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Playgrounds in Bogor
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About Bogor

There are a lot of kid-friendly tourist attractions in Bogor that could be chosen by Jakarta citizens who spend their holiday in Bogor. However, Bogor is not only visited by Jakarta citizens. On holidays, Bogor is packed by visitors from all over Indonesia. Located just 59 km from Jakarta, Bogor is a city in West Java province which offers a lot of charms to potential visitors. In Bogor, there are a lot of family resorts, modern tourist attractions, and kid-friendly places. Bogor also has Istana Bogor, which is where the president and his family live. According to history, the Bogor city area originated as a part of Sunda kingdom, which was proven by the finding of tombstones around the city area. One of the notable tombstones found in Bogor was a tombstone from 1533, which refers to the territory of King Prabu Suryawisesa, the de facto leader of Sunda kingdom at that time. In the Dutch colonial era, Bogor city was known a Buitenzorg. Before the area was sanctioned into a city, Buitenzorg was a regentschap area, which was akin to a regency. At first, there are only 9 districts in Buitenzorg, including Ciawi, Cisarua, and Pondok Gede. With time, the region expands to Puncak, Ciliwung, Megamendung, Mt. Gede, and Mt. Salak area. Judging by the historical record and region growth, Bogor has a lot of tourism potential, from natural landmarks to modern tourist attractions commonly found in metropolitan cities. Aside from Istana Bogor and Kebun Raya Bogor, two favorite tourist attractions which also serve as the city landmarks, Bogor also offers a lot of various attractive places to offer. Notably, Puncak is one of the most-visited places in Bogor when holiday comes. Mt. Gede and Mt. Salak are also popular amongst mountain climbers.

Kid-friendly Tourist Attractions in Bogor

Not only Bogor has a lot of beautiful natural tourist attractions, the city also has various kid-friendly destinations. You can find kid-friendly places easily, most of them are targeting family visitors with various themes. However, there are also a lot of modern places that are focused on kids. Taman Safari, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park, and Marcopolo Water Adventure are some of the kid-friendly tourist spots that you should not miss when you are going to Bogor with your family. All of them has various different and interesting concepts. As its name suggests, Taman Safari is a zoo with all the species living uninhibited so that kids can interact with the animals directly. On the other hand, while sharing the same concept of recreation and adventure place, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park and Marcopolo Water Adventure have their own unique charm. Jungleland offers various ride suitable for kids and adults of any age, while Marcopolo Water Adventure takes the best of “waterboom” concept with family pools, including pools for younger kids and babies. Aside from all the aforementioned kid-friendly tourist attractions in Bogor, the city also offers recreation spots in prominent shopping malls. Those places could be interesting alternatives when you want to give the best memories with your family.

Recommended Kid-friendly Tourist Attractions in Bogor

If you plan to spend your holiday in Bogor, here are some kid-friendly tourist attraction recommendation that you can visit to make your holiday unforgettable

Terraland Yasmin

Located in Jl. KH Abdullah bin Nuh, Curugmekar, Terraland Yasmin has various kid-friendly rides, the most notable of them are electric animal rides. Your kid can ride robotic lions, giraffes, pandas, elephants, and other animals. Inside the shopping mall, they can ride the animals to see their surroundings. Those rides would be interesting for your kids if they are bored when following you to shop.

Zone 2000 Bogor

Not only Zone 2000 Bogor is kids-friendly, it also offers fun for your entire family. The large arcade is located at Bogor Square, Kedung Jaya, and offers various latest arcade games for all ages. Therefore, you can give an unforgettable holiday experience for your entire family. To enjoy all the games that are provided by Zone 2000, you can buy game vouchers at Traveloka with varying prices. Buying game vouchers through Traveloka is cheaper and comes with great perks, including free cancellation fees if you ended up unable to use the vouchers that have been issued.

Funworld Metropolitan Mall Cileungsi

This kid-friendly tourist attraction is located at Metropolitan Mall Cileungsi shopping center. Funworld itself is the largest franchise of indoor recreation parks with lots of branches spread across Indonesia. One of the branch is located in Bogor. The rides offered in Funworld Metropolitan Mall Cileungsi are not vastly different from the main Funworld location. That means you and your family can enjoy various rides that are suitable for all ages, such as roller coaster, carousel, and Bazooka Drop Zone Tower.

Jumper Trampoline Bogor

Trampoline theme parks are currently fashionable in various cities. If you want to take your kid to a spacious trampoline theme park in Bogor, Jumper Trampoline Bogor has you covered. Located in Jalan Raya Cilendek, West Bogor, Jumper Trampoline offers an exciting playground for your entire family. Trampoline parks are not only exciting, it has another benefit of making you kids physically move, instead of sitting around passively.

Amazone Ekalokasari

As one of the best family-friendly entertainment locations in Indonesia, Amazone offers various rides that you can enjoy with your kids. You can compete for dexterity in racing rides, test your strength in sports rides, and immerse yourself in music-themed rides.

To try all those exciting rides in a warm indoor setting, you can visit Amazone Ekalokasari Plaza, which can be found on the third floor of the shopping mall. The shopping mall itself is located in Jalan Siliwangi no. 123, East Bogor. With all the rides that it offers, it is no surprise that Amazone Ekalokasari Plaza is one of the most recommended kid-friendly tourist attractions in Bogor.

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