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Terengganu, Malaysia · 31 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Besut

Bukit Keluang Beach Resort

Bukit Keluang Beach Resort Pantai Peranginan Bukit Keluang, Kuala Besut, Malaysia, 22200

7.7 / 10


Samudera Hotel

Jalan Masjid, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

7.3 / 10


Hotel Nusantara

PT 946, Kampung Mak Sara, Jalan Besar Jerteh Terengganu, Jerteh, Malaysia, 22000

The Barat Perhentian

Lot 136, Kampung Seberang Genting, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

8.3 / 10

Very Good

Perhentian Island Resort

Pulau Perhentian Besar Malaysia, Daerah Besut,, Besut, Malaysia, 22200

D'Raii Chalet

GM 28, Lot 140, Seberang Ayer Keroh, Mukim Pulau Perhentian, Daerah Besut, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

Perhentian Tropicana Inn

Long Beach, Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Perhentian Island, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

7.7 / 10


Arwana Perhentian Eco Resort and Beach Chalet

Lot 181, Teluk Dalam, Pulau Perhentian Besar, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

7.5 / 10


Alunan Resort

Pantai Petani, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

Nurin Homestay

Lot 4573, 1st Floor, Gong Nering, Besut, Malaysia, 22000

D' Laha Homestay

PT 3224, Kampung Gong Kapas,, Besut, Malaysia, 22200

Cozy Chalet Perhentian Island

No 102 - 103, Jalan Besar, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

New Cocohut Chalet

No 102-103, Jalan Besar, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

Tuna Bay Island Resort

No 120, Jalan Besar, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

Tokma Inn

22A, Kampung Batu 13, Tenang, Jerteh, Malaysia, 22010

Hotel Emma Guest House

Lot 949 Kampung Mak Sara, 22000 Kampong Tandok, Besut, Malaysia, 22000

Rumah Tinggi

Lot 2324, Jalan Haji Wan Latif, Besut, Malaysia, 22000

Coral View Island Resort

Pulau Perhentian Besar, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

Watercolours Resort & Dive Centre

Sebarang Genting, Lot 136, Besut, Malaysia, 22300

Shari-la Island Resort

Teluk Aur , Besut, , Besut, Malaysia, 22300

7.9 / 10




Besut has been mentioned a little in the book written by Raja Ali Haji, ‘Tuhfat Al Nafis’, which notes on the adventures encountered by the great traveller, Munshi Abdullah during his travels to Kelantan.

There are several versions to the history about the naming of Besut. One of the legend was that Besut was then under the rule of Siam. The name Besut is derived from two Siamese words, the word ‘be’ which means district while the word ‘sut’ means an area that is very far away. It is believed that this explanation is true due to the long distance between Besut and Bangkok.

Another story of the name Besut came when in the early days, Besut was ruled by a very cruel pirate chief king named Raja Sang Nyanya. Because of that, not many people wanted to settle and lived in Besut. It was only after his death that people start settling in including a group of people from Pangan. Their leader was called Besut and the area soon was named after the Pangan leader.

Besut is a district in Terengganu, Malaysia. It is bordered by the state of Kelantan to the north and west and the South China Sea to the east. Besut is the northern gateway of Terengganu. Although Jerteh is more developed, the district capital of Besut is Kampung Raja. Another major town in Besut is the fishing port called Kuala Besut. Other small towns under Besut district includes Jabi, Apal, Bukit Kenak, Bukit Puteri, Hulu Besut, Keluang, Kerandang, Kubang Bemban, Lubuk Kawah, Pelagat, Pengkalan Nangka, Perhentian Island, Pasir Akar, Tenang and Tembila.

Locals in Dungun speaks Bahasa Melayu with the eastern accent. However, it is notable that most Malays in Besut identify themselves with Kelantanese identity rather than the Terengganuan identity. Thus, locals of Besut prefer to speak Kelantan Malay accent instead of Terengganu Malay accent.

How to Get There

By Plane

There are flights to Kota Bharu provided by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. From the airport, guests may hail up a taxi to Besut.

By Train/Bus

Intercity buses to Besut may start either from Kuala Terengganu or Kota Bharu. Buses coming from Kuala Terengganu will transit at Jerteh while buses coming from Kota Bharu will transit at Pasir Puteh.

Tourist Attractions

Travel destination areas in Besut is rather focused towards Perhentian Islands, as it is considered one of the top island destinations in the world according to the Cable News Network (CNN). Perhentian Islands are located about 20 km to the north east of Kuala Besut and are made up of islands such as Pulau Perhentian Besar, Pulau Perhentian Kecil and Pulau Susu Dara.

Other beautiful inland beaches in Besut includes Pantai Air Tawar, Pantai Dendong and Pantai Bukit Keluang.

Culture attractions

Guests may discover interesting wood carving exhibition and architecture at the Desa Ukiran Kayu. Desa Ukiran Kayu was a manifestation in supporting the tag “Besut Daerah Ukiran Kayu” that was duly certified on 12 th August 1999.


Local famous delicacies of Terengganu includes Nasi Dagang, a savoury sticky rice dish served with silver tuna curry. Other fish snacks are also the speciality in Terengganu which includes Keropok Lekor, fish crackers either fried or boiled and Satar, local grilled fish dumpling wrapped in pandan leaves into a triangle-shaped pieces.


NK’s Chalet

NK’s Chalet has a very good location, situated in Besut. It offers splendid service together with wide range of facilities provided.

Samudera Hotel

Samudera Hotel is a good company for business traveller for its services and strategic location in Kuala Besut.

BuBu Villa

One of the most common preferred hotel situated in Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Besut. This hotel is likable by many tourist travelling solo, accompanied with friends or family.

Bukit Keluang Beach Resort

A great seaside hotel situated in Besut. An amazing hotel with decent facilities.

Arwana Perhentian Eco Resort and Beach Chalet

For family vacation or leisure, this place provides a satisfactory comfort during your stay.

BuBu Long Beach Resort

This hotel is a perfect choice for people seeking a luxurious treat for holiday. Get the most excellent services and make your stay a memorable experience.