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Kepulauan Seribu Regency
Kepulauan Seribu Regency

About Kepulauan Seribu Regency

There's no need to fly across the country to escape Jakarta's overwhelming traffic and chaotic pace. Just head north to the idyllic Thousand Islands. Filled with white sandy beaches and clear waters, these islands are the perfect weekend getaway destination.

Despite the name, the Thousand Islands consist of only hundreds of islands and not all of them are inhabitable or open for public. Tidung Island, Pramuka Island, and Bidadari Island are some of the most popular destination...

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More about Kepulauan Seribu Regency

About Pulau Seribu

Popular as a tourist destination since the 1950s, Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) offers diverse tourist attractions that keep growing. To get there, head to Jakarta and take a speed boat from Ancol to arrive at the beautiful islands of Pulau Seribu. Pulau Seribu was one of the districts in North Jakarta. Pulau Pramuka has been the capital of the regency since 2003, and the area covers two districts, namely Pulau Seribu Utara and Pulau Seribu Selatan. Among hundreds of islands within Pulau Seribu, only 11 small islands are inhabited and a number of islands are popular tourist destinations. Pulau Seribu community make a living from fisheries and tourism sectors. Here you’ll find Kepulauan Seribu Sea National Park covering an area of 107,489 hectares, promising water tourism in the region. The islands within the scope of the national park are ideal places for snorkeling or diving. Among these islands, Pulau Rambut has become a wildlife sanctuary, and Pulau Onrust is classified as a heritage site. The many attractions and interesting places in Pulau Seribu come with a wide option of accommodation. From fancy resorts to comfortable homestays, you can choose one that best suits your budget and itinerary.

Top things to do in Pulau Seribu

Pulau Seribu tourism is a paradise for sea lovers, located just a few hours from the heart of Jakarta. Here are some top things to do in Pulau Seribu

Pulau Harapan 

Pulau Harapan is popular for snorkeling and diving. Enjoy the fresh air, the clear water, and the beauty of marine life. Once you’re done, continue island hopping to Pulau Bira Besar, Pulau Perak and Pulau Bulat to enjoy the beautiful sunset view.

Pulau Tidung 

Love Bridge is an icon of Pulau Tidung that you’ve got to see. The 700-meter bridge connects Pulau Tidung Besar and Pulau Tidung Kecil. While you’re here, spend the night in a cottage with a sea view. Mingle with the locals, have fun riding banana boat, explore the area with a bike, or go snorkel and see the underwater beauty.

Island hopping (Pulau Kelor, Pulau Onrust, and Pulau Cipir)

If you only have one day to spend in Pulau Seribu, it’s best to do island hopping to Pulau Kelor, Pulau Onrust and Pulau Cipir. Hunt photos of historical buildings, enjoy the clean sandy beaches, and find numerous relics of the Dutch colonial era such as the ruins of forts and docks.

Pulau Dolphin 

Want to visit uninhabited islands? Head to Pulau Dolphin. Camping on the beautiful beach and snorkeling in clear sea waters are must-do’s! If you're lucky, you’ll find turtles or clownfish hiding behind coral reefs.

Pulau Bidadari 

Pulau Bidadari (Angel Island) has been one of the most famous destinations in Pulau Seribu. The island has floating cottages, about 20 minutes from Marina Ancol. Interested in exploring the island? It takes only about 90 minutes to explore the island. You will find the ruins of a Dutch fort called Martello Tower. From here, you can also head to Pulau Kahyangan/Pulau Cipir and Pulau Onrust.

Pulau Sepa 

Pulau Sepa is lauded as "Little Bali" because of the resemblance in terms of beauty. Pulau Sepa is the best place to learn to dive. The waters serve as a training site and diving test for novice divers to obtain an Open Water certificate from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors or PADI. Since the island is quite far, however, it’s best to book a tour package to explore Pulau Sepa with ease.

Top culinary in Pulau Seribu

Exploring the many tourist attractions in Pulau Seribu can be tiring. You’re going to need some time to rest and simply enjoy the gentle breeze and beautiful view. And what is the best way to recharge other than delicious meals? Here are some recommended places that serve the best cuisines in Pulau Seribu

Jukung Seafood 

Located on the western part of Pulau Tidung, Jukung Seafood serves a variety of seafood dishes. The most popular menu is a wide choice of grilled seafood seasoned with local spices. Nothing beats the grilled seafood served with warm rice and spicy chili sauce! The cozy atmosphere, the gentle breeze, and the calming sound of the waves will make you want to stay forever.

Seafood Pak Harun Kelapa Indah

Want to eat in the middle of the sea? Head to Seafood Pak Harun Kelapa Indah in Pulau Kelapa. They serve a variety of delicious seafood and you can choose the fish you want, like snapper, pomfret, baronang (rabbitfish), grouper, or other seafood like lobster, or squid. This restaurant stands on a floating platform, so you can dine while enjoying the panoramic sea view.

Jembatan Cinta Pulau Tidung Culinary Center

Located on Jalan Pantai Selatan RT 07 RW 02, Jembatan Cinta Pulau Tidung Culinary Center is a great place to dine and relax. Seafood dishes are clearly a favorite. But they also serve snacks, such as otak-otak (grilled fish cake), kerupuk cue (a dish made of a mix of sago and fish), and keripik sukun (breadfruit chips).

Where to stay in Pulau Seribu

Exploring all the beauties of Pulau Seribu would take more than a day, for sure. Thankfully, cottages, resorts, and homestays are easy to find. Here are some recommended budget accommodations

Pari Solata Seaview Homestay

This homestay is an ideal choice if you’re travelling on a budget. Located on Jalan Dermaga Pulau Pari, Pulau Pari, the accommodation provides rooms with a sea view. It’s a good choice for those travelling with family or friends.

Charlie Homestay

Located on Jalan Pantai Selatan, Pulau Tidung, Charlie Homestay offers affordable room rates, and each room can accommodate 4-6 guests. Staying here, your night will be peaceful as you hear the calming sound of waves.

Sera Homestay

Sera Homestay in Pulau Tidung is a great alternative for those doing a trip in small groups. Their rooms have 2-3 double beds, air conditioning, water dispenser, TV and clean bathroom. Besides being close to the pier, Sera Homestay is also close to restaurants and bicycle rentals.

Those are 3 of the many accommodations available in Pulau Seribu. If you are more flexible on the budget, you can stay at a starred hotel which offers complete facilities. Find and book a room, choose a tour package, or simply explore various tourist attractions in Pulau Seribu through Traveloka app.