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Hat Yai
Cheap flights to Hat Yai (HDY)
Information about Hat YaiHat Yai is a district in the province of Songkhla. It is Thailand's fourth largest city, the largest city in the south and the province's located in the southwest corner. This somehow makes Hat Yai becomes city that has a number of routes operate each day, many flights to Hat Yai every day. Hat Yai, often written Haad Yai, is a city in located in the southern Thailand on the Malay Peninsula. Because of its location on the main road south to Malaysia and the intersection of the eastern and western sections of the Bangkok-Singapore train, it has developed into a modern, quickly growing commercial metropolis. It has an international airport as well. Hat Yai is a rubber industry hub and home to the Thai government's Rubber Research Centre. Tin and textiles, particularly Thai silks and cottons, as well as Malaysian batik, are other key trading commodities. It is about 30 kilometers from Bangkok. Along the railway line for about 974 kilometers and by car for about 993 kilometers to Songkhla Lake, with a territory to the north. Overall, the geography is a large plain. There are mountains along the driveway when you drive and can be found in the west, south, and east of the city.   Hat Yai alludes to both Khok Samet Chun Village and Ban Hat Yai as a whole. Later, the government cut the railway through this area, which the inhabitants call "Ban Khok Samet Chun." Hat Yai House (Ban Khok Samet Chun) was a Hat Yai district that was promoted to a prime district in 1947, as more residents came there. Hat Yai is now in a state of flux. Hat Yai is also a major trading center in the southern region, as well as a center for business and communication due to its distance from the Sadao checkpoint Malaysia's border is only 50 kilometers long.   Hat Yai is also well-known as the "Never Sleeping City" and this name was given by foreign tourists who have booked a flight to Hat Yai. Later on, another name came as "Paris of Southern Thailand" offers a wide range of activities. Both inside and outside the city Visit historical places, temples, or souvenir shops. Natural features such as beaches, mountains, and waterfalls can be found outside of the city. Hat Yai's shopping is another key draw and it also has a huge number of large department stores as well as hundreds of small and medium-sized shops. Tourists can purchase a wide range of goods including clothing, handicrafts, fresh fruits, dried food, cosmetics, electrical gadgets, and many more. These may all be obtained at a low price in the downtown area, which is easily accessible by foot. Hat Yai also features a diverse range of eateries and eating 24/7 with delicious cuisine to filling your stomach.   Seasons in Hat Yai Hat Yai has a climate that is comparable to that of the southern region. It is located in a climate zone with two types of seasonal monsoons: the northeast monsoon, which blows through the Gulf of Thailand, causing rain and occasional cool weather and the southwest monsoon, which blows through the Gulf of Thailand. Throughout the year, the average temperature is around 27.6 degrees Celsius. In the summer, the weather is pleasant. 31.4 degrees Celsius is the average high temperature. April is one of the hottest months of the year. It can get quite cold in the winter. With pleasant weather, the average minimum temperature is 23.9 degrees Celsius. It shouldn't be too hot or too cold. As a result, Hat Yai is a destination where you may book flights to Hat Yai at any time during the year. Because each period has its own set of activities, temperatures, weather patterns, and natural splendor.   The year is broken into three seasons: - Summer Season is the period between February to May. This is the time between the northeast monsoon season and the winter monsoon season. The weather will begin to heat up in March, with the hottest temperatures occurring in April. But, because it's near the water, it's not too hot. The combination of airflow and steam causes the air to discharge a significant amount of heat. - Rainy Season is the period May to October. It's the southwest monsoon, when a hot, humid breeze from the Indian Ocean blows across Thailand, generating widespread rain. During the rainy season, a low-pressure trough passes across the southern region on a regular basis, dumping a lot of rain. It is also influenced by the northeast monsoon that blows over the Gulf of Thailand because it is located in the east of the country. This results in a lot of rain in the winter in this province. is also between November and December as a result, it is classified as a province with a protracted rainy season. - Winter Season is the period October to February. During this time is the monsoon season in the northeast The cold and dry northeast monsoon winds from China prevail across Thailand during this time. The general drop in temperature and the onset of winter. However, because Songkhla is located on the south's east coast, temperatures can decrease slightly from time to time. The weather is not particularly cold, and there will be a lot of rain around the shore in general.   Flights to Hat Yai

Domestic flights: Bangkok to Hat Yai (BKK/DMK-HDY)

Air transportation is one of the most convenient methods of travel. It is secure, quick, and comfy. By air, all of the major cities are well connected to one another. And the distance between them has shrunk to only a few hours. Currently, the domestic flights to Hat Yai have the total of 8 routes operating now. The most popular direct flight would be Bangkok to Hat Yai which it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) or Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) to Hat Yai International Airport (HDY). Airlines that have direct flights From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Hat Yai: Thai Smile and Thai VietJet Air. Airlines that have direct flights From Don Mueang Airport to Hat Yai: Nok Air, Thai AirAsia and Thai Lion Air.  

International flights to Hat Yai (INT-HDY)

Currently, there is no direct international flights to Hat Yai. The only way you can go to Hat Yai by airplane is to go by domestic flight only. Direct domestic flights to Hat Yai include Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi), Bangkok (Don Meang), Chiang Mai, Phuket, Chiang Rai, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen and Pattaya (UTP).   About the Airport Hat Yai International Airport is a significant gateway to Thailand's south. Several domestic and international airlines fly to a variety of destinations in Thailand as well as adjacent countries like China, Malaysia, and Singapore. A total of about 4 million airline passengers passes through Hat Yai International Airport each year as many flights to Hat Yai are operating each day. It is Thailand's fifth busiest commercial airport. The airport is essential for Muslims conducting pilgrimages to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, because the region has a substantial Muslim population. Each year, an estimated 1.5 million pilgrims travel to Mecca. Nine airlines fly into Hai Yat International Airport, including five domestic and four international carriers. Thai AirAsia uses the airport as a hub.  The airport guide includes contact information for the airport, information on the terminal, and surrounding lodging alternatives are there inside each terminal. On the first floor of the terminal, near the domestic arrivals hall, there is an airport information desk. Facilities inside the airport includes money exchanges, food and restaurants, shopping mall, luggage service and other things such as pray room for Muslim and Buddhist, spa and so on. The terminal's ATMs are located on the first floor. On the first floor, immediately outside the International Arrivals Hall, there is also a currency exchange station. There are several souvenir shops and two large duty-free shops at Hat Yai International Airport: one in the International Departures Hall and one in the International Arrivals Hall.   Transportations in Hat Yai

Travelling around Hat Yai & Travelling from Hat Yai airport.

There are a variety of options when travelling from Hat Yai International Airport to major attractions. Each depending on your budget and preferences. Recommendation is to book transportation in advance or after you book a flight ticket would be best. There is no need to prior-book for hotel vehicles simply because alternative methods are equally affordable and convenient.  - Shuttle Bus: Shuttle service to and from the airport or traveling from the airport to Hat Yai town is a quick and simple choice. You can take the airport bus or hire a car. Airport transportation can be scheduled ahead of time in order to avoid large lines at the airport and the toll and parking fees are already included in the service charge. - Buses & Minibuses: Throughout the day and night, intercity buses and minivans depart and arrive at this stop. Many private travel businesses operate beyond the bus station's perimeter walls, offering private bus and minivan tours to a variety of destinations. These agents occasionally provide a more convenient or comfortable ride, but they rarely price less than organizations that operate out of the bus terminal. - Car Rental; Car Rental is the most convenient way to travel around Hat Yai. You can compare rates from a number of reputable vehicle rental businesses, making it simple to compare pricing and available automobiles, as well as a selection of pick–up and drop–off locations. - Motorbikes; Motorbikes can be rented in advance, Traveloka is a good choice, when you arrived the airport or at your accommodation.  - Taxi Meter; If you're taking a taxi anywhere in Thailand, including Hat Yai, look for one that has a meter. Even if the taxi driver doesn't speak much English, he or she will recognize "meter" and shake their head yes or no. If you take a taxi without a meter, you will almost always spend twice as much as you should. - Tuk Tuks; Getting around with Tuk-tuk is considered a common way to commute. This way use can experience the transportation that is only available in Thailand. The price is cheaper than taxi meter as well. Give it a try when you are here in Thailand.   Ways to book air tickets conveniently than before

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- Price Alerts; Notifies you when tickets are available at the price you seek. Simply turn on the notification to never miss out on exclusive promotions. We will ensure that you get the best price for flight to Phuket or flight to any destinations you are finding for! - Promo Filter; Select only the best promotion by comparing different ticket prices. Moreover, beside promotions and prices, promo filter feature is where you can filter out facilities and flight preference you want to. This immensely aids your decision making. - Flight Upgrade; Upon buying a ticket, click 'Flight Upgrade' to pay a little more (additional payment varies for different destinations) in exchange for more luggage weight, no limit flight postpones and other exclusive benefits depending on different airlines' terms and conditions.   Top 3 places to visit in Hat Yai
  1. Samila Beach - Samila Beach is one of Songkhla's most well-known attractions that you will see small rocks jut out into the sea. A shady pine forest surrounds the white sand beach known as "Sai Kaew." Beautiful views of Koh Rat and Koh Mae may be seen from Samila Beach. Until it is stated that visiting Songkhla without visiting Samila is the same as not visiting Songkhla. A statue of a golden mermaid is a well-known emblem. A shady garden surrounds the area, perfect for lounging and resting in the evening. Looking into the water at Samila beach, you will be able to see a mirror shade of Rat Island and Cat Island as well. This is amazing and is a must-visit place you must come!
  2. Songkhla Old Town – Songkhla old town is located in Muang District There are 3 important roads worth walking, namely, Nakorn Nok Road, Nakorn Nai Road and Nang Ngam Road. It is a road that consists of beautiful buildings and architecture. that still retains its original identity. There is a wooden row room in Chinese style. Classical buildings in Sino-Portuguese style and there are also ancient Chinese-style shophouses of the Hokkien Chinese (which you can easily see in almost all provinces’ old town in the south part of Thailand) line both sides of the street. Although many buildings have been repainted but does not change the structure The buildings in the old district of Songkhla are considered. It is a source of learning about the history of Songkhla people through an architectural perspective. In addition, along some buildings, there are cute street art pictures that reflect the story of Songkhla for tourists to take lots of pictures as well.
  3. Khlong Hae Floating Market - Khlong Hae Floating Market is located at Khlong Hae Temple Pier. A little outside of Hat Yai's city limits. It is the south's first floating market. Despite the fact that it is a new floating market, it has swiftly garnered appeal. There is a wide range of local cuisine available, including Thai cuisine, Muslim cuisine, fruits, and numerous local items. Hundreds of rowing boats are queued up to serve Wat Khlong Hae's shoreline in a timely manner. There are also other shops along the shore to stroll through and enjoy. The market is open from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. At the floating market, you can buy items to take home or sit and eat as you choose. The floating market has promoted the use of environmentally friendly food containers such as shells, bamboo cylinders, and clay pots. Also, in this floating market, there are also cultural performances in the south to see every day.
  Top 3 things to do in Hat Yai
  1. Ferris wheel ride at Hat Yai Public Park – Hat Yai’s Ferris wheel is located in Hat Yai Municipal Park and happened to be Thailand's first Ferris wheel ride service. Hat Yai Ferris wheel is a path to pay homage to the sacred things enshrined on the top of Khao Kho Hong from Phra Phuttha Mongkhon Maharat, the 1st station, to Thao Maha Phrom, the 2nd station in front of the Goddess of Mercy. The view up there is stunning from the top of the mountain gazing down to the bottom will be seen throughout the journey. You will be able to see Hat Yai city and Songkhla lake. There is also a sense of modern airiness inside the Ferris wheel station. You can find out more information when you get there, there will staff and information center which has a variety of tourist amenities such as souvenir shops, coffee shops, and tourist information. This is one of many activities in Hat Yai you should not miss when you come.
  2. Ton Nga Chang Waterfall – For those who love nature and adventure activities, you are going to love it here. Ton Nga Chang Waterfall is a stunning and well-known waterfall. It is located in Songkhla province and has seven tiers, the most notable of which is Ton Nga Chang which is located on the third tier of the waterfall and is where the stream is separated. This Ton Nga Chang Waterfall has two ivory streams. The Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary has established amenities and services. Nature trails and visits to various levels of waterfalls are available through tourist services. You'll have to go more than a kilometer to witness all of the waterfall levels. There are distinct names for each of the seven levels of waterfalls. There are total of 7 floors here and this level must not be skipped via Ton Nga Chang Waterfall. 
  3. Kim Yong Market – Hat Yai District's Kim Yong Market is a large souvenir and souvenir market. A business selling items is located upstairs on a two-story structure along Lamai Sangroh Road. A dry market is located on the ground floor. It is a well-known market, along with Santisuk Market, which sells electrical goods, perfumes, and cosmetics and is located on the same block as Niphat Uthit Road. In the past, the ground-floor Kim Yong Market was not only a fresh market like a normal market, but it also sold Malaysian products. Particularly dry food Kim Yong Market sells instant coffee, snacks, and machines, making it a popular tourist attraction for Thai people ourselves. You can plan for a half day trip to Kim Yong market just to stroll around, souvenir hunts, and eat local food here. This is also a place that is considered as tourists' favorite electrical appliances come in and purchase these goods to take home as mementos.

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