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Hotels in Raub Town

Raub District, Malaysia · 6 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Raub Town

LOBBY Hotel Jelai @ Raub

Hotel Jelai @ Raub

35 & 36, Jalan Tan Tiong Bandar Raub, Raub Town, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

8.5 / 10

Very Good

LOBBY Grandview Hotel Raub

Grandview Hotel Raub

No 46, Bandar Raub Perdana, Raub Town, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

8.0 / 10

Very Good


Grandview Vip Home

No. 4 & 5, Taman Makmur, Lorong Makmur 1, Jalan Tras, Raub Town, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

null Seven Days Hotel

Seven Days Hotel

57, Bandar Raub Perdana, Jalan Lipis, Raub, Raub Town, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

null Daniels Guest House

Daniels Guest House

No. 284, Taman Raub Jaya 3, Jalan 10, Raub, Raub Town, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

null Nice Stay Holiday Home

Nice Stay Holiday Home

No.5, Taman Bistari, Raub, Raub Town, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600



Raub is a one of the towns located in Pahang, Malaysia. Raub is known as the oldest town in Pahang. Raub has 7 sub-districts situated in west of Pahang and is between the Titiwangsa Range and Benom Mountain Range. The town derived its name from the Malay word ‘raub’ which means scoop due to gold mining.

How to Get There

You can drive up to Raub by car using the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway to Bentong. Estimated of 80 kilometres is the distance from Kuala Lumpur to Raub with 1 hour and half to reach the town.

Travellers also can get bus ride from Kuala Lumpur from bus companies such as Transnasional and Maraliner.

There are no flights offered to go to Raub as there only land transport to get you there.

Tourist Attractions

As Raub is located along with the Titiwangsa and Benom Mountain Range, there are a lot of attractive waterfalls places being offered such as:

Jeram Besu

This place is known as one of the best white water rafting and kayaking spot in Malaysia. It is mostly known by the water sport enthusiasts. There are also adventurous facilities provided such as flying fox, jungle trekking and rubber rafting.

Fraser’s Hill

It is a popular spot for locals to spent their holiday with families and friends. This hill is located 34 kilometres from West Raub. It is also known to have one of the winding road in Pahang and driving there would be a challenge for drivers.

Raub Lake Park

It is a park that is located within the town itself. Mostly known to the locals for recreational purposes such as exercising, picnic and fishing too. The distance only took 2 kilometres from Raub town.

Lata Jarum

This popular picnic spot is locally known for groups and families activities to spend their time. Basic facilities also provided to ease locals needs when spending their time there. The location is located 30 kilometres from Raub town.

Once in Raub, you have got to try out their infamous King of fruits, durian, which is locally distribute. The smell and taste would not let you get away of the sweetness temptations.

Do not forget to try out the 4x4 trips in Felda Tersang and anticipate a challenging bumpy ride from the start until the end of the trip.

Go on the Jeram Besu Rapids and get on the water rafting activity for exhilarating ride along the river stream.

Take on an effort to buy locally handmade mooncake which only to be made during Autumn season.


Grandview Hotel Raub

This hotel located within Raub town. It also offers different types of spacious rooms depending on the occupancy with affordable prices. This hotel is only 42.14 kilometres from Genting Highlands away as their attraction.

TM Resort Bungalow Fraser’s Hill

This resort is located at Fraser’s Hill which offers various facilities for their guests and families. It also offers affordable rooms which will suits to guest needs when staying in a resort.

Laman Pesona Resort & Spa

This resort offers standard chalets in their area which have great views of the mountain range. It is only 12.47 kilometres from Raub Town to reach the resort. Several of activities can be done such as barbecuing, swimming, sauna and so on. This is perfect for those who looking forward away from the busy bustling life.

Tanah Aina Farouq

This resort is located 14.82 kilometres from Raub. It offers luxurious treats to their guests when staying at their resort area. There are a lot of rooms being offered by the resort to their guests.

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