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About Gianyar

Gianyar is a regency in Bali as the second most densely populated district and also the art center on the Island of the Gods. A lot of painters, dancers, sculptors, and another artist inhabited in Gianyar could be the main reason of why it is always packed with tourists. To name a few, Sukawati, Tampaksiring, Tegallalang, or even Ubud has their own charm like art market, temples, museums, and also the beautiful scenery of subak – the water management (irrigation) system for paddy fields. Another exciting place to visit in Gianyar is Batubulan and Singapadu villages. This place is renowned for its sand carving and traditional dance performanc...
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More about Gianyar

About Gianyar Bali

Complete your vacation in Bali by visiting some tourist attractions in Gianyar. This regency lies 33 kilometers to the north of Denpasar. Besides having numerous wonderful attractions, Gianyar is widely known for the traditional customs and culture. The name “Gianyar” actually refers to a castle named Geriya Anyar which was formerly built in this regency. In Balinese, the name means a new residence, home, or place to live. Local residents often pronounce “Geriya Anyar” as “Gianyar” for short. Hence, the village and area around the castle also get the name “Gianyar” to these days. Of all cities and regencies in Bali Province, Gianyar is regarded as the center of art and culture. It is home to many artists and artisans with different fields of works, including painters, sculptors, and dancers. There are some regions in Gianyar which famous for the arts and handicrafts, such as Celuk, Singapadu, Bona, Ubud, and Mas Village. Celuk Village is known for its gold and silver jewelry, while Singapadu is the center of stone sculptures. Another village in Gianyar, Bona Village, offers various handicrafts made of palm leaves. Meanwhile, Ubud Village is popularly known as the village of painters where you can find many unique and amazing paintings. Moreover, Gianyar has several art museums that you can visit, such as Rumah Topeng and Wayang Setia Darma, Agung Rai Museum of Art, and Neka Art Museum. There is also The Blanco Renaissance Museum, a museum built by Antonio Blanco whose artworks mainly focus on women. 

Top Things to Do in Gianyar Bali

There are many tourist attractions in Gianyar that you can visit on your trip. Here are some of the most popular ones

Bali Zoo

As one of the most favorite destinations in Gianyar, Bali Zoo is always full of visitors. This zoo has a wide selection of animal species. You can interact with some of them, such as deer and elephants, in the feeding animal zone. In Bali Zoo, you can visit Kampung Sumatra that offers an exciting dining experience with orangutans. Additionally, you can take the pictures with friendly orangutans or ride an elephant to walk around the forest and across the river for 30 minutes.

Bali Bird Park

Established in 1995, Bali Bird Park serves as a home to thousands of birds and fowls from 250 distinctive species. The collection in this bird park comes from Indonesia and other countries. Besides watching various kinds of birds, you can learn more about the development of several birds, right after their eggs are hatched. Also, don’t miss a fascinating performance of cockatoos and parrots that fly together in the sky over Bali Bird Park. 

Air Terjun Tegenungan

In addition to beautiful beaches, Bali has Air Terjun Tegenungan or Tegenungan Falls, a wonderful attraction located in Banjar Tegenungan, Gianyar. Although it is relatively far from the city center, the route to Tegenungan is good enough. Therefore, you can easily reach this attraction by either car or motorcycle. Once you arrive, Tegenungan will welcome you with a scenic view of wide waterfalls. It is also surrounded by luxuriant trees, so you can expect a fresh and pleasant atmosphere during your visit.

Ubud Village

Located in the highland areas of Bali, Ubud Village offers a panoramic view of beautiful hills. The unique beauty of this village successfully attracts many local and international tourists.

Besides the wonders of its nature, Ubud Village is known as the center of art and culture. While visiting this village, you can stop at Ubud Art Market to buy various attractive handicrafts or take a trip to Tegalalang which features a picturesque view of paddy fields. 

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Another destination you shouldn’t miss in Gianyar is Bali Safari & Marine Park. This attraction has various preserved and protected animals from Asia and Africa. Some species of local fauna, such as owls, white starlings, Sumatera tigers, elephants, and crocodiles, can also be found in Bali Safari & Marine Park. Moreover, other facilities offered by this tourist attraction also include recreational areas, waterpark, Fun Zone, and The Amazing Bali Theatre. Looking at the facilities, Bali Safari & Marine Park serves as a perfect destination for a fun family trip.

Top Culinary in Gianyar Bali

While staying in Gianyar, be sure to feast on the city’s culinary delights. Here are some popular ones that you shouldn’t miss

Nasi Tepeng

Local residents of Gianyar usually eat nasi tepeng (tepeng rice) at breakfast. This savory dish has mushy texture as it is cooked with coconut milk. It is served in a pincuk (leaves wrapping) instead of a plate and features various side dishes, including shreds of chicken, eggs, and vegetables.


Topot is a local cake made from rice, coconut oil, and salt; all are wrapped inside bamboo leaves. This cake is usually served with grated coconut and spices such as ginger and garlic. To get the best flavor, topot should be cooked for 3 to 4 hours.

Nasi Tahu Gianyar

Nasi Tahu Gianyar (Gianyar’s local dish made of rice and tofu) can be found in Nasi Tahu Sukawati Men Marti which is located in Sukawati Art Market. The dish itself features a plate of rice served with peanut sauce, tofu chips, fried tofu as well as three types of sauces: terasi, matah, and tomato sauce. The combination of those foods creates a scrumptious flavor that will grow your appetite. 

Where to Stay in Gianyar Bali

Make sure you stay in comfortable accommodation to make your vacation in Gianyar more enjoyable. To get you started, here are some recommended accommodations in Gianyar that you can take into considerations

Alam Sembuwuk Resort

Located in Jalan Raya Pejeng Kawan No.45, Ubud, Alam Sembuwuk Resort offers many nature-inspired guest rooms. This hotel is close to several tourist destinations in Gianyar, such as Campuhan Hill and Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana. 

Visesa Ubud Resort

This is another nature-inspired resort in Ubud which provides excellent services and facilities of a 5-star accommodation. The resort’s location is also close to Ubud Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Ubud). 

Komaneka at Tanggayuda

Last but not least, you can stay in Komaneka at Tanggayuda, a comfortable and luxurious accommodation in Banjar Tanggayuda, Ubud. One of the best things about this hotel is its proximity to some popular attractions, including Bukit Campuhan and The Blanco Renaissance Museum. 

You can make use of some useful features on Traveloka app to find the best accommodation in Gianyar. While giving you some information and recommendation of interesting destinations in the city, Traveloka serves as a reliable holiday partner for anyone.