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About Singapore

Known for its rich modernity and famous landmarks, as well as housing numerous tourist attractions and international events, there are a lot of things that you can absolutely do in Singapore. 

From exploring their culture district such as the Chinatown and Little India, trying out their diverse mouth-watering meals like laksa and the famous hainanese chicken rice, getting to know more things in their museum such as National Museum of Singapore and the ArtScience Museum, immersing oneself in the natural beauty in Gardens by the Bay and many other exciting tourist attractions in Singapore like Sentosa Island, with Universal Studios Signapore inside that housing numerous themed rides that you can only find in Singapore. 

Other things that’s very worth-mention in Singapore is that it is one of the cleanest nation, where you rarely get to see any trash thrown randomly into the streets, It is also one of the nation with the lowest crime rate, so for those of you who likes to travel alone can feel at ease to visit this exceptional nation of Singapore. 

15 Top Things to do in Singapore

To make the most out of your time in Singapore, a 3 days visit is not enough. Consider to at least spend a 4 to 5 days vacation to explore every tourist attractions in this city, as Singapore has over 60 attractions that you can explore according Singapore Tourism Board.

Here, Traveloka has summarized 15 things to do in Singapore that you might want to add to your Singapore itinerary:

1. Visit the Marina Bay Sands

Definitely one of the place to visit in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is a widely known as one of the most iconic buildings where it has three cascading hotel towers which is connected by another building shaped like a massive boat that is actually a skypark containing a swimming pool, observation deck, and beautiful gardens. This luxurious resort also houses the other attractions such as a casino, ArtScience Museum and many other more.

2. Explore the ArtScience Museum

Located inside the Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum is a famous museum which is dedicated for showcasing exhibitions that blend art, science, culture as well as technology altogether. The museum mainly hosts touring exhibitions which organized by the other museum which, once has the honor of opening a big scale exhibitions by some of the world’s best known artist including Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh. 

3. Visit the enchanting Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most famous Singapore attractions consisted of three different waterfront gardens from Bay South Garden that housed the well-known Supertree Grove and a beautiful Flower Dome, Bay East Garden that offered you a serene escape with various smaller themed gardens, and last but not least is the Bay Central Garden with its pocket garden showcasing diverse plant life from the Golden Gardens that is full with yellow or golden leafs, or the Wetland showcasing aquatic and semi-aquatic plants. 

4. Visit National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is a National Gallery that is dedicated to arts and culture and until now stands as a majestic landmark in the heart of Singapore. Located between two restored national monuments which are the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall, National Gallery Singapore preserved the journey and history of the world of Southeast Asian art.

5. Enjoy exciting rides in Universal Studis Singapore

The very first Southeast Asia’s Universal Studios Theme Park, Universal Studios Singapore is located exclusively within the Resort World Sentosa, Sentosa Island in Singapore. It is a theme park that is filled with laughter and dreams. Housing for over 28 different and exciting rides, where you won’t ever go bored when exploring all of the activity, performances and rides around the area. 

6. Meet your favorite artist at Madame Tussauds Singapore

Here, you will experience the dream-come-true where you can meet and take photos with numerous lifelike wax figures of your favorite celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kim Woo-bin, David Beckham and many others. Besides, you can also feel the thrill in Asia 1st Marvel 4D Film Experience, exclusive only in Madame Tussauds Singapore. 

7. Go on an Singapore River Cruise by WaterB adventure

Time for you to experience a scenic 40-minutes tour while sailing through Singapore’s iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Fullerton Hotel and many others. Here you will learn Singapore's rich History through an expert guide and audiovisual commentary which will help you a lot in understanding the content. 

8. Discover the S.E.A Aquarium

Get ready to take a fantastic underwater journey at one of the largest aquariums in the world. S.E.A Aquarium is an award-winning Singapore attraction that houses over 100,000 marine animals with about 1,000 different species of marine life swimming around the area. It is time for you to witness the stunning coral reefs with diverse sea animals from the majestic shark, adorable clownfish, and many other unique marine life. 

9. See the giant waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport

A house to a captivating beauty of the Rain Vortex that is known as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, and enjoy delightful shopping at over 280 different retail stores that sells local and international outlets with numerous dining outlets ready to be explored. As for thrill-seekers, you might want to try the Canopy Park with a ton of attractions like bouncing nets, sky nets, and more to add excitement on your visit. 

10. Take your kids to River Wonders

Dive into the captivating world of River Wonders Singapore where the Earth’s most magnificent river ecosystems come to life. Here, you can explore through the iconic waterways like the Amazon, Nile and the sacred Ganges with each of them showcasing various unique flora and fauna. Start your exploration by meeting the adorable giant pandas in their misty habitat, take a thrilling Amazon River Quest boat ride, enjoy the performance of the Capybaras, and witness the rare Indian Gharial in the Ganges River zone.

11. Stroll around ChinaTown 

A place rich in cultural ambience from the Chinese Tradition which will take you on a journey through a labyrinth of narrow streets with colorful shophouses decorated by iconic carvings and the color of red. A place full of delicious traditional foods from China whose aroma spreads throughout the streets with numerous local shops that sell traditional Chinese medicine, souvenirs and many more at a quite cheaper price. 

12. Marvel around Little India 

Consider this as one of the best free things to do in Singapore, unless you go for a shopping. Little India is an area that will transfer you into experiencing India's streets full with aromatic shops that serve various delicacies, that even sells spices for foodies and home cooks that you rarely get anywhere else. Besides, India is well known for the high quality of fabrics that they produce, so of course, here you will be able to get them too.

