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Public Holiday > Pancasila Day

Pancasila Day Holiday

2019 Pancasila Day Holiday

The 1st of June is commemorated as the day Pancasila was born. Pancasila is the official and foundational philosophy of Indonesia. The commemoration of the birthday of Pancasila or Pancasila Day is celebrated across the nation, from schools to government institutions, by holding Indonesian flag ceremony. Even several cities in Indonesia celebrate Pancasila by holding special events, from Grebeg Pancasila in Blitar, to Kirab Insan Pancasila in Yogyakarta.

The establishment of Pancasila Day, as the foundation of Indonesian ideology, was debatable. During the Soeharto era, Pancasila Day was ambiguous. Even in 1970, Pancasila Day was commemorated on 1 July. It is only under the presidency of Joko Widodo in 2016, Pancasila Day was made an official national holiday.

YearDateDayPublic Holiday
2019 1 June Saturday Pancasila Day
20201 JuneMondayPancasila Day

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A national holiday is usually used for vacation, mainly when it falls on weekdays. Unfortunately, in 2019, Pancasila Day is forecast to fall on Saturday. For you who work only on weekdays, of course, this day won’t add anything to your annual leave. However, for ones who work on the weekend, you can definitely use up this opportunity to get a break.

Meanwhile, in 2020 Pancasila Day is expected to fall on a Monday. Having this day fall on Monday, you can use this to have a long weekend traveling on Saturday and Sunday. Take this advantage to go on a short escape to a nearby destination, for example, if you live in Jakarta, go on a backpacking trip to Bandung or Bogor. If you live in Surabaya, you can opt for Malang or Yogyakarta.

The history behind the establishment of Pancasila Day on 1 June

1 June was established as Pancasila Day because of President Soekarno’s speech in 1945. At that time, Soekarno delivered his speech in front of the Indonesian: Badan Penyelidik Usaha-usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia (BPUPKI), suggesting a foundation for independence which consists of five essential points: Indonesian Nationality, Humanity, Consensus, Social Welfare, and The Fear to God.

This idea was then agreed by the BPUPKI as an answer to the council’s queries about the foundation for Indonesian independence. Soekarno’s speech in the last meeting with BPUPKI was then published in 1947 by the Information Department of Indonesia, titled ‘The Born of Pancasila.’ After that, PPKI was established to formulate Pancasila.

Established in 1946 and was once prohibited

Even though Pancasila had been widely known since the proclamation era, it took a long while before 1 June was established as the official day for Pancasila. The official decision to make the first of June as Pancasila Day happened 19 years after the independence, on 1 June 1964. On the other hand, Pancasila Day was only just made into an official holiday in 2016.

At the beginning of 1970, the commemoration of Pancasila Day on 1 June was not banned. The banning was due to the regulation issued by the Security Recovery Command after the G30S-PKI in 1965. The provision was adopted as an effort by the government to get rid of Soekarno from people's mind, and from the history itself.

It took 46 years to bring back Pancasila Day

Since 1970, 1 June had no longer been recognized as Pancasila Day. It was only after the Reformation period in 2000, the agenda to bring back the Pancasila Day was created. However, that agenda was not agreed right away. Through the recommendation of Taufik Kiemas (former Head of People's Representative Council), it took 10 years for Pancasila Day to be recognized, and celebrated again.

Even though 2010 was considered as the reborn year of Pancasila, the decree was not made official. Until year 2016, Joko Widodo established the first of June as an official holiday for Pancasila.

For people who would like to use this official holiday for Pancasila Day to go on holiday, you can start planning your vacation for 2020. By having a 3 day holiday, allows you to jump on a short escape. You can also join the celebration by spending your time off in Indonesia’s favorite destinations such as Yogyakarta or Bali. For Pancasila day, Yogyakarta holds a kite festival and Bali holds ‘A Conversation between the Sky and the Earth’ event.

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