their naked eyes to find the crescent moon, which is called ruqyah hilal. Others use the method of hisab hakiki wal wujudul hilal which always result in 29 days. The different techniques create the possibilities for different first and last day of Ramadan in different places.

Emerging seasonal entrepreneurs

Ramadan is often called as the month of blessings, this includes the annual entrepreneurs. In Indonesia, you will find many seasonal entrepreneurs or sellers selling various items from takjil—the small meal to break the fast—to celebratory cookies for Idul Fitri. These sellers even spare their whole month to open their business. During Ramadan, these seasonal sellers can reap profits up to tens of millions rupiahs.

Besides takjil and cookies sellers, other seasonal businesses show up such as services offered to organize breaking the fast together event and giving away hampers. Another good company for Ramadan is pet hotel services for the pet owner who has to leave their homes to go home for mudik.

Fines for violations done during Ramadan

You won’t find this regulation in Indonesia, but for Islamic countries in the Middle East, fines and punishments for Muslims who do not fast exist. For example, in Algeria, you can get charged up to 4 years in prison for any citizens who eat in public. While in Kuwait, people who fail to fast will be punished by paying out a fine of 100 Kuwaiti dinars or about 4,8 million rupiahs.

The similar law also applies to other countries in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Eating or drinking in public during the day during Ramadan is considered a violation. People will be punished by doing 150 hours of community service. In Iran, anyone who is caught smoking during Ramadan will be caned. But, despite being an Islamic country, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam doesn’t apply the same rule as those countries in the UAE.

Mudik during Ramadan

Some people choose to go home on mudik during the fasting month to avoid heavy traffic. Either going back by private vehicle or public transportation, going on a mudik during Ramadan is not easy. Having an empty stomach while traveling can trigger nausea and car sick. For those of you who are planning on going home for Eid during Ramadan, you better leave right after sahur (pre-dawn meal). This is because fasting during Ramadan while traveling takes up a lot of energy.

Before you go, to minimize getting lost make sure to take a familiar route going home. You can also help your body by consuming food of high iron and vitamin C to increase your immune system, to avoid your health to drop and get sick. Also, to ensure your body stays hydrated try to cover your water needs by implementing the 2-4-2 drinking method.

Even though Ramadan 2019 and 2020 is still far away, there is nothing wrong with planning your mudik trip early. Calculate the remaining days of your annual leave, then plan your holiday correctly. Besides checking the dates for a holiday, you also need to prepare your budget, as well as booking your transportation and accommodation of choice.

By using Traveloka, you can prepare all these with using only one app. Besides, Traveloka now offers the Flights + Hotel package that comes with a special deal if you book both at the same time. Another thing not to be amiss is Traveloka Eats, a culinary activity you can book through the app, perfect for traveling in Ramadan for a special breakfast.