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Floating Market Lembang Tickets
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Floating Market Lembang Tickets

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What Others Are Saying

Floating market lembang is one of my fav place. Fresh air and a beautiful view. This place is perfect for a family trip

Dianda D. M. - Mon, 7 October 2019

Floating market is super fun! Good for family vacation, good food, good attractions

Dewi L. A. N. - Mon, 30 September 2019

It was a great time spending our weekend here, very recommended

Deby M. P. - Sun, 31 October 2021

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Experience the unique sensation of shopping on a boat that's floating around a lake
Shop for local goods like traditional West Javanese snacks and delicacies
Try various other attractions such as water-based rides, Kyotoku kimono rental, and photo spots in the Rainbow Garden
Enjoy a Hijab Swimming Pool surrounded by a scenic view of Lembang
Good for: Culinary Enthusiasts, Taking Photos, Relaxation, Nature Enthusiasts, Free Spirits, Fun-loving Families

What You’ll Experience

Step up your shopping experience in Floating Market Lembang where you can shop on waters. Experience the unique sensation of shopping for goods like local delicacies on a boat floating along a beautiful lake using specially-made Floating Market coins for your purchases. Aside from the shopping, the Floating Market also offers other fun activities for all ages to try.

From batagor, rujak, to ronde jahe and kebabs, you can find various delicious treats to satisfy your appetite. Explore other attractions around the market, such as water-based rides on the lake and the Rainbow Garden with beautiful outdoor photo spots. Better yet, rent the Kyotoku costumes, then stroll around in these kimonos with your loved ones and feel as if you’re in a Japanese park. For women who wear the hijab, there's also the Hijab Swimming Pool that you can enjoy while taking in a refreshing view of Lembang's mountains and greeneries!

Shop for local goods in a unique floating market

Lush scenic views surrounding the lake is surely a sight for sore eyes

Use special Floating Market coins for your purchases

All these fresh produce await you here!


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Jalan Grand Hotel No.33E, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391, Indonesia
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Floating Market Lembang Tickets

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    More about Floating Market Lembang Tickets

    5 Reasons Floating Market Lembang is A Great Family Destination

    Description: Floating Market Lembang is a great family destination in West Java thanks to its beauty and fun activities.

    Bandung has a lot of travel destinations, ranging from shopping centers to family parks. Floating Market Lembang is one of the most popular family destinations. Situated in the hilly area of Lembang, this integrated family parks offers beautiful sceneries, breezy air, fun activities, and delicious local snacks.

    Why Visiting Floating Market Lembang

    Here are some good reasons why you should visit the Floating Market Lembang when traveling to Bandung.

    Cool, Relaxing Air

    The western part of Bandung is situated on mountainous landscapes and hills. The condition makes the areas around them feel cool. You can experience this cool mountain air at Floating Market Lembang. Depending on your level of cold tolerance, you may find that the air is too cold. Therefore, some warm clothes such as jackets, sweaters, and socks are important. Despite the cold air, Floating Market is a great place to unwind and relax. It is a great place to reduce stress, especially if you live in a crowded, busy city.

    Beautiful Nature

    Before being opened in 2012, Floating Market Lembang used to be a fishing lake. However, despite the renovations, its basic landscape elements don’t change much. The management kept the natural vibe of this place, and you can see the result easily. The place keeps its lush, green landscape, which became more beautiful after flower gardens were opened here.

    Fun Activities

    Floating Market Lembang has a lot of activities for the whole family. Walking around and see the beautiful area is not enough time! The park has several rides, such as water trains, canoes, water bikes, boats, paddle boats, and many more. You can play while enjoying the view. Some rides are more appropriate for adults, while others are for everyone. Taman Kelinci Angsa, Kota Mini, Discovery Museum, and outbound arena for kids. Not all rides are included in the entrance fee. You must pay for these rides before entering the area.

    Eat Various Delicious Meals

    Floating Market Lembang also has great meals and snacks. The “floating market” part comes from the food stalls built in boats. They sell local snacks and foods, such as noodles, mixed rice dish, gado-gado (warm salad with peanut sauce), fried cassava and banana, chicken porridge, and fresh milk from Lembang farms. Guests pay for the food using special coins with different values. Different colors signify unique values: yellow for Rp5,000, blue for Rp10,000, pink for Rp50,000, and orange for Rp100,000. You can buy the coins before entering the floating market area. If there are coins left, you can get the equal amount of cash when exiting. Buying foods from the floating market is a unique experience. You can eat at one of the dining areas available. You can also rent a boat to eat while enjoying the lake view.

    Beautiful Selfie Spots

    Floating Market Lembang is popular as a selfie spot. The management provides beautiful, unique backgrounds and photo prop services. You can visit Kampung Cina and Kampung Kyoto, areas that mimic traditional Chinese and Japanese villages. You can even rent kimonos, umbrellas, and fans at Kampung Kyoto for photo/selfie props. Don’t forget to take your pictures at Rainbow Garden. This garden consists of a greenhouse and rows of colorful flowers. The paths also have several selfie spots, such as a tree with antique birdcages, benches, and viewing platforms. The greenhouse is a great place to learn about flowers and gardening.

    Miniature City at Floating Market Lembang

    Kota Mini (“Miniature City”) is one of the newest features at Floating Market Lembang. This area is full of European-style houses and buildings, designed in a whimsical touch. Visitors can sign up for a cooking class, making popcorns, cotton candy, sandwiches, and spring rolls. Children can roleplay using costumes of various professions, such as firefighters, police officers, and chefs. Kota Mini has an enclosure for cats and mini porcupines. Guests can play with the animals, take pictures, and help in feeding. The Bear House is a mini house full of Teddy bears in various sizes. A photo studio provides traditional European costumes as props for cute photographs. Finally, the food stalls selling foods, snacks, and beverages from fresh ingredients, supplied by local farmers.

    Floating Market Lembang promises beautiful views and fun activities for the whole family. Buy the e-tickets from Traveloka and enjoy the easy access. Have fun!