13. Make a spiritual visit to Sri Mariamman Temple

A religious monument that still stands even now, Sri Mariamman Temple holds the title as the oldest Hindhu temple in the country. Originally known as Marriamman Kovil or Kling Street Temple, this temple was built dedicated to Goddess Mariamman, the protector against disease and illness in hope that all the citizens are blessed with good health. Since 1973, the temple has been proclaimed as one of the national monuments as well as being a significant landmark for the Tamil Hindu community in Singapore serving a place of worship, cultural events, and community gatherings.

14. Explore The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

A luxurious accommodation since 1928 that is still active even now, this historical hotel of Fullerton Hotel Singapore has recorded all of the important moments of Singapore where the hotel once housed various government institutions including the General Post Office, the Exchange, the Chamber of Commerce, and the prestigious Singapore Club. 

15. Visit the well-known Helix Bridge

Formerly known as the Double Helix Bridge, The Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina center with Marina South in Marina Bay Singapore. The Bridge has a rare design which is inspired from the structure of a human DNA molecule that is made from stainless steel and has a length of 280 meters. At night, the bridge would light up from the LED light that wraps around the structure of the bridge which makes it look majestic and beautiful.

Best Restaurants in Singapore

1. Odette

A french fine-dining restaurant that offers great service and high quality of foods that makes it constantly being on top of the best restaurants in Singapore and Asia. Currently having a title of three-Michelin stars and was named The Best Restaurant in Asia 2023 by the World’s Best restaurants. The restaurant boasts a simple but elegant setting with stunning soft white color.

2. Liao Fan Hawker Chan

It might not be served in an extravagant-luxurious restaurant, but the food does indeed have that quality. Liao Fan Hawker is a famous hawker stall in Singapore that was established in 2009 and got recognition as a Michelin star in 2016, and still serves that exact unforgettable quality of foods even now. If you decide to visit this place, don’t forget to try the signature Soya Sauce Chicken Rice delicacy that is a must-try menu. 

3. Candlenut

Giving you the most unique experience where they combined Peranakan Cuisine with Chinese, Malay and Indonesian influence under one plate. The cuisine at this place is well-known for its bold flavors, rich in spices and delightful presentations. Besides, it also offers a welcoming ambience that will make you relaxed and comfortable with various Peranakan antiques and artworks. 

4. Les Amis

A restaurant that focuses more on French Cuisine with a touch of modernity that always serves meals with the most fresh ingredients to maintain the high quality of the foods served to customers which makes this restaurant recognized as a Michelin Star Restaurants for many years. The menus itself change seasonally, offering you a different experience every time you visit this place.

5. Burnt Ends

A barbecue shop that serves the method into a new height which focuses more on the custom-made, where it imbues the meat with a smoky depth of flavor that sets them apart naturally. The restaurant serves a wide variety of meats including brisket, lamb shoulder, and many other parts of red-meats accompanied by side dishes that complement the smoky flavors of the barbeque. 

Best Hotel Recommendation

1. Marina Bay Sands

Located strategically in the Marina Bay Area you get to choose a wide variety of rooms and suites that will cater to all different budgets and preferences. From luxurious city-view rooms to palatial suites with private balconies overlooking the bay, Marina Bay Sands have it all. It is located very close to many tourist attractions in the area. 

2. Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Grand Copthorn Waterfront is another hotel with perfect locations right at the heart of Singapore city, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the river or take a river cruise to explore more of the city located right outside of this luxurious hotel. 

3. Mercure Singapore On Stevens

A 4 star hotel in Singapore that offers the blend of modern comfort and accessibility where it is strategically located on Steven Roads which places you closer to the city center’s attractions and business district of Singapore. They offer various rooms from the standard room, family rooms for a larger number of people or even suites for added spas and luxuries, travelers might choose based on their needs. 

4. V Hotel Lavender

A popular option for people who are pretty conscious of their budget. V Hotel Lavender is located directly above the MRT station in Singapore which makes it easier for travelers who are gonna start exploring the majestic nation of Singapore. THe hotel holds the theme of modern where they serve a variety of rooms categorized as superior, twin, triple and Premier Rooms with each served with all basic amenities to make your stay comfortable. 

5. Hotel Boss

Hotel Boss offers streamlined rooms and relaxed dining, with a number of shops and outdoor pools as well as a gym that is located in Victoria streets of Singapore. It is a budget-friendly accommodation that offers comfortable stay at a reasonable price. Besides, it is located quite at the center of the city and close to Bugis Neighborhood that is famous for their various shopping spots and delicious food stalls. 

Tips when visiting Singapore

Plan for your trip beforehand and make sure of the weather when you visit Singapore as well as the Visa and Currency, so you can exchange your money at the airport or money changer in the city. It would be better if you bring Singapore dollars in advance from your country just in case you might need the cash to buy something right away when you arrive in Singapore. 

As what has been said above, Singapore's main transportation would be the MRT trains and buses, so it would be very recommended for you to buy the Singapore tourist Pass for unlimited travel within a specific timeframe to make your travel from one place to another easier and cheaper. 

Consider also getting yourself an EZ-Link Card in Singapore for an easy way to get around using public transport. An EZ-Link card in Singapore cost for 10 SGD, which includes 5 SGD of stored value and 5 SGD as a non-refundable card cost.