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How to Choose the Right Reason for Refund Category

You can choose a refund according to the situation or conditions on your booking and please complete the required data when submitting a refund so that the refund process can run smoothly.

Here is the refund reason that may be available:

1. self-cancellation: Refund for personal reason

2. double booking: Refund for Double issued in Traveloka

3. sickness: Refund for illness and need treatment, Refund for unhealthy conditions

4. pregnancy: Refund for pregnant

5. death of a passenger: Refund for death of passenger

6. cancellation/rescheduling by the airline: airline was cancelled or rescheduled your flight booking

7. force majeure: Refund for COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, travel bans, warnings to multiple countries, airport closure

Before canceling your booking, please check whether your booking is refundable. Simply tap on your e-ticket, tap Refund,and select Policy.

- Refundable means you are able to get a refund for your canceled booking. Please note, however, that cancellations are subject to a fee, as stated on your e-ticket.

- Partially Refundable means that you can get a refund for only one flight in your round-trip ticket.

- Non-refundable means that you will not receive any refund for any cancellations or changes made to your booking.

Please note that the refund amount you receive may vary depending on the airline's policy, your refund reason, and the gap between the date of refund request and the date of your departure.




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