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Chiang Mai
Cheap flights to Chiang Mai (CNX)
Information about Chiang MaiChiang Mai is a province in Thailand located in an upper northwestern region. It is around 697 kilometers from Bangkok and Chiangmai and if you take a flight to Chiangmai from Bangkok, it will take around 1 hour 20 minutes to fly. Chiangmai happened to be the country's second-largest province in Thailand. The provinces of Chiang Rai, Lampang, and Lamphun are bordered to the north by Burma while the provinces of Lampang and Lamphun are bordered to the east by Burma and has Tak is in the south. Chiang Mai has mostly mountains and plains at the foothills. There is a Dan Lao Mountain range in the north of the province. Its border is the Thai Myanmar border, there are important peaks of Doi Pha Hom Pok and Doi Ang Khang which is in Fang District Thong Chai Mountain Range that located in the west of the Ping River. The most important peak and one of the most popular destination in Chiangmai is Doi Inthanon, which is in Chom Thong District as it is the highest peak of Thailand. Another peak, Doi Suthep is in Mueang District Phi Pan Nam Mountain Range is east of the Ping River. Chiang Mai is also the source of many streams such as the Ping River Mae Chaem River and Fang River. Most of the plains of the province are the Mae Ping River Basin. It covers some areas of Chiang Dao District. Mae Taeng, Mueang Saraphi and Doi Tao The other part is the Kok River basin. It covers the area of Fang and Mae Ai districts. All administrative districts are divided into 25 districts, with Mueang Chiang Mai District as the center of the province. Chiang Mai is a province where it has its uniqueness in terms of cultural traditions, with "Kham Muang" in the local language and there are many tourist attractions to explore. It was declared the world's creative city for handicrafts and folk arts in 2017. Chiang Mai is also considered the astronomical center of Southeast Asia. It is home to the National Observatory and the National Astronomical Park. Moreover, Chiang Mai provides visitors with the opportunity to experience a wonderfully slower pace of life, get up close and personal with local culture, and embark on off-the-beaten-path adventures. With so much to offer, first-time visitors to the relaxing destination may feel overwhelmed. If you wish to spend a holiday strolling around the beautiful city, learning a unique and interesting culture, enjoy trying a local food and experiencing fun adventurous activities all at once, Chiangmai would still be a good fit destination that you will love it. Chiang Mai No reason to be hesitated to start thinking about booking a flight to Chiangmai because if not now then when, right?   Seasons in Chiangmai Chiang Mai is a province where the temperature is cold virtually all year. The average annual temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, with average highs of 31 degrees Celsius and lows of 20 degrees Celsius, and a relative humidity of 72 percent. The southwest monsoon and the north monsoon are the two types of monsoon winds that affect it. There are three seasons in this type of climate: - Rainy season: The rainy season start around mid-May to mid-October. This is the period when the southwest monsoon blows into Thailand. The air will begin to humid, and it rains heavily from about mid-May onwards. Please note that the wettest month is on August. Winter season: Winter is defined as the period between the end of October and the end of February. The average temperature during the day is 21 degrees Celsius. The winter season lasts from November through February and the northeast monsoon has an impact. Summer season: Starting around mid-February to mid-May. There is a general sweltering heat, especially in April which is the hottest month of the year under the influence of the southwest monsoon and south winds. Best time to travel to Chiangmai: Chiang Mai is best visited between October and April. The climate is mostly cool and comfortable with a nice breeze during this time of year, thus why it is peak tourist season. Another great time to visit Chiang Mai is during one of the city's festivals, when the city is at its most vibrant.   Flights to Chiangmai

Domestic flights: Bangkok to Chiangmai (BKK-CNX)

Direct Domestic flights to Chiangmai depart from total 12 cities in Thailand but most frequently from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang International Airport (DMK). These two routes are account for about 90 percent of all monthly arrivals at Chiang Mai International Airport. There are more than 37 domestic flights operating per day and it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) to Chiangmai International Airport (CNX). List of airlines that have direct flights to Chiangmai are as follow. Airlines that fly direct From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Chiangmai: Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia, Thai Smile and Thai VietJet Air. Airlines that fly direct From Don Mueang Airport to Chiangmai: Thai AirAsia, Nok Air and Thai Lion Air.  

