Hotels in Raub District

Pahang, Malaysia · 15 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Raub District

Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill

Jalan Lady Guillemard, Fraser's Hill, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 49000

8.2 / 10

Very Good

TM Resort Sri Peninjau Fraser’s Hill

Jalan Peninjau, Fraser's Hill, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 49000

7.7 / 10


Hotel Jelai @ Raub

35 & 36, Jalan Tan Tiong Bandar Raub, Raub Town, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

8.5 / 10

Very Good

Casabrina Vacation Villas

Lot 1460, Jalan Tras, Mukim Tras, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

Laman Pesona Resort and Spa

Lot 3 & 4, Seksyen 4, Kampung Baru Cheroh, Cheroh, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27620

7.9 / 10


Grandview Hotel Raub

No 46, Bandar Raub Perdana, Raub Town, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

7.9 / 10


TM Resort Bungalow Fraser’s Hill

Jalan High Pine, Fraser's Hill, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 49000

7.8 / 10


Benum Hill Resort

Km11, Jalan Raub - Ulu Gali, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

Grandview Vip Home

5 taman makmur, jalan tras, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

Bentong Wellness Resort

Lot 2679 Jalan Tras, Mukim Tras, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

Tanah Aina Fahad - Hostel

Lot 1053, Mukim Ulu Dong, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27600

Tanah Aina Farouq

Lot 798, Jalan Tras, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia

Boutel Orchard

Kampung Baharu Teras, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia, 27670



The Raub district is one of the oldest town situated in west of Pahang and between two range, Titiwangsa Range and Benom Mountain Range. The town is situated 110 km from Kuala Lumpur and 265 km from Pahang’s capital, Kuantan. Raub district consists of 7 sub-districts, namely Batu Talam, Sega, Semantang Ulu, Dong, Ulu Dong, Gali and Tras.

Raub was explored and founded in the 18th century. It is a historic gold mining settlement. According to the history, it was named Raub after a group of miners found a handful of gold in every tray of sand they dig. This is described by J. A. Richardson in his book, The Geology and Mineral Resources of the Neighbourhood of Raub Pahang. According to him on page 36, “People found that for every “dulang” of sand there was a handful (raub) of gold.” Referring to the old folks tale in the early 19th century, an old man and his two sons discovered gold every time they scooped up the earth in Raub. Thus, the town and the district derived their name from the Malay word raub which means “scoop”.

How to Get There

Highway is the main route to Raub. People from Kuala Lumpur will usually exit the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) at Bentong and then enter Highway 8 to get to Raub. Raub is also a stopover for motorists travelling to Kota Bharu, which is the northern end of Highway 8 respectively.

Raub is the eastern end of Route 55, which begins in Kuala Kubu Bharu in Selangor and passing through Fraser’s Hill in the process. Besides that, Raub is also a gateway to the hill resort of Cameron Highlands, using Pahang state route.

Buses in Raub are operated by several companies which include Pahang Lin Siong, Union and Central Pahang. Other interstate express coaches also stop by Raub central bus station as Raub is strategically located along routes to cities like Gua Musang and Kota Bharu in the eastern states.

Tourist Attractions

While staying in Raub district, there is just so much interesting activities to be enjoyed. Raub Lake Park is a very popular spot located 2 km from Raub town. People can have a picnic, jogging, fishing or just relaxing, rent a boat and sightseeing around the lake area.

Other family get-togethers and picnic spots are Lata Lembik Waterfall about 42 km from Raub town or a nearer Lata Jarum Rapid about 30 km from Raub town. For a different experience, Sungai Pasu Recreation Centre situated 13 km from Raub town offers location for the local homestay programme. For a more peaceful and calm environment, people may head on to Fraser’s Hill just 19 km from Raub town.

Tasik Ria Kundang Puah Recreational Centre is situated 21 km from Raub town. It is a former tin mine turning into a lake clustered with tiny islands ideal for fishing activities. For adventure goers, Jeram Besu Rapid is one of the best white water rafting and kayaking spot in Malaysia.


Hotel Jelai @ Raub

Hotel Jelai @ Raub has a very good location, situated in Raub town. It offers splendid service together with wide range of facilities provided.

Tanah Aina Farouq

This hotel is a perfect choice for people seeking a luxurious treat for holiday. Get the most excellent services and make your stay a memorable experience.

Grandview Hotel Raub

Another great city hotel situated in Raub town. A grand, yet amazing hotel with decent facilities.

Benum Hill Resort

For family vacation or leisure, this place provides a satisfactory comfort during your stay in Raub district.

Boutel Orchard

One of the most common preferred hotel in Raub district. This hotel is likable by many tourist travelling solo, accompanied with friends or family.