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About Ubud

Located about 1 hour away from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Ubud is one of the most popular destinations in Bali amongst travelers with its quiet atmosphere away from the hectic city, making it a favorite place to join yoga classes and enjoy healthy food. Boasting a view of lush greenery, Ubud offers the best travel experience that will make you wish to come back soon. In Ubud, travelers can find artisans of woodcarving and crafts in the villages. The area also has numerous shops selling antiques , paintings, and jewelry in almost every corner. More interestingly, these handmade products are not only available for sale in Bali, but over...
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More about Ubud

About Ubud

Exploring all tourist attractions in Ubud is not enough to do in a day. One of the most popular tourist areas in Bali has green rice fields as its main attraction. Try to drive around Ubud, driving a car or motorbike, paddy green rugs, shady trees, to the artistic curves of rice terraces will be beautifully presented. Apart from the soothing green scenery, Ubud also relies on cultural tourism, which is reflected in a row of traditional temples, art museums, wooden craft and jewellery centres on every corner, to various traditional culinary outlets that carry the concept of traditional rice fields. Located only 1 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Ubud is often used as the first stopover for tourists who come both from outside the region and abroad. The tourists generally target the Monkey Forest attractions once they arrive in Ubud. In the Monkey Forest area, live hundreds of apes and various protected flora and fauna species, especially plants often used in traditional rituals of the Balinese Hindu community. Like tourism in Bali in general, Ubud is not separated from the characteristics of marine tourism such as beaches, beach clubs, to relaxation facilities. The difference, Ubud marine tourism still relies on green natural scenery and attractions that carry elements of art and culture. A holiday in Ubud will be an unforgettable tourist experience for tourists.

The Tourist Attractions in Ubud

Ubud is indeed a paradise for art and cultural tourism. While enjoying the beauty of Balinese culture in Ubud, visitors can feel closer to nature at the same time, thanks to the presence of an authentic green panorama. As a reference, here are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Ubud that are worth a visit while on vacation

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo can be reached in around a 15-minute-drive from the Ubud area. Even though it's not as extensive as Bali Safari, Bali Zoo is equally good in presenting the experience of travelling with animals. Visitors can even experience eating breakfast while watching the funny behaviour of orangutans. After breakfast, visitors are invited to take pictures with the tame and friendly orangutans. In addition to breakfast with orangutans, Bali Zoo also offers a coffee drinking experience by the pool with the view of the elephant rides. In a way, Bali Zoo will make tourism in Ubud even more memorable thanks to the animal attractions and the unique tourist experiences.

Mason Elephant Park

This tourist attraction located in Taro is equally great in presenting a memorable tourist experience. This elephant conservation site not only provides a vehicle for elephant attractions but also invites visitors to spend the night in the middle of the elephant habitat of the Mason Elephant Park. When visiting here, don't miss the ride on the elephants around the park. Don't worry, the amount that is pinned to the body of the elephant is fairly light, so the elephant will not be hurt because of the heavy burden. The dining experience at Mason Elephant Park cannot be considered ordinary. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes with the best flavour in the middle of the plantation with the view of the herd of elephants and their funny behaviour.

Ayung River

Want to feel the thrill of adventure in traditional Balinese villages? Just come to the Ayung River. This natural tourism area has green views as far as the eyes can see. The green of the trees feels cooler, accompanied by the rush of the river and waterfalls that can make visitors feel relaxed. In the Ayung River region, there is also a traditional nuanced resort that presents a green view of the forest as its main attraction. Let the holidays feel more challenging; visitors can try a giant swing ride to enjoy the cool air of Ubud.

Wahana Seni Bali (WASE BALI) – Balinese Art Space

Ubud also has a modern art tourist attraction, called Wahana Seni Bali or commonly abbreviated as Wase Bali. This modern tourist attraction which has opened since 2017 has a row of aesthetic photo spots with various themes, both in indoor and outdoor areas. The photo spots in Wase Bali are based on certain concepts, such as world landmarks, traditional houses, television, and fairy tale worlds. Wase Bali is the right location for visitors who like to hunt for Instagenic photos.

Tegalalang Rice Fields

Tegalalang can be regarded as an icon of Ubud tourism. In this area, visitors will find unique natural beauty from rice terraces that look unique. This interesting place in Ubud, also known as Ceking Rice Terrace, presents an authentic Balinese tourism experience. Tourists can also become Tegalalang farmers a day with residents. Many travel agents provide Tegalalang tour packages. Typically, visitors will be invited to surround the rice field area while riding a horse, planting rice, or even stop by at a resident's house.

The Green Village

Come to The Green Village to learn about the art of processing bamboo into high artistic value goods. This tourist attraction, which opened since 2006, also carries the concept of eco-tourism which provides information to tourists about living by the principles of environmentally friendly. For those who love gardening, The Green Village also has a special farming area called Kul Kul Farm.

The Culinary in Ubud

Ayam Betutu Pak Sanur

Warung Sanur Betutu Pak Sanur has been opened since 1986 and is still crowded with tourists and residents until now. Pak Sanur's betutu chicken is processed using the grave technique for 12 hours. This cooking technique makes the chicken betutu feel soft and delicious thanks to the seasoning which absorbs perfectly to the bone. Pak Ayam Betutu Pak Sanur is located at Jalan Arjuna No. 19, Ubud.

Laka Leke Ubud

Laka Leke is a traditional restaurant that serves a variety of Balinese dishes with authentic flavours. As one of the most favourite restaurants in Ubud, Laka Leke is famous for its crispy duck and appetising mixed rice. In Laka Leke, visitors can learn Balinese arts and culture through traditional dance workshops, gamelan performances, and traditional dance performances at night. The atmosphere of the dinner is more memorable, thanks to dance performances that are full of philosophical values.

Babi Guling Bu Oka (Bu Oka’s Pig Roast)

Tourists who eat pork dishes must try the legendary Bu Oka roast menu. This pioneer of food stalls in Ubud that serve dishes made from pork has existed since the 1950s. Besides pig roast, this food stall also has a favourite mainstay of mixed rice menu.

The Lodgings in Ubud

Padma Resort Ubud 

Enjoy the atmosphere of a night in the enchanting green nature of Ubud. Padma Resort Ubud offers various best facilities to make your vacation in Ubud even more unforgettable. Visitors can enjoy spacious rooms and complete supporting facilities. The presence of a spa, outdoor swimming pool, children's playground, and fitness centre are only a small part of the row of facilities at Padma Resort Ubud.

Element by Westin Bali Ubud

Carrying the concept of modern accommodation, Element by Westin Bali Ubud will invite visitors to enjoy Ubud along with an outdoor swimming pool with views of green trees, traditional Balinese nuances, to a restaurant with a show-cooking concept.

Hanging Gardens of Bali

As the name implies, the hotel is like a hanging garden in the middle of Ubud's green forest. The stay experience of visitors will be more memorable thanks to the presence of a special picnic area, spa, and outdoor swimming pool which can be a means of relaxation before exploring tourist attractions in Ubud.