International flights to Chiangmai (INT-CNX)

There are number of international flights to Chiangmai from all over the world but only 7 direct international flights to Chiangmai. And here is the list of direct (non-stop) international flights to Chiangmai:
  • Direct Flights from Guangzhou (CAN) to Chiangmai (CNX) takes approximately 2 hours 40 minutes.
  • Direct Flights from Hong Kong (HKG) to Chiangmai (CNX) takes approximately 3 hours.
  • Direct Flights from Macao (MFM) to Chiangmai (CNX) takes approximately 2 hours 40 minutes.
  • Direct Flights from Malaysia (KUL) to Chiangmai (CNX) takes approximately 2 hours 45 minutes.
  • Direct Flights from South Korea (ICN) to Chiangmai (CNX) takes approximately 4 hours 50 minutes.
  • Direct Flights from Taiwan (TPE) to Chiangmai (CNX) takes approximately 3 hours 50 minutes.
  • Direct Flights from Vietnam (HAN) to Chiangmai (CNX) takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.
  About Chiangmai International Airport (CNX) Chiangmai International Airport (CNX) is a main hub to Northern Thailand that becomes a growingly popular spot and popular tourists’ destination. There are only 2 terminals in there which the domestic terminal and international terminal are in a same single building. Its international airport receives over two million visitors per year with about 130 flights per week from Bangkok, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, and Laos. Visitors to the airport can take advantage of a wide range of amenities facilities inside the airport such as souvenirs, pray room, ATMs, smoke areas, restaurants, merchandise shops, car rental, car parking, communication facilities and so on. Chiangmai International Airport (CNX) is just over 3 kilometers from the old city walls, which really is rare for such a major airport in Southeast Asia. It is quite easy to discover transportation to the airport in Chiang Mai. Chiangmai International Airport (CNX) is located 5 kilometers from the city. There are numerous ways to get to Chiangmai including red bus, Airport Shuttle Bus, tricycle, taxi, and RTC Chiangmai Smart bus. Bus and airport shuttle services are available. Red bus or a converted pickup truck, also known as the red Song-Tawe, it usually has 2 seats, and is the traditional mode of public transportation. There are also Tuk-Tuk, which are three-wheeled vehicles with less luggage space.   Transportations in Chiangmai

Travelling from Chiangmai Airport (CNX) to the city & Travelling around Chiangmai

There are total of 6 easy ways of travelling from or to Chiangmai International Airport (CNX) including RTC Chiangmai smart bus, Shuttle bus, Taxi, Song-thaew, Tuk-Tuk, Airport transfer service and Car rental. - Bus (RTC Chiangmai Smart Bus); An air-conditioned bus colored in blue available around Chiangmai town. This would be a transportation for you if you are travelling on budget. The price is only 20 baht throughout the line, there is also a free Wi-Fi in the bus. Buses leave every 20-30 minutes; you can check the location of the car and the parking lot in the application “CM Transit by RTC” which basically has 3 routes as follows:
  • Route R1 Chiang Mai Zoo - White Elephant Transport - Arcade Transport - Central Festival
  • Route R2 Chiang Mai Airport - Night Bazaar - Nong Hoi - Mahidol Road - Promenade Department Store
  • Route R3 Chiang Mai Airport – Nimman Road (Nimmanhemin) – Moat (Ku Mueang)
- Shuttle bus; The airport shuttle bus is also an option, though it runs infrequently and only stops outside of the old city. If you decide to take this shuttle bus, it will drop you off at the southern end of Chiangmai airport. The shuttle starts running at 5PM which might not be an ideal if your flight arrives early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The cost per person is 60 baht. - Taxi; The taxi service stations are located just outside the arrival hall of Chiang Mai Airport. There are two types of taxis to choose from: Chiang Mai Airport Taxis and metered taxis, both of which offer comparable prices. To the city center, the Chiang Mai Airport Taxi charges a flat rate of 150 baht. A metered taxi will cost between 100 - 120 baht plus a 50 baht of airport surcharge. - Airport transfers; Private Airport Transfers transport you directly to your hotel or places you want to go. There are no stops except for your final destination. This is an ideal for private addresses! So, no need to stand in line outside waiting for taxi or buses because your driver will be waiting for you in arrivals. Book your airport transfer ride earlier online for great saving. Explore Traveloka cheapest airport transfers prices for your booked location. - Song-thaew; Song-thaews are Chiang Mai's most popular way of travel. A songthaew is essentially a small pick-up truck that has been modified to seat passengers in the truck's box. All songthaews in the Chiang Mai area are red and easily identifiable along the main streets. - Tuk-Tuk; There are numerous tuk-tuks just outside the Chiang Mai airport. They have the same appearance as Bangkok's tuk-tuks, but they move at a slower pace. Tuk-tuks typically charge 100 - 120 baht to and from Chiang Mai Airport. You should be aware that some tuk-tuk drivers may attempt to charge you a higher rate of 150 baht. Prepare to bargain for the best price or walk away and ask the next driver. Tuk-tuks don't have a lot of space, so keep that in mind if you're traveling with luggage; it might not be the most comfortable ride (but it will be fun to try if you haven’t tried!).

