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Tours in Kepulauan Seribu Regency
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About Seribu Island

Seribu Island is the closest alternative Jakarta citizens have for an exotic island holiday. The island has been a popular destination since the 1950s, but most of its areas are still clean and beautiful. The island is accessible from Jakarta City. You can reach it by boat from a port in Ancol. The island is so close, Jakarta citizens often spend their weekends here. Seribu Island is officially a part of Seribu Island Regency, a collection of small islands with Pramuka Island as the capital. Despite the name, which means “a thousand islands”, Seribu Island Regency consists of just 342 islands, with 11 of them that are inhabited. Seribu Island Regency also consists of smaller reef and sand islands, some of them are bare. Seribu Island is a location of several tourist destinations and facilities, including resorts. Seribu Island Marine Park also contributes to the island’s economy. Many locals depend on fishing and tourism as their main sources of income. Locals also partner with the government and local initiatives to keep the balance of Seribu Island’s ecology. The government split Seribu Island into three zones based on their functions. The first zone is for the natural resource, where people can use the areas to develop industries and support the economy. The second zone consists of tourist destinations and national parks. The third zone consists of protected areas, where hunting, polluting, and damaging are prohibited.

Seribu Island Tour Package Review

Seribu Island tour packages allow visitors to explore smaller islands that are rarely visited. Before the popularity of tour packages, travelers used to prefer larger islands with resorts and complete facilities. Tour packages take you to smaller, less-visited areas, which have more pristine sceneries. Resort islands become favorites because of their supporting facilities. Guests can enjoy restaurants, watersports, fishing, and outbound activities for families or corporations. The most famous resort islands are Ayer, Pelangi, and Bidadari. You can also visit several islands that become snorkeling spots, such as Kotok, Sepa, and Harapan. Meanwhile, Rambut Island and Onrust Island are famous as nature and culture preservation sites, respectively. Local government supports the development of tourism in Seribu Island. Visitors can find facilities like accommodations, transportations, and public facilities. Travel package providers such as Traveloka offer convenient ways to explore the islands in more efficient ways. Just make sure you choose the right packages that contain your favorite activities.


Here are several options for travel packages to explore Seribu Island

Ayer Island Cruise by Quicksilver

Ayer Island Cruise by Quicksilver takes you to a luxurious sailing trip. The ship departs from the Batavia Marina in Jakarta coast to Anyer Island. The guide will explain the history of Jakarta and Seribu Island while you are enjoying the view.

This one-day tour also includes various watersports in Anyer Island. The price starts from Rp530,000 in Traveloka, and it includes meals.

Harapan Island Tour

Harapan Island Tour is ideal for snorkeling lovers. The tour lasts for two days and one night, taking you to several small islands with pristine water and beautiful underwater sights. The boat starts from Kali Adem Port and stops in several islands, such as Perak, Dolphin, Gosong Perak, Macan Gundul, and Putri.

The first-day trip ends in Bulat Island, which is rarely visited and still pristine. Here, you can witness a beautiful sunset, before sailing to Harapan Island and staying for the night. After enjoying the sunrise, you can visit the sea turtle sanctuary before returning to Jakarta. The tour package price starts from Rp370,000.

3 Island Hopping in Seribu Island

If you only have one day to explore Seribu Island, make sure to choose the right activities. The 3 Island Hopping package takes you to Kelor, Onrust, and Cipir Islands. They are famous for natural beauty and historical sites, making your short trip more meaningful. The historical remnants in these three islands mostly originate in the Dutch colonial era. There are old docks, the last resting place of Zeven Provinciën ship crew, and the ruins of old forts. This tour is perfect for adventurous travelers, history enthusiasts, and photography lovers.

Tidung Island Tour in Seribu Island

Tidung Island is popular for its tourism facilities and fun activities. This package lasts for two days and one night, with a price that starts from Rp350,000 per person. You can enjoy delightful activities such as snorkeling in the Small Tidung Island, doing watersports, walking on Jembatan Cinta (Love Bridge), and biking around the island. The tour concludes with a sunset viewing at Saung Tanjung Barat.

Pari Island Tour – 2 Days 1 Night

Pari Island is famous for its underwater beauty, and this tour package will give you a chance to explore all parts of the island. Snorkeling is the main activity on the first day, followed by a sunset viewing in the nearby Bintang Island.

On the second day, you can ride a rental bike to Matahari Hill. You will continue the trip with a leisure stop in the Pasir Perawan Beach, which is great for taking many cool pictures. The package starts from Rp380,000 per person.

Dolphin and Kelapa Islands – 2 Days 1 Night

Dolphin and Kelapa Islands are small, uninhabited islands in Seribu Island Regency. They offer pristine beaches and beautiful underwater views. This tour allows you to play with colorful tropical fish and get photographed in cool shots. You can also see activities in a sea turtle sanctuary in Kelapa Island.

This tour is ideal to spend a weekend, especially if you are a snorkeling lover. The package starts from Rp370,000. It includes shuttle services and a great BBQ dinner on the beach.

Untung Jawa Island – 1 Day Tour

This one-day tour in Untung Jawa Island is one of the cheapest packages at Traveloka. You can pay from Rp150,000 per person, perfect for a short but memorable trip. You can do a lot of great activities, such as snorkeling, playing in Sakura Beach, and walking on Jembatan Pengantin (Bride Bridge).

Seribu Island is a great destination to enjoy an exotic island holiday near Indonesia’s capital city. Choose one of the tour packages to arrange from a practical trip.