Hotels in Jelutong

Georgetown, Penang Island · 14 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Jelutong

Pingsa Hotel

17M, Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang, Taman Seri Damai, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

7.9 / 10


Georgetown Sea View Suite

Straits Garden Suite, Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

9.2 / 10


Mutiara Mewah Apartment

10F, Block 98, Mewah Court, Batu Lancang, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Nakumita Homestay 1

12, 12th Floor Block 23, Taman Seri Damai A, Batu Lancang, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Straits Garden Suite

Straits Garden Suite, Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

New Fully Furnished Suite

Straits Garden Suite, Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Pool View Suite , Georgetown

Straits Garden Suite, Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Ocean Symphony Home

63B Jalan Lenggong, Symphony Park, Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Nakumita Homestay 2

12, 12th Floor, Block 21, Taman Seri Damai A, Batu Lancang, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Lemon Inn

108A, Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

38 OSF Home

No 38, Lorong Gemilang, Taman Kar Hor Tong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Eliza Penang Homestay

Taman Mutiara Vista, Jalan Bakau, Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

H2O Jelutong

301-23-3A, The H2O, Jalan Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600

Love Penang Homestay

61 Lintang Penawar 1, Penang Island, Malaysia, 11600



An outskirt town in Georgetown, Penang is one of the earliest settlement of the state; starting from the 18th century by the Aceh and India traders. The name Jelutong was a namesake from a species of tree that once was abundant in that area.

Located about three and half hour from Kuala Lumpur, or about five kilometers from Penang, before the year 1980s, Jelutong was known as a place in Penang as the turf of gangsters and triads until the town went into an urbanisation program that transformed it to residential areas.

How to Get There

By Car

It is easily accessible via the Penang Bridges for a short drive from the main island of Peninsular Malaysia. If taking a flight to Penang, the distance from the airport to Jelutong town is only 15 kilometers and will only take about 20 minutes driving.

By Bus/Taxi

In Jelutong town itself, there are public transport available from the town to whole Penang. The local government has also installed cycling lanes, as an alternative choice of transportation.

Tourist Attractions

Batu Lanchang Pasembur

Jelutong, being a part of Penang, is definitely well-known for its eateries, historical places, sightseeing and also place of worships. In Jelutong itself, there are many places that tourists can come and enjoy.

One of them is Batu Lanchang Pasembur. Just less than a kilometer away from the town, the Batu Lanchang Pasembur is a food court that serves local, traditional foods. It is a culinary experience that people should not be missing when visiting Jelutong. Based on reviews, this place serves a really scrumptious culinary delights of Penang. The place also doubles as wet market in the morning; freshest ingredients for your dishes? Definitely.

Mee Sotong

It is almost like your typical 'mee goreng,' or fried yellow noodles with squids, but it comes with a delicious twist to it, the squids that they are using in this dish has been marinated in a special sweet, spicy chilli sauce that is also use to stir fry their noodles. Result? An exquisite plate of fried noodle, hefty with squids and eaten with a squirt of lime. The price? Only RM5 per plate. So, make sure you come by to this restaurant located at 19 Lebuh Pantai, just 14 kilometer from town.


The Komtar tower is one of the famous building in Penang, which also happens to be the tallest building in the state, and sixth in Malaysia. It was built in 1974 and was completed by 1986. Komtar, an acronym for Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak, is named after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia. Despite it was not successful as the urban renewal project it was meant to be due to displacement of small businesses and the neighbourhoods, nowadays the Penang government has revitalised the building to restore the former glory of building.

The new Komtar housed the Penang state government offices including the office of the Chief Minister of Penang on the Level 7 until 58, and alsp 61-64 for the City Council. Apart from that, there are museums, gyms, amusement parks, and also restaurants not to mention an ICT Digital mall in the building. The building is planned to have a mural project by local artists that will cover the bubble lifts.

This famous tower is 50 minutes away from Jelutong town. A perfect place to spend with your family while enjoying the history of the place.


Straits Garden Suite

Less than a kilometer from town, this place has received such great reviews from people that had stayed there. The rooms are equipped with standard in-room facilities and also a kitchenette, a fridge, even a microwave. Each suites are suitable for a whole family to stay for a short gateway.

The place is near with several healthcare facilities and also the KOMTAR tower. The price for night starts from RM228

Pingsa Hotel

A budget hotel located in the town. It has the basic necessities of a hotel, including Wi-Fi connection. This establishment has received a good rating on its cleanliness, comfort and service. A room for a night starts from RM124.