Luxury Hotels in Fraser's Hill, Raub District


Fraser Hill is a town and hill resort located 152 meters above sea level in the Titiwangsa Ridge in the district of Raub, state of Pahang, Malaysia. The town gets its name from Louis James Fraser, which is a solitary Scottish pioneer that has set up a tin-ore trading post here in the 1890s. During that time, the British is not interested in exploring the Titiwangsa Range further, therefore Fraser took charge and recruited a team to scout for gold and other valuable metals in the area. In his journey, he found rich tin deposits in the area and then hired Chinese workers to open a mine. A steep track is built for easy access to transport the tin to Raub.

Later in 1919, works have started to build a hill station and three years later, it is opened to visitors which covered about 140 hectares of land and had over 50 km of jungle paths. Some of these development included 9 bungalows for the use of government officials, 4 houses built with the help of the Red Cross for ex-servicemen and women, 3 private homes, a country club, a golf course, water supply and a post office as recorded in the 1927’s Handbook to British Malaya.

Another wave of development happened later in the 1970s with more buildings and golf courses being built. Any further work is later stopped by the Pahang state government in its 2010 ruling to prevent further encroaching to the Fraser Hill’s forest area, in the wake of the environmental damage happening in the nearby Cameron Highlands. Similarly to other hill resorts around the country, the average temperature is always lower in comparison to other major cities located in the lowland areas, which is typically ranging around 17°C to 25°C of temperature all year round. As such, it has also attracted quite a number tourists over years to experience the mild and colder atmosphere here, even from the neighboring city-state of Singapore.

How to Get There

By Car

People driving from Kuala Lumpur may drive via North-South Highway/E1 and Route 55 for immediate access to the Fraser’s Hill. The journey could take up to two hours depending on the traffic situation.

By Train

The only train line providing access is the KTM Rawang – Tanjung Malim line. From the centralized KL Sentral station, take aforementioned train and make a stop at Kuala Kubu Bharu station before opting for taxi to the lower base station, the Gap.

Tourist Attractions Nearby

Fraser’s Hill Clock Tower

Being the central point of the town, the Fraser Hill Clock Tower is the landmark of the area which is located at the intersection of Jalan Genting and Jalan Lady Guillemard. It is easily found when visitors ascended to the hill from the Gap and going to the southwest corner of the valley. It is a picturesque tower with creeper plants and flower beds, a significant spot for taking photos while in Fraser Hill. There are restaurants and shops being clustered here, hence visitors can also look forward to dine around the place too.

Jeriau Waterfall

Jeriau Waterfall is a waterfall located just four kilometers away from the Fraser Hill town center, accessible via Jalan Semantan by a steep and narrow road which needed to be threaded carefully since traffic is actually two way, hence some breaks are necessary to allow exchange of vehicles. Considering its location, it may seem that it would be less visited. Upon entering, visitors may notice the spacious trail heading to the waterfall as well as other facilities like gazebos, benches, camp sites and small playgrounds for children. There are several waterfall drops over the boulder outcrops, however only the last fall is visible from all the forest. Families and friends can come over to picnic here and enjoy the waterfall, despite it being slightly muddy after rainfall.