About Bogor

As one of a city located in West Java Province, Bogor is also a part of JABODETABEK area. It is a suburb to Jakarta, but also the third-largest city in Indonesia with many worth-to-visit attractions. Just like Puncak area, this district is also a favorite weekend getaway destination for the residents of Jakarta. Situated around 2 hours from Jakarta, your trip to Bogor will be exciting as the scenery all around is astonishing. Bogor Botanical Garden is one of the most treasured destinations for tourists. Sits next to Bogor Presidential Palace, this garden has thousands of species of plant from all over the world, one of them is Rafflesia Arno...
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About Bogor

It’s not wrong if Bogor becomes another most popular destination besides Bandung. You’ll also find many tourist attractions in Bogor. Moreover, the city dubbed the “City of Rain” is not far from Jakarta. Thus, you can go to Bogor on either the weekends or short holidays. Buitenzorg, the nickname given to Bogor City in the colonial era, has cold and mild temperatures, especially in the morning and at night. History recorded that this region was once the site of the establishment of one Hindu-Buddhist style kingdom, the Kingdom of Tarumanegara. Since mountains and plateaus surrounded Bogor, the region became suitable for defence areas. The land was fertile, supported by easy access to various trade destinations. Inevitably, other kingdoms finally chose to also participate in this region. Now, Bogor has developed into a tourist destination. Various new tourist attractions in Bogor are starting to emerge with their uniqueness. These make Bogor a must-visit destination to consider in weekends and holidays. 

Top Things to Do in Bogor

Compare to other destinations in Indonesia, Bogor also has a variety of exciting places you must visit. If you still have no idea about which site you should visit at the City of Rain, here are some of the tourist attractionsrecommendations in Bogor for you

Kuntum Farmfield 

Bogor has indeed become a preferred tourist destination for family tourism. This city has a variety of interesting places that are child-friendly. One of which is Kuntum Farmfield in the Tajur area. Here, you can play and learn at the same time with your baby, while also getting to know nature more closely. You can introduce and allow children to interact with various types of animals, or they can instead learn agriculture and gardening to see beautiful flowers. Moreover, children can hone their creativity by taking caping hat painting classes in this place. If you’re not familiar, caping is a type of cone-shaped hat generally made of woven bamboo. Farmers who’re working in the paddy fields usually wear this hat to block the sun’s heat. In a way, Kuntum Farmfield has become the best educational tourist attraction in Bogor.

JungleLand Adventure Theme Park Sentul

Still considering other exciting places to fill your children's vacation time? You can take them to play and have fun at Jungleland Adventure Theme Park. Located in the Sentul City area, this park has an area of ​​up to 35 hectares divided into four zones and is equipped with 36 rides. The four areas are Mysteria, Carnivalia, Tropicalia, and Explora. The number of rides here makes this destination bear the title as a tourist attraction in Bogor with the most playing facilities in Indonesia. Besides playing, you can also eat a variety of delicious foods at Sentul Jungle Theme ParkLand.

Kebun Raya Bogor 

Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden) can be regarded as a tourist object as well as an icon of Bogor. This building belongs to one of a total of six Presidential Palaces. Now, this magnificent palace is home to the President of the Republic of Indonesia and a place to welcome international state guests. You’re only allowed to see the inside of the palace after asking permission from the Secretary of State or Head of Household of the President. However, this visit is only for groups, not individuals. Usually, tourists or visitors spend a lot of time to tour the vast park, feed the deer from behind the fence, or just take pictures.

Little Venice

Now, there is no need to go far away to Venice to feel the beauty of the city, because Bogor built this specifically to make your dreams come true. Little Venice in the Cipanas region managed to attract tourists’ attention who want to enjoy the sensation of a vacation in Venice, Italy. Created in a smaller area, Little Venice won’t disappoint guests who come to visit. You can try a series of activities similar to those in the original city. You can explore the river by riding a gondola, sightseeing classical European-style buildings on the left and right side, or cycling.

Taman Bunga Nusantara

Feeling tired with a routine that seems like having no end? You can reunite with nature while enjoying the beauty of colorful flowers in Taman Bunga Nusantara (Nusantara Flower Park). Located in the Cianjur region, this tourist destination is divided into several areas, where each field is planted with various types of beautiful flowers. One area of ​​interest is the Secret Garden. This area is in the form of a specially arranged maze to invite your curiosity. The Wall of Troy and Maze Garden inspire the concept, with some dead-end aisles look like cheats. Can you conquer this labyrinth garden? 

Top Culinary in Bogor

After you’re satisfied from walking around to enjoy the beauty of Bogor, now it’s time to spoil your tongue with a variety of culinary, unique to Bogor. No need to get a second thought about where to look, here are the recommendations for you

Lumpia Basah Surya Kencana

Surya Kencana region is known to have a variety of delicious culinary, and one of which is lumpia basah (some kind of spring roll). At first glance, this snack is probably not much different from spring rolls in general. Once you taste it, however, you'll quickly feel the savory deliciousness. Although it only contains scrambled ​​egg, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots, the taste is so great.

Asinan Bogor 

Don't miss out tasting this unique culinary of Bogor when you’re in town. The stores are not difficult to find, but the one with the most legendary taste is Asinan Asli Bogor shop (Bogor Original Asinan Shop) in Jalan Juanda. Asinan is an Indonesian traditional salad made of sliced ​​vegetables or fruits, with nuts and spicy-sour sauce. This food will refresh you, especially in the hot weather.


Cungkring is one of Bogor's traditional foods not widely known yet. In Indonesian language, cungkring itself means “cow gravel”, although sometimes the preparations also incorporate the veins and skin of the cattles. Processed with a yellow seasoning recipe, cungkring is then mixed with sliced ​​rice cake and doused with peanut sauce, which is similar to satay seasoning.


Finally, there’s doclang, food that’s usually consumed during breakfast. However, it would not hurt if you want to taste it at lunch. This culinary comes in the form of kupat or rice cake, added with eggs, boiled potatoes, and fried tofu. Similar to cungkring, peanut sauce is also poured over it. The difference is only the type of soy sauce used: the legendary Zebra stamp soy sauce.

Where to Stay in Bogor

Make sure you have the right accommodation to rest while spending time in Bogor. If you haven’t found any, here are some recommendations for you

Bumi Katulampa - Convention Resort

This accommodation is perfect for those of you who want to spend time on the eastern side of Bogor area. Kuntum Farmfield and Lippo Plaza Bogor are the choices of interesting tourist objects closest to this place.

Whiz Prime Hotel Padjajaran Bogor

For those of you who want to travel in the downtown of Bogor. Whiz Prime Hotel Padjajaran is the best 3-star accommodation recommended for you. Istana Bogor (Bogor Palace), Kebun Raya Bogor (Botanical Garden) and Monumen Kujang (Kujang Monument) are not far from this accommodation.

Lorin Sentul Hotel

Well, those of you who want to explore the Sentul region deeper can pick the Lorin Sentul Hotel as a place to stay. This 4-star property is located not far from Ah Poong Restaurant, Sentul Circuit, and Bellanova Shopping Center.

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