6 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 098995, Singapore
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Open | Sat, 11:00-19:00
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Climb, manoeuvre, slide and let your child's imagination take flight at Nestopia
Unleash the kids in a new open-air play space by the sea
Challenge the kids to explore all the sections connecting the obstacle courses

Take the kids for some action-packed fun by the sea at Nestopia, a unique open-air play space with high climbing fun and activities they will love. They can make their way through 17 play sections connected by netted obstacle courses leading to three giant nests, as well as two of the longest slides on Sentosa island.

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6 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 098995, Singapore
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Are you looking for some spectacular family fun in Singapore? Ditch the stuffy museums and head right to Nestopia! Think about this: massive nests woven into the seashore, linked by a maze of rope bridges and dreadful slides. 

Your tiny ones can swing from ropes like Tarzan, scale walls like Spiderman, and zip down slides that seem like roller coasters. And the best part? You can participate in the experience (or relax on comfortable chairs with a cool drink as they go wild). 

So, grab your sunscreen, pack your swimwear, and prepare for an afternoon of laughing, shrieks, and memories that will last like sand in your sandals. Nestopia, here we come!

Latest Nestopia Ticket Prices 2024

As of January 31, 2024, the starting price for Nestopia tickets is S$15. However, this may change without prior notice. For further details about Nestopia tickets, remember to visit Traveloka.

Fun Activities at Nestopia

Nestopia Singapore is where the wild things are! This epic playground by the beach is a jungle gym on steroids, bursting with activities that'll have you and your little adventurers bouncing, giggling, and conquering imaginary foes all day long. So, forget the flip-flops and grab your sunscreen, here's a sneak peek at the Nestopia fun:

  1. Climb like a spider monkey 

Channel your inner Tarzan and swing through a maze of rope bridges, nets, and tunnels. Weave through three giant nests, each bigger than your house, and feel the wind in your hair as you scale wobbly climbing walls. Don't worry, there's padding everywhere (and maybe a parent or two holding your breath).

  1. Slide like a superhero

Forget boring playground slides – Nestopia has two monsters that'll make your stomach do somersaults. The Typhoon Slide is a swirling, twisting beast that drops you into a cool, refreshing pool. The Jungle Coaster takes you on a wild ride through the forest, with dips and turns that'll leave you breathless (in a good way!).

  1. Splash like a pirate

Buried treasure isn't the only thing you'll find at Nestopia. Take a break from the climb-and-slide madness and head to the Splash Zone. This mini water park has a giant tipping bucket that soaks everyone within a five-foot radius (prepare for giggles!), plus mini slides and water cannons for friendly battles.

  1. Build like a master

Unleash your inner architect at the Creative Playground. Grab some oversized blocks, colourful pipes, and funky shapes and let your imagination run wild. Build forts, castles, or even a miniature Nestopia of your own, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Chill like a sloth

Okay, maybe not sloth-level chill, but Nestopia has plenty of spots for grown-ups to take a breather. Relax on comfy benches under shady trees, grab a snack from the concession stand, or catch some rays on the nearby beach while you watch the little monkeys go wild.

Tips When Visiting Nestopia

Here's a secret decoder ring for a smoother, sun-soaked adventure:

  1. Gear Up

Sunscreen is your BFF, hats are your trusty shields, and comfy clothes are your battle armour. Socks are optional (unless you're a dedicated slip-and-slide enthusiast!), and water shoes can save your toes from fiery sand. Don't forget a towel – sweat happens, especially when you're conquering mountains of rope bridges.

  1. Pick Your Time Well

Nestopia is a beast in the heat. Go early (like, 9 AM early) to beat the crowds and soak in the morning cool. If you're a sun worshipper, the afternoon is prime time, but remember to rehydrate like a champ. Weekdays are usually less packed than weekends, so if you can swing it, go mid-week for extra elbow room.

  1. Plan Your Trip

Tickets can be snagged online, saving precious time in the queue. Book a time slot in advance, especially if you're bringing a whole tribe of adventurers. Don't forget, kids under 12 get in free with one paying adult, so score those savings!

Fuel the Fun

Pack snacks and water, or grab some grub at the concession stand. Picnics under the trees are a great option but remember, outside food isn't allowed in the play area itself. And speaking of food, don't overdo it before the slides – gravity can be your frenemy after a big lunch.

  1. Divide and Conquer

With so much to explore, splitting up can be smart. Let the older kids tackle the climbing walls and zipline while you supervise the little ones in the Splash Zone. Swap roles every hour or so, and everyone gets a turn at being the hero (or the towel-wielding rescuer, whichever suits your style).

  1. Safety First Always!

Nestopia has amazing lifeguards on duty, but it's always good to keep an eye on your little monkeys. Use the designated paths, especially in crowded areas, and remind everyone to play nice and respect the ropes and slides.

Location and How to Get to Nestopia

Nestopia is nestled on Siloso Beach, the vibrant heart of Sentosa Island. Ready to conquer Nestopia? Choose your adventure! Zip to Siloso Beach in a blink on the Sentosa Express, take a sky-high cable car ride with epic views, cruise on a public bus, or roll up in style by taxi. Nestopia is just a stone's throw (okay, maybe a short walk or shuttle ride) away!

As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues, you'll know it's time to say goodbye to Nestopia. Sand-dusted smiles, wobbly legs from conquering slides, and bellies full of laughter are the souvenirs you'll carry long after you leave. But don't worry, Nestopia will be waiting with open arms (and epic slides) for your next adventure.

Ready to book your epic day of fun? Skip the queue and snag your tickets on Traveloka – it's as easy as a high five! Just a few clicks, and you're good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Nestopia ticket cost?
The ticket price for Nestopia start from SGD 14.00. Visit this page to see more information about Nestopia pricing
When is Nestopia open?
Nestopia open at 11:00-19:00. For more information on operational days and hours, please find more on this page.
Where is the details location of Nestopia?
Nestopia is located at 6 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 098995, Singapore. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Nestopia.
What are some similar places like Nestopia that can be found in Sentosa Island?
Similar places like Nestopia that can be found in Sentosa Island are Pororo Park, Chaos Lab: A Fun & Creative Experience for children, dan Tayo Station.

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Starting from SGD 14.00.
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6 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 098995, Singapore.