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Public Holiday > Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad

Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad Holiday

2019 Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad Holiday

In Arabic, Maulid means ‘the day of birth.’ Maulid Nabi is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, which falls on 12 of Rabiul Awal—the third month of the Islamic calendar. The celebration of the Prophet's birthday was first carried out by Muzhaffaruddin Al-Kaukabri, a king of Irbil (now Iraq) in the early 7th century AD.

In Indonesia, the Prophet’s birthday has been made a national holiday since 1945. Maulid Nabi is celebrated by Muslims across the archipelago through various intriguing activities. Each region will have different traditions when commemorating the Prophet's birthday. Unsurprisingly, these traditions have caught the eye of many foreign tourists to the country.  

YearDateDayPublic Holiday
2019 10 November Sunday Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad
202029 OctoberThursdayBirth Of The Prophet Muhammad

The expected date of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday in 2019 falls on Sunday, 10 November. Seeing as how it is a Sunday, unfortunately, there will be no extra holiday for you. Even so, you can always commemorate the Prophet’s birthday in your neighborhood. If you really want to travel, perhaps you could choose a destination in or nearby to your city.

In 2020, the Prophet’s birthday is expected to fall on Thursday, 29 October. Should you able to take additional leave on Friday, you can get an extra-long holiday. To truly make the occasion a special one, you should take your family out of the city.

Commemoration of the Prophet's birthday in Indonesia

Even in the modern era, the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday remains thick with tradition in Indonesia. From west to east, every region will have its own Maulid Nabi tradition. One such example is in Aceh, where there is the traditional cooking of lemang within the Alas tribe. Lemang is made from a mixture of sticky rice and coconut milk. The cooking process is a long one, and generally takes around 4 hours.  

In Banten, the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday is celebrated through Panjang Mulud. Panjang Mulud is the practice of giving out staple foods within the community. One unique feature of Panjang Mulud is the staple food placed upon a wooden frame shaped and decorated like a boat. The Panjang Mulud procession naturally draws the eyes of both residents and tourists alike. Many come to Banten especially for it, as it can only be seen once a year.

At the same time, Kudus, in central Java, celebrate the Prophet’s birthday not less creative than Banten. The people of Kudus partake in the Ampyang Maulid tradition on the Prophet’s birthday. They parade a stretcher around, which contains rice and other produce. The contents of the stretcher are then distributed to the local residents. For people in Kudus, the belief is that the Ampyang Maulid brings blessings.

Typical snacks of the Prophet's birthday celebrations

The Prophet’s birthday celebrations would be incomplete without the presence of Indonesia’s culinary delights. In Bangil, Pasuruan, there is the koya cake which is only consumed during this holiday. It is a sweet snack made of rice flour with a very soft texture. In the central region of Java, the people have Maulid Nabi dishes that are equally delectable. There is a savory dish, called sumpil which is typically served with coconut sambal.

Another snack worthy of mention, which is only brought out for the Prophet’s birthday celebrations is walima cakes. This cake is usually packed in young coconut leaves and made by the women of Gorontalo. Uniquely, only Muslims who go pray at the Mosque will be able to get this snack. This cake is only distributed at the Baiturrahim Mosque in Gorontalo City.

Main Courses on the Prophet’s Birthday

In contrast to the traditions of Java, Bugis people in Makassar, make a glutinous rice dish called male as a special meal for the occasion. Male is made up of black glutinous rice and is decorated with colorful eggs. At first glance, this dish could be mistaken for the Javanese dish—tumpeng. To add more festivity, there is also a competition to decorate male which is held in multiple places.

In Pacitan, East Java, there is the main course which is used to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday called nasi suci ulam. The dish is made up of nasi uduk, and one free-range chicken, which should be brought by each family head, and donated to the homes of community elders, or large mosques nearby.

Although the Maulid Nabi holiday will only be for one day in 2019, you should still take advantage of it by spending the day to gather with the family. Taking the time to cook one of Maulid Nabi’s unique dishes will make the event all the more enjoyable. If you choose to travel, perhaps select a destination that is not too far away so you won’t be tired from the journey.

In comparison, the Prophet’s birthday will likely give you a long weekend in 2020. If you desire to get out of the city, you should plan your trip sooner than later. You will be able to plan and prepare better with the Traveloka App. This single application allows you to book your transport, accommodation, food choices, activities, and recreational activity vouchers to create an enjoyable holiday. Plan your holiday with Traveloka now!