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Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark Tickets
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Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark Tickets

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What Others Are Saying

The place is very good, also the scenery is very beautiful. Food also great. And really worth it with the price I pay.

Muhammad F. A. - Sun, 20 September 2020

The facilities are good. The locker is big enough for 2 daypacks. The staffs are nice. The most important is the view is amazing.

Astarry N. - Sun, 23 August 2020

even on the pool, I still wear a face mask. I hope that this pandemic will end soon

Akhmad K. - Wed, 30 December 2020

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Relax and soak in one of Bali's best natural hot springs at Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark
Try 8 different hot spring pools that are naturally heated from inside the earth
Let your skin absorb the good minerals to refresh and rejuvenate your body
Take in an incredible view of Mount Batur and enjoy the fresh mountain air
Good for: Kids & Families, Natural Wonders, Nature Enthusiasts, Fun-loving Families


Traveloka and partners are committed to comply with the hygiene and safety protocols to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Regular cleaning with disinfectant and use of hand sanitizers.

Mandatory temperature check and face masks for all staff and customers.

Physical distancing rules with venue capacity reduction, along with online booking and cashless payment system.

What You’ll Experience

After exploring the island's gems, it is only right that you relieve your sore muscles by relaxing and soaking in one of Bali’s best natural hot springs. Situated on the edge of Lake Batur, Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark boasts eight different hot spring pools for you to dip in, including an infinity pool overlooking the lake. The water is heated from inside the earth, so you will soak in a lot of natural minerals that will heal your mind, body, and soul.

Combined with a majestic panorama and fresh mountain air, the hot spring pools will take you to a state of complete relaxation. But if you’re up for something more active and exciting, there’s also a warm Olympic-size swimming pool and a water park for you to enjoy!

Feel at one with nature as you relax in the infinity pool

Enjoy a couple of laps or more in this Olympic-size swimming pool

Let the hot water and fresh mountain air rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul!


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Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia
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Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark Tickets

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    More about Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark Tickets

    Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring Wellness Resort

    Upon hearing the word Bali, we always imagine the beautiful beaches, even though on the island of the Gods, there is also an exciting place called Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort. The resort is located on Jalan Puri Bening (STA), Toya Bungkah, Central Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali. Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort combines several different elements that will provide comfort for the guest. Coastal tourism is still provided along with hot springs from Mount Batur to be enjoyed by everyone. Additionally, various adventure zones are also prepared for you who want to explore Balinese nature. There are many interesting activities to do at Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort. If you happen to plan a trip to Bali, here are the recommended activities you can do.

    Relaxing in Hot Springs

    Relaxation is a must-do if you explore Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort. The resort provides swimming pools complete with showers that run the water at warm temperatures enough to soak yourself and relax. This flowing water comes from the hill of Mount Batur not far from the location of the resort. All water is collected and then flowed to the resort. This water contains a lot of beneficial minerals that can make your body healthier and your skin cleaner. Although coming from a mountain, you will not trace any smell of sulfur from the water.

    Camping and Outbound

    If you are here with many friends or maybe family, try to camp instead of staying in the expensive accommodation. The manager has prepared the tent ready in the morning and can be used at any time to enjoy the beauty of nature at night and sleep closer to nature. Besides doing exciting camping, you can also try other interesting things like outbound. Various exciting games have been prepared, including facilities for outing and activities for team building. Therefore, it is a great place to have a team outing for your company or organisation.

    Culinary Tours

    When you are visiting Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort, don’t forget to enjoy its culinary delights. Various Balinese and international cuisines are offered here. You only need to choose the right place to eat to get a comfortable dining experience. There are three types of restaurants here; the typical indoor restaurant, the restaurant on the edge of the lake, and the restaurant on the edge of the beach. You may choose which restaurants to suit your needs.

    Enjoy Spa Services

    There are many massage and spa services at Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort. You can adjust it to your needs. There are reflexology, shiatsu, natural rocks, or yoga with a background of mountains and oceans. Contact the manager for details of massage and spa services and additional fees if applicable.

    Exploring from Sea to Mountain

    Exploration from the sea to the mountains is possible here. The manager of Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort will offer you hiking packages to Gunung Batu or kayaking on the beach around the resort. Choose whichever adventure service that suits your preferences. Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort provides a unique pleasure experience compared to Kuta or Seminyak. This place is full of comfort and suitable for those who want to enjoy their honeymoon or want a simple and relaxing getaway from stress. That is one of the reasons why this place is among one of the most favourites for both local and foreign tourist. 

    If you want to enjoy this resort, order your tickets to Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort in Traveloka. Ticket prices for Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort are quite affordable when compared to the facilities provided. The Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort promo tickets are ranging from Rp86.000. With this ticket, you can enjoy this resort from 07.00-19.00 local time. Be sure to arrive early so you can try various types of exciting activities without having to wait in line for too long. This resort is always visited by both international and local tourists every day. So, choose the right time to visit, preferably outside the high season. Also, be sure to plan all trips to Bali properly including arranging accommodation around the Toya Devasya Hot Spring Wellness Resort.