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South Tangerang

South Tangerang


About South Tangerang

Situated in Banten Province, South Tangerang is a city that is also part of JABODETABEK megapolitan area. This city has been growing rapidly within few years as a residential area and business district with plenty activities to do. One of them is culinary adventure. With Betawi culture as its background, this city hosts to some shopping malls, restaurants, and good cafes as the perfect place for hanging out with loved ones on the weekend. Some of them are The Breeze – a shopping mall with open air concept – or AEON Mall as a one stop place for those who loves Japanese foods. Aside from that, South Tangerang city is also home to some city par...
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More about South Tangerang

About South Tangerang 

Formerly a part of Tangerang Regency, South Tangerang was officially renounced as an autonomous region in 2008. This city has developed rapidly since then; it is realized through the establishment of several public facilities, including shopping and industrial centers. Tourist attractions in South Tangerang also serve as a magnet for local and international travelers. Geographically, South Tangerang borders DKI Jakarta Province in the north and east side. This city also connects Banten and West Java Province. For urban citizens, South Tangerang is considered a perfect location to reside. In addition to its strategic location, this city has excellent infrastructure, steady economic growth, as well as various tourist attractions. Orchid is one of the most valuable commodities in South Tangerang this flower also happens to be the city’s symbol. Local orchid varieties of South Tangerang are even exported to several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Singapore.

Top Things to Do in South Tangerang

Finding interesting places in South Tangerang is a piece of cake. From modern attractions to family recreational centers, here are five recommended destinations that you can find in South Tangerang

Upside Down World Alam Sutera

As the name suggests, Upside Down World Alam Sutera features a number of areas that are designed in an upside-down dimension. The furniture in every room is set in such a way, so it looks like being placed on the ceiling and the wall instead of the floor. This setting creates unique and interesting angles for your pictures since you can strike upside-down poses while using or sitting on the furniture. If you find it confusing to take pictures in the upside-down rooms, the staff is happy to help by giving you the right directions to sit, stand, or capture photographs. Officially opens in 2016, Upside Down World Alam Sutera is always full of visitors, especially on the weekends. 

Ocean Park BSD City 

Ocean Park BSD City is a modern water park that becomes one of the most favorite destinations for a family trip. Local residents and tourists from other cities usually visit this attraction on the weekends or during the holiday season. Various fun water rides are available in Ocean Park BSD City. One of the most popular rides is Carribean River, a unique pool that allows you to feel like swimming in the ocean and being swept with a gentle wave. Those who like challenging rides should try some super-tall water slides, such as Flying Tower, Slide n Fun, or Slide Racer. Alternatively, you can try to swim in the Pacific Wave zone if you prefer a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Kandang Jurang Doank

For fun, yet meaningful family trip with your children, you can visit Kandang Jurang Doank. Featuring a back-to-nature concept, this educational park offers many interesting activities. You can learn how to plant rice, grow crops, wash buffalos, or play in the mud. Moreover, you can introduce your children to various farm animals, ask them to join traditional games, or simply let them sit to listen to exciting stories. Kandang Jurang Doank is a perfect destination if you are looking for a place to play and learn at the same time. 

BX Rink: Bintaro Jaya Xchange Ice Skating Rink 

Snow and winter don’t fall in Indonesia, so the idea of ice skating seems to be an impossible situation. However, in BX Rink Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall, you can enjoy a fun experience of ice skating. Set yourself free to move and slide across a large ice rink. BX Rink also opens a skating academy program for those who want to learn more about ice skating, figure skating, ice hockey, or short track speed skating.  

BSD City Parks

BSD City Parks (Taman Kota 1 BSD and Taman Kota 2 BSD) serves as an excellent destination for taking a nice walk or having a family picnic. Although both parks are equally filled with dense trees and pleasant atmosphere, Taman Kota 2 BSD has a larger area than the other one. In Taman Kota 2 BSD, you will find a plant nursery, some gazebos, park benches, and a treehouse. In addition to being a local attraction, BSD City Parks are used as the city’s water absorption site.

Top Culinary in South Tangerang

Here are three recommended restaurants in South Tangerang that will give you the best experience of the city’s culinary delights 

Soto Betawi Haji Mamat

Soto Betawi Haji Mamat is highly popular among local residents of South Tangerang. The restaurant is a magnet for those who are looking for the tastiness of local cuisine. It is always full of visitors at lunch time, so you’d better pay a visit before noon. Besides soto Betawi with coconut milk or original broth, Soto Betawi Haji Mamat serves other savory dishes made from beef.

Bakso Jawir Serpong

If you are a fan of bakso or meatball, you should visit Bakso Jawir Serpong. This eatery serves various kinds of bakso served with vegetables and regular or rice noodles. You can also order a bowl of bakso with beef slices or some other delicious meals like mi ayam pangsit (chicken noodle).

Raja Kepiting

Raja Kepiting offers various kinds of seafood with a wide selection of sauces, including black pepper, oyster, sweet and sour, salted egg, butter, as well as Padang sauce. It also serves several side dishes, such as shrimp lumpia, siomay, and mantau

Where to Stay in South Tangerang 

Here are some recommended hotels to complete your vacation in South Tangerang

Hotel Santika Premiere ICE - BSD City 

Hotel Santika Premiere ICE-BSD City is a 4-star hotel located in Jalan BSD Grand Boulevard. This hotel can be reached by a 7-minute drive from AEO Mall BSD. 

Hotel Santika Premiere Bintaro 

Hotel Santika Premiere Bintaro is another luxurious hotel which offers excellent services and amenities. It is only 1.58 kilometers away from the city’s railway station, Jurangmangu. 

POP! Hotel BSD City

If you are looking for a cozy hotel with affordable rates, you should choose POP! Hotel BSD City. This hotel is located in Sunburst CDB Lot II 18A, BSD City. It is only 2.21 kilometers away from Rawa Buntu Station. 

Besides the three hotels mentioned above, you can find other excellent hotels in the city through Traveloka app. Traveloka will also give you some recommended destinations to explore, so you can get the best holiday experience in South Tangerang.