- Car rental; Finally, the last way to travel in Chiangmai is to rent a car. Perhaps, this is the most convenient way to travel, ever! Car rental will give you freedom, carelessness and security while travelling because you can go wherever and whenever you want, you can purchase an add on insurance with it too, so nothing to be worried about. There are choices of car rentals (with driver and without driver are available here), motorcycle rentals and bicycle rentals are there to choose from.
  Ways to book air tickets conveniently than before

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- Price Alerts; Notifies you when tickets are available at the price you seek. Simply turn on the notification to never miss out on exclusive promotions. We will ensure that you get the best price for flight to Phuket or flight to any destinations you are finding for! - Promo Filter; Select only the best promotion by comparing different ticket prices. Moreover, beside promotions and prices, promo filter feature is where you can filter out facilities and flight preference you want to. This immensely aids your decision making. - Flight Upgrade; Upon buying a ticket, click 'Flight Upgrade' to pay a little more (additional payment varies for different destinations) in exchange for more luggage weight, no limit flight postpones and other exclusive benefits depending on different airlines' terms and conditions.     Top 3 places to visit in Chiangmai
  1. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – One of the most popular places for tourists to visit goes to “Wat Phra That Doi Suthep” This sits on a mountain throne view of the city, it is one of northern Thailand's most revered temples, and its founding narrative is taught in every Chiang Mai school. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a stunning example of northern Thai architecture that may be accessed through a 306-step stairway flanked by Nagas (mythical sea serpents). The hike is designed to aid believers in accumulating Buddhist merit. This place is one of the must-to-visit places you need to come when visiting Chiangmai!
  2. Doi Inthanon – Doi Inthanon is Thailand's tallest peak, and the national park surrounds it. It is also home to many of the natural treasures that make Thailand so appealing in the first place. You can go hiking and hike the mountain, or you can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the park. Other features include several waterfalls and a hill tribe community, as well as two pagodas dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit. Because you won't be able to visit the entire park on foot, you'll need to hire a driver for the day or rent a motorcycle to view the sights on your own. However, because it's only about a two-hour trip from the city, in order for you to fully enjoy the view and rewarding day on the mountain, make sure you arrive early!
  3. Elephant Nature Park - There are numerous elephant camps in the Chiang Mai area that you can visit.  One of many places we would like to recommend you to visit is Elephant Nature Park. The majority of the elephants were rescued after being used as display or labor animals. They are no longer workers at ENP and are treated with gentleness and respect. Volunteers (you) are welcome to spend the day with the elephants, feeding them and bathing them in the river. Day in spending here is like an eye-opening, you will get to interact with the elephants up close and learn about their predicament. Make sure to reserve your seat in advance, as volunteer spots tend to fill up quickly!
  Top 3 things to do in Chiangmai
  1. Chiang Mai Night Safari – Looking for a great place to have fun at night? (a fun place to go besides going to a club) Natural science is the focus of the Chiang Mai Night Safari. Visitors can observe the behavior of wildlife in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world. Chiang Mai Night Safari is the world's second night safari, following that of Singapore. However, the nighttime zoo is organized into three zones, which house almost 1,400 wildlife animals representing 134 unique species. Herbivorous animals and prey animals live in the Savanna Safari, while Bengal tigers, pumas, and lions, to mention a few, live in the Predator Prowl. Finally, the Jaguar Trail takes you to flamingo, turtle, and duck habitats, among other things.
  2. Indoor shooting range – If you are looking for a fun and adventurous activity in Chiangmai, 333 Shooting Range Mae rim is a great place for beginners to learn how to shoot a gun as well as expert shooters to practice. The indoor shooting range has a sophisticated setup and a variety of guns, including pistols, semi-automatic rifles, and semi-automatic shotguns. You have the option of purchasing a single firearm package or a collection of firearms. If you have no prior experience, don't worry; the skilled staff will guide you through each step. Children aged 8 and up are welcome to participate. So come out and enjoy the thrill of shooting!
  3. Mae Ping River Cruise – Let's get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a bit and relax in the peaceful, laid-back ambiance of Chiang Mai's rural greenery along the beautiful river in Chiangmai! Take a long-tail boat ride down the Mae Ping River, which is known for its natural beauty. In Chiang Mai, soak up the tranquil, laid-back environment, observe local life, and learn about true Northern culture then visit the Chai Mongkhon Temple, one of the city's oldest temples. Book a ticket for Mae Ping River cruise now and get the best experience you can never imagine of in Chiangmai!

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