Be a Part of Traveloka Priority!

Introducing Traveloka Priority

As our token of appreciation for your loyalty towards our service, you can enjoy additional discount and various rewards given especially for Traveloka Priority member.

Start your journey by earning the Points required to become a Bronze Priority member, then make your way to the top!

Collect Priority Points from your transaction in Traveloka to reach higher Traveloka Priority level and get more amazing rewards!

Here's all you need to know about Traveloka Priority


1. Is there a tiering system in this program?

Yes. This is to indicate your current Traveloka Priority status. There are 4 tiers in this program: Bronze Priority, Silver Priority, Gold Priority, and Platinum Priority

2. How can I progress to the next tier?

You need to earn the amount of Points that are required for each tier. You can earn Points by purchasing a Traveloka product without using a discount coupon.

3. I have just purchased a Traveloka product without using discount coupon, but my Traveloka Priority status doesn't seem to be progressing. Is this expected?

Yes. Points from new transactions will be reflected on your Traveloka Priority progression max. 2 days after the usage of your purchase

Traveloka Priority Tier
Priority Points