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Terengganu, Malaysia · 36 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Kemaman

Riverine Garden Hotel Kemaman

K-114, Jalan Sulaimani, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

8.5 / 10

Very Good

Marjan Hotel Kemaman

PT 14633, Jalan Lebai Saras KCP, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

7.8 / 10


Kemaman Sands

Lot 1403, Taman Sri Pantai, Kampung Geliga Besar, Chukai, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

9.0 / 10


Gold Star Hotel

K99, Jalan Sulaiman 1, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

7.5 / 10


Al-Safina Kijal Beach Resort & Restaurant

Lot 1212, Kampung Che Wan, Kijal, Jalan Pantai, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

Mehram Hotel Sdn Bhd

Lot 19218, Aras 1 & 2, Wisma Mehram Jalan Kubang Kurus, Chukai, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

New Budget Inn Hotel

K - 283, Jalan Kampung Tengah, Kampung Dusun Nyior, Chukai, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

Cukai View Hotel

Lot 21686, Jalan Kubang Kurus, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

Skyview Hotel

K - 7240, Jalan Jakar, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

Hotel Inara Kemaman

Lorong 10, Kg. Besut, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

6.6 / 10


Home 2 Hotel

Lot 10967, 10968, 10969, Jalan Jakar, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

Resorts World Kijal

km 28, Jalan Kemaman-Dungun, Golf Course, Kijal, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24100

8.6 / 10

Very Good

Hotel Raudhah

K 7152, Jalan Guntong 2, Bandar Seri Kerteh, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24300

Hotel Vista

K - 157, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Jalan Sulaiman, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

8.5 / 10

Very Good

Kemaman Lodge & Cafe

No. 2851, Jalan Punggok, Tman Jakar Jaya, Kampung Jak, Kampung Jak, , Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

Wali Hotel

Tingkat 1, 2, 3 Jalan Sulaimani, Chukai, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

First Residence Hotel

Lot 119, Jalan Sulaimani, Bandar Chukai,, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000

7.2 / 10


Kertih Damansara Inn

5605 Jalan Damansara Kertih, 2/1A, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24300

Hotel Az-Zahra Kerteh

Lot 13430, Taman Kerteh Indah 4, Jalan Besar Kemaman - Dungun, Kerteh, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24300

Century Inn Hotel

K - 9671, K - 9672, K - 9673, Jalan Kubang Kurus Taman Chukai Utama, Kemaman, Malaysia, 24000



Chukai, also known by the name of Kemaman City. It is a mukim and capital of Kemaman District, Terengganu. The name "Chukai" or “Cukai” means 'taxes' in Malay. It is named “Chukai” due to its location near the Kemaman River, where taxes and duties were made compulsory on riverine traffic, especially during the British colonial period. Chukai is the biggest town in southern Terengganu and becomes a major commercial hub due to its strategic location, which is between the state capitals of Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu as well as proximity to the oil town, Kerteh.

How to Get There

By Plane

From KLIA2 or Subang Airport, take a flight to Kerteh Airport. From there, take a taxi to Chukai town.

By Bus

From TBS (Integrated Bus Terminal), take an express bus straight to Kemaman. Then, take a to Chukai.

Tourist Attractions

Kemaman District Museum

Located at Lot 132 Jalan Sulaiman, Chukai 24000, this fairly small museum displays Kemaman history, cultures, art and craft as well as local heroes who stood for Terengganu. Though it is small and it would only take about 30 minutes to finish touring all parts in the museum, it is very informative to those who would love to know about Kemaman, Terengganu. It operates on Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and it is closed on Friday and Hari Raya. No admission charge is imposed.

Bakau Tinggi Recreational Park

It is situated in the swampy mangroves of Sungai Bakau Tinggi, Kemaman overlooking its unpolluted river named Chukai River. Among the famous activities done here are; fishing, boating and kayaking along the Chukai river. People also come here for the famous floating restaurant that serves freshly caught seafood from the river and mangrove crabs. There are facilities provided to ensure the visitors’ comfort. It is opened daily during the day.

Terengganu is very famous for its Keropok Lekor. Whichever part of Terengganu, they serve the best Keropok Lekor in Malaysia.

Since the people in Terengganu speak their distinctive Malay dialect, it would be hard for tourists, especially foreign tourists to have conversation with them.


Resorts World Kijal

Located at Km 28, 24210, Jalan Kemaman - Dungun, Kampung Meraga Beris, 24100 Kijal, Terengganu, this four stars resort is managed by a giant famous company, Genting Malaysia Berhad. Offering beautiful beach view, with a green golf course, this resort is the most visited resort in Kemaman. It is being visited by not only business travellers, but also by leisure travellers who plan to tour Kemaman, including Chukai. Other than offering a wide range of accommodations for the guests to choose from, it also offers numbers of activities to be tried out by the guests while staying in the resort. They are; swimming pool, golf course, ATV ride and a lot more. The rate starts from RM323 at Traveloka.com. The guests will surely enjoy their stay there.

In Trend Hotel

Sited at K-11261/K-11262, Taman Chukai Utama, Fasa 3,, 24000 Chukai, In Trend Hotel is a one star budget hotel. It receives a lot of positive reviews from the guests especially for its good cleanliness and friendly staffs. Though it may be a one star hotel, yet the guestrooms are all equipped with basic in-room amenities for guests’ utmost comfort. It may not have its own café in the hotel but the guests can walk out and there are plenty of restaurants nearby. It also offers reasonable and affordable room